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Can I have the cake and eat it too?…

What if the Yankees had traded Mariano Rivera in a deadline deal?…

It’s tough.  I’ve been preaching the Yankees need to sell and I still believe it.  Yet, it was very hard to watch Aroldis Chapman and his 105 mph fastball move to Chicago.  I know, it was the right thing to do.  The Yankees got a player (SS Gleyber Torres) that knocked #1 prospect SS Jorge Mateo off his perch.  They also got promising talent with two other minor leaguers, and the bonus included former Yankee Adam Warren, the perfect spot starter/long reliever.  He should slot nicely into the 7th inning role departed by Dellin Betances when he was promoted to the 8th inning with the trade.


Credit:  Barton Silverman/New York Times

Andrew Miller is my favorite Yankee.  Going back, my favorite Yankees have been long-term affairs.  I became a Yankees fan in 1974 when P Jim “Catfish” Hunter signed with the Yankees as a free agent.  But it didn’t take long for me to jump to C Thurman Munson as my favorite.  There was a short stint with P Rich “Goose” Gossage, but then 1B Don Mattingly became my favorite.  When Mattingly retired, Mariano Rivera, then an 8th inning set up reliever for closer John Wetteland became my favorite Yankee.  So, from 1983 to 2013, there were two players that were my favorite.  When Andrew Miller joined the Yankees, he became my favorite due to his unselfish, total team approach.  He’s been great at whatever role he’s held with the Yankees and has never complained.  He is now the closer again with Chapman joining the Cubbies.  Yet, with several days to the trade deadline, Miller could still soon be an ex-Yankee.


Credit:  Elsa/Getty Images

There was a report today that the Washington Nationals might be willing to part with pitcher Lucas Giolito for Miller.  A subsequent report indicated the Yankees would not take Giolito for Miller.  Realistically and considering he is my favorite Yankee, that’s a trade that I would do with no questions asked.  I think Giolito has a very promising future.  There are no guarantees for anyone unless your name is Mike Trout or Bryce Harper.  Pitchers are very fickle.  The Los Angeles Dodgers have the best pitcher in baseball with Clayton Kershaw yet he is on the DL and there’s no word when he’ll be returning.  The Yankees need a New York Mets-like starting rotation and I feel that Giolito could be a cornerstone.  I would hate to lose Miller, and I would be very sad to see him go even if Giolito is the compensation.  Yet, I feel the Yankees would be better off long-term with a potential ace in the rotation and Dellin Betances as the closer.

The Yankees have played better of late but realistically this is not a World Series team.  The Yankees really need to make decisions now to influence the 2017 roster.  That means they need to move guys like Ivan Nova and Carlos Beltran.  Get prospects rather than see the players depart at the end of the year.  I am prepared to cut bait with Mark Teixeira, Alex Rodriguez and CC Sabathia.  I’d try to move C Brian McCann and 3B Chase Headley.  I’d also check to see if there was any value for LF Brett Gardner.  I wouldn’t trade P Masahiro Tanaka but I’d seriously have to consider moving Michael Pineda and/or Nathan Eovaldi in the right deal.

The influx of additional young talent could allow the Yankees to make a deal for a guy like P Chris Sale or another impact player.

Owner Hal Steinbrenner and President Randy Levine still believe in the 2016 Yankees but they are definitely in the minority.  The Yankees, behind GM Brian Cashman, need to be forward-thinking.  The next couple of days will be crucial to the future of the franchise.

As painful as it is, please sell…



Seriously, a BJ Upton walk-off homer?…

Glass is half empty…

When the Yankees split the recent series with the Texas Rangers by taking back-to-back walk-off wins, there was talk if those games were the momentum changers that the Yankees needed to propel them upward in the standings.  Off to San Diego to play the lowly Padres, and the Yankees have only continued their disappointing and at times frustrating play.


When you can say that Ivan Nova held the opponent to one run with seven strikeouts, it should be a sign of optimism.  But in the standings, it was just another loss as the Padres’ Drew Pomeranz threw a superior game.  Is Pomeranz really that good or is it just the miserable Yankee bats?  Probably somewhere in between.

Every fan has known for several years that the Yankees need another top starter to go with Masahiro Tanaka.  There was hope and optimism that Michael Pineda and/or Luis Severino would step up but it hasn’t happened and there was always the potential for this to be the case.  Neither is a surefire option.  I still think the Yankees should have gone after Max Scherzer a couple of seasons ago, but it wasn’t meant to be.


