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Note to Julia’s Rants: Paid in Full!…


Okay, I realize that the regular season ended over a
month and a half ago, but I am finally getting around to pay my debt to Julia
of Julia’s Rants.  As the wager for the
regular season’s final series between the Boston Red Sox and the New York
Yankees, the loser had to post photos holding pre-determined signs that were
pro-opponent.  Therefore, since the Red Sox
won the series two games to one, I lost and had to create pro-Red Sox signs
using phrases determined by Julia. 

So, here it goes…


Yes, the series loss cost the Yankees the chance to win
the AL East Division Championship and they went into the play-offs as the Wild
Card.  The Yankees finished 6 games ahead
of the Red Sox but if Boston hadn’t encountered so many injuries, the finish would
have been much closer.  As poorly as the
Yanks played in September, there was a real chance that Boston could have
passed them if they had been closer. 

For as well as the Yankees played most of the season,
September and October were a disappointment. 
They may have gotten past the Minnesota Twins, but the Yankee hitters
looked pathetic against Texas pitching.


I had started the season on a string of successive
victories in these wagers with Julia, but by season’s end, she was clearly on a
roll as I lost several Yankees-Red Sox wagers, plus the Minnesota Vikings got
hammered by the New England Patriots on Halloween.  Well, hammered might be a strong word, but
the Vikings are clearly playing for a high draft pick in the 2011 NFL Draft.


As part of the wager payment, Julia demanded vindication
for Wally the Green Monster who had gone the entire regular season wearing a
Yankees t-shirt.  As you can see below,
Wally survived the ordeal and seems to be enjoying his new role.



Lou the Bear pulled me aside and asked me to stock him
for the winter so that he could forget the unpleasant experience with
Wally.  Somehow, I think the signing of
free agent pitcher Cliff Lee, along with the returns of Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera
and Andy Pettitte, would go a long way toward restoring Lou’s happiness. 


Nevertheless, I look forward to future battles with Julia
and of course I trust the results will be different…much different! 


Note to Julia: 
Wager paid in full! 







Red Sox Sweep and I, yeah, whatever…


As most of you know, I recently made a bet with Julia of Julia’s Rants.  The event of the three game Yankees-Red Sox series at Fenway Park from April 24th through April 26th.  The drama was heightened by Julia’s birthday which fell on Saturday, April 25th. 

At stake?  A pink hat of the opposing team for the loser.  I have previously made fun of Julia’s passion for pink hats, and honestly never thought I’d be anywhere near one myself. 

Unfortunately, the Yankees were a no-show that dreadful April weekend in Boston, and the Red Sox walked away…easily…with a three-game sweep.  Julia had a terrific weekend, and I was left to wonder why the Yankees failed to show. 

So, it has come time to settle my debt with Julia. 

Enter the land of pink Red Sox hats…




First up, my Yankees bear, Lou, had to serve his penalty since Julia was gracious enough to include a pink hat for him too…




Notice how Lou was trying to recreate Julia’s Blog Profile Photo.  Next, he took some Red Sox lessons from Wally the Green Monster, using a Red Sox book that Julia included…




The fun just keeps continuing (lucky me).  Wally decided that we needed to do a group photo…




What can I say?  The Yankees failed to come through for me that dreadful April weekend…




But I will live to see another day, and the Yankees will resume their rivalry against the Red Sox in June.  Yes, Julia, I am ready for the next round so get ready!  The Yankees will be back!

But, meanwhile, one final photo and the debt is PAID IN FULL!




Okay, that wasn’t fun…

NOTE TO DEREK JETER & COMPANY:  Don’t let it happen again!  🙂