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A September To Forget…

The going gets tough, the Yankees decide to bail…


The Yankees should be able to clinch the Wild Card
slot at some point, but I’ve given up hope of taking the AL East unless things
change very quickly.  The Tampa Bay Rays
have great momentum right now, and the Yankees don’t.  So far this month (going into Saturday’s
game), the Yankees are 10-12.  When you’re
racing for the pennant, that kind of record is not going to get it done
(obviously).  The Yankees’ magic number
remains at 3.  With a single win against
the Red Sox, they could reduce the number to 1 but at this point, the Red Sox
are playing like the superior team and they certainly have not given up
hope.  After the end of the home stand
against Boston, the Yankees take to the road to play the Blue Jays and the Red
Sox (both challenging places to play). 


This month, the Philadelphia Phillies have definitely
shown they are ‘in it to win it’.  They’ve
clearly distanced themselves from the Atlanta Braves and they’ll head into the
play-offs as the hottest team in the National League.  It’s been a great season for the Cincinnati
Reds, but I think the Phillies, even with their injuries, are the better
team.  The trading deadline pick-up of
Roy Oswalt was huge and it gave the Phillies pitching superiority (even against
the likes of the San Francisco Giants who boast a very strong rotation).  Speaking of the Giants, they’ve also been
playing good baseball and currently lead the NL West by a slim margin.  I like the Giants as an underdog if they can
stay on top against the San Diego Padres, but I don’t think anyone is going to
beat the Phillies and they’ll head to the World Series for the third straight

Shane Victorino is congratulated by Placido Polanco after giving the Phillies an early lead with a leadoff home run. (Michael Bryant/Staff Photographer)

Michael Bryant, Philly.com, Staff Photographer


Back to the American League, the Tampa Bay Rays and
the Minnesota Twins are playing the best baseball.  As much as I would like to say “Rays suck!”
or “Twins suck!” or “Yankees are going to win it again!”, the truth is that the
AL Championship Series will most likely feature the Rays and the Twins.  The Rangers are fading and of course so are
the Yankees.  If the Yankees’ freefall
results in a miraculous achievement of the play-offs by the Boston Red Sox, it
will definitely rank as one of the greatest September flops in recent

RETURN FRIGHT: Javier Vazquez (above) was battered around in his return to the Yankees, allowing eight runs in 5 2/3 innings in a 9-3 loss last night at Tropicana Field. Reuters



In the NL, the Atlanta Braves and the Colorado
Rockies are fading, and the Padres aren’t far behind.  For a time this season, I thought the Padres
were the team to beat, but now they’re fighting to make the play-offs. 

Miguel Tejada and first base coach Rick Renteria after Tejada's 2-rbi single in the 7th.

John R. McCutchen/San Diego Union-Tribune


At this point, it is hard to visualize the 2010
World Series involving any teams other than the Tampa Bay Rays and the
Philadelphia Phillies (a repeat of the Phillies’ championship year in
2008).  More than likely, the outcome
will be the same.


Congratulations to my friend, Julia (of Julia’s
), for winning the latest wager between she and I.  With today’s 7-2 victory, the Boston Red Sox
have ensured that they will take at least two of the three games in the Bronx
and they’ll go for a sweep on Sunday.  I
guess the Yanks could have used those 6 home runs today instead of yesterday.  The Yankees, now 10-13 for September,
continue to give the Red Sox hope that they can reach high enough to eclipse
the Yanks for the Wild Card slot.  The
Sox are now just 5 ½ games behind the Yankees. 
I guess there’s a Red Sox cap on its way to my home in CA… 


Noah K. Murray/The Star-Ledger 

Maybe I think a motivational pep talk by Tony
Dungy.  Then again, it didn’t seem to
help the Yankees.  Let’s hope that next
weekend is more exciting than this weekend is turning out to be…


A Hall of Fame Kind of Day…

Granted, Rickey Henderson was the proverbial “no-brainer” (I hate that term actually), but I was glad that Jim Rice made it.  I’ve heard all the arguments against him, but growing up, it was clear that he was in an elite class and a feared hitter.  But, with Rice in, I think that Andre Dawson and Bert Blyleven are certainly just as deserving.  Hopefully, next year will be their year…


Why was Joba Chamberlain hanging out with David Ortiz at this month’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas?  I guess that’s one way to learn a hitter’s tendencies…



I am glad to see that Dan Graziano has begun writing his own blog, New York Baseball Hack, since his departure from the Star-Ledger. Dan is definitely one of the best baseball writers…in my opinion, and I always appreciate his insights. Dan expects the coming week to be quiet for the Yankees unless Andy Pettitte finally decides to re-sign with the team, and for Xavier Nady to be traded in Spring Training.

A special note of thanks to Tony Dungy as he departs the NFL.  Thanks Tony, you were truly one of the good guys and you set a standard of excellence that will be difficult for others to achieve.  Tony was the defensive coordinator of my favorite team, the Minnesota Vikings, back in the days of Dennis Green, and I always felt that the team should have dumped Green and promoted Dungy rather than let him leave to take the Tampa job.  Oh knows, the Vikings may have finally achieved the elusive Super Bowl championship under Dungy.  But regardless, the guy has sacrificed so much, personally and professionally, for so many others.  He will be missed…


Did the Broncos really hire a coach that is only 12 years older than my son?  Yikes!  Seriously, I do think Josh McDaniels was a good hire, and he should have time and support on his side as he attempts to recapture the glory of the John Elway years…

I saw a Dallas Cowboys headline that said ‘Either Jason Garrett or Terrell Owens has to go!’  Of course, I have to ask, is this a trick question?  That one’s a “no-brainer”!  Aaarrrggh, I hate that term!  😉

And now, I’ll end with a quote from Larry the Cable Guy:  “The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese in the trap.”…