Credit:  Geoff Burke, USA Today Sports

Regardless of what happens in the coming days, I think it is time to move pending free agent Carlos Beltran.  Yes, he’s been the best offensive force on the team, but face it, the Yankees aren’t going to win the World Series this year.  Beltran will walk at the end of the year as the Yankees have no desire to re-sign the player.  They may as well sell at this point to get something of value in return.  The day for Aaron Judge’s arrival is drawing closer.  Even if Judge isn’t ready, there are guys like Jake Cave who deserve an opportunity.  The Yankees should commit to youth for the good of the organization going forward.


Credit:  Corey Sipkin, New York Daily News

I would also sell high on CC Sabathia.  The guy was untradeable in the not so distant past.  Now, the Yankees could actually get something in return even if they have to pay some of the salary.  A great Yankee but it’s time to move on.  I’d rather begin to develop guys like Chad Green and Luis Cessa as long time parts for the starting rotation.

I’d sign Cuban free agent third baseman Yulieski Gourriel and unload Chase Headley.


Credit:  Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images

There’s no doubt I’d walk away from Alex Rodriguez, and take the remaining dollars as a loss on the contract as the cost of doing business.  I would also move on from Mark Teixeira despite no readily apparent back up in place.  These guys have been huge drains on the team’s offense, and perhaps they’d flourish elsewhere with the change of scenery but I don’t see either player powering the team to its 28th World Championship.

If Brett Gardner got caught in one of the moves to unload one or more of the above players, then so be it.

The Yankees need to develop a stronger base foundation so that they can enhance the team in the off-season through other trades or possible free agent signings.  I know that the free agent market doesn’t appear to be very attractive this year, but the Yankees need to do something to remove the “past-their-prime” players.

As for youth, I was hoping for more from Aaron Hicks.  I really thought that he might flourish in the Bronx and give the Yankees stronger reason to move Brett Gardner.  But he hasn’t hit either.  Maybe the Yankees should consider adding former Twins outfielder Torii Hunter as a roving instructor.  Hicks blossomed last year under his tutelage.  I still think that Hicks can succeed, but it is rapidly becoming apparent it won’t be this year.

It was frustrating in the off-season to watch the Yankees be so inactive in improving the roster.  We’re now seeing the uneven play of the team as a result.  I think the fans knew that was the more likely outcome than management did.  It doesn’t mean the fans are more educated, but clearly this was a roster full of holes that needed everything to go right.


Today, Chad Green is the starting pitcher as the Yankees try to salvage at least one game from the San Diego Padres and avoid a sweep.  Hopefully it is the sign of the future, and the first step toward “roster improvement”.

Yankees, just win…


.500 R Us…

Win some, lose some…

The Yankees continue to lose but win just enough to make you think that IF everything could fall into place, they might have a shot for a wild card berth.  This is actually frustrating because the Yankees do not have the horses to succeed in October outside of a legendary back end of the bullpen.


Credit:  Brad Penner, USA Today Sports

There have been a few surprises like the improved pitching of CC Sabathia, but the inconsistency of the starting rotation as a whole and the lack of a true superstar in the heart of the order can only mean the Yankees will be picking in the mid-first round again next June in the amateur draft.

I’ve been pleased with the recent play of Didi Gregorius but he’s still just a place card until top prospect Jorge Mateo is ready for the big leagues.  In looking at the Yankees infield, it’s hard to imagine anyone other than Starlin Castro still starting at his position three years from now.  Mark Teixeira will be a memory from days past, Brian McCann will probably be the team’s primary DH, and Chase Headley will be making his second go-around in San Diego or some other obscure baseball community.

I have mixed feelings about a July sell-off.  The Yankees can certainly get value for guys like Aroldis Chapman and/or Andrew Miller but a stellar bullpen is hard to find these days and is a must to succeed in the play-offs.  If the Yankees are indeed out of it, I wouldn’t mind seeing Carlos Beltran moved for prospects or almost anyone else on the team except for Dellin Betances, Miller and Chapman.  I guess if the Yankees are offered a player like the Cubs’ Kyle Schwarber, then you do have to consider moving even Run BMC but I hope it doesn’t come to that.  Since Mariano Rivera retired, Andrew Miller has been my favorite Yankee.  Before Rivera was my favorite, it was Don Mattingly.  I am used to players with very long tenures in New York.  The difference with Miller is that he was not home-grown.  He made his name before coming to New York.


(070711 Boston, MA) Boston Red Sox starting pitcher Andrew Miller pitches in the first inning of a MLB game against the Baltimore Orioles at Fenway Park Thursday, July 7, 2011. Staff Photo by Matt Stone

If the Yankees decide they can re-sign Chapman, then maybe moving Miller is the right thing.  But if Chapman isn’t traded and is allowed to walk at the end of the year, the Yankees need Miller as their closer.  I prefer to see Betances stay in a setup role.  I hope he doesn’t become the closer by default.

Trading Chapman or Miller is easy, GM Brian Cashman would really make a name for himself (above and beyond his current reputation) if he was able to unload some dead wood.  Yes, I am talking about Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira but there’s obviously others.

Life in the AL East…

I am surprised that the Baltimore Orioles are starting to run away with the division.  Honestly, I thought it would be a slugfest between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Boston Red Sox.  After a strong start, Boston has been very sluggish of late as they’ve fallen off the pace with the O’s.  David Price has looked nothing like the ace pitcher he is paid to be.  This really shows what a crap shoot free agent signings can be, particularly with pitchers.  Maybe Hal Steinbrenner is on to something by not signing any top shelf free agents in the recent past.


Speaking of Boston, I think they’d be wise to fire manager John Farrell and replace him with last year’s interim manager Torey Lovullo.  Lovullo did a great job last year getting the most out of his players after he replaced the sidelined Farrell.  The 2016 Red Sox seem to be missing something, and it might be having Lovullo as its manager.  But then again, if Farrell causes the Red Sox to miss the play-offs, all is good and they should keep him as manager…

With the Yankees right now, it feels like we’re sitting around waiting for Bryce Harper’s free agent year…

Washington Nationals Photo Day

VIERA, FL – FEBRUARY 23: Bryce Harper #34 of the Washington Nationals poses for a portrait during photo day at Space Coast Stadium on February 23, 2014 in Viera, Florida. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Credit:  Rob Carr, Getty Images

Half the year is gone…where did it go?  Welcome to July and the baseball trading deadline…


Didn’t the season just start?…

Winter is coming…

“It’s frustrating and hard to watch”.  

Those are not my words, but the words voiced by Yankees GM Brian Cashman in an interview with The New York Post.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that this is a very underwhelming Yankees squad. Outside of a phenomenal backend of the bullpen, there’s not much else to be excited about.  The Yankees had improved their play during Alex Rodriguez’s recent stint on the DL but since his return, the Yankees have returned to their losing ways.


Credit:  Associated Press

Is A-Rod done?  It’s very possible that he is not an everyday player at this stage of his career, even if he is strictly a DH.  Carlos Beltran improved his hitting when he had control of the DH slot which further supports that it is unwise to play A-Rod exclusively at the batting only position.    A lethargic A-Rod bat is a disease with the anemic bats in the lineup.  By comparison, David Ortiz is showing that he is still a killer bat in his final year.  A-Rod will not have the same happy ending at this rate.

In another illustration of disappointment, Mark Teixeira exited tonight’s game against the Baltimore Orioles in the third inning.  The early report is pain in the knee (although I think he’s more of a pain in my @$$).  He’s headed for a MRI so it’s too early to tell if this is a short absence or another stint on the DL for the future ex-Yankee.  With no true first baseman on the roster to support Teixeira, Rob Refsnyder was forced into action as the replacement.  I wonder if this will mean the call up of either Nick Swisher or Chris Parmalee.  Sentimentally, I like the thought of Swisher, but realistically, Parmalee might be the better option.

It’s disappointing to watch the team underperform offensively and struggle with the rotation.  It almost certainly means the Yankees will be sellers at the trade deadline which means it is very possible that the Yankee careers of Aroldis Chapman and/or Andrew Miller could be coming to an end.  This would have been such a great bullpen to pair with a championship caliber starting rotation, but it has not been meant to be…at least not to this point.

This Yankees roster is so restricted by the plethora of bad contracts.  It has resulted in a poorly designed lineup and the weaknesses are routinely exposed on a nightly basis.

It will be interesting to see if Manager Joe Girardi and/or GM Cashman can survive this train wreck.  I don’t think Girardi is to blame but it may be time for new blood in the GM seat.  I know that he has been committed to the youth movement, but so far, there have not been too many success stories from the younger in-house talent.  If I was part of the Steinbrenner family, I’d probably be looking to someone like Alex Anthopoulos, assuming the Yankees could pry him from the Los Angeles Dodgers organization.


Credit:  Ron Cervenka

I wish I knew what could be done to reverse the fortunes of the 2016 Yankees but I think there are too many problems to overcome.  Sure, a nice little winning streak can mask those deficiencies for the short-term but the team just doesn’t have the sustainability for success over the duration of what’s left of the season.

This is a disappointing season, no doubt.

Shark-infested waters…

As I write this, my favorite hockey team, the San Jose Sharks, are playing in the NHL’s Stanley Cup Finals.  They are down 2 games to none, but the series resumes Saturday in San Jose.  I am still optimistic the team can rebound to make this a competitive series.  It’s been great to watch the Sharks reach the first finals in franchise history.  For the guys who have been longtime Sharks like Patrick Marleau and Joe Thornton, it is especially satisfying.  Hopefully, the return home means there are still some Sharks games to be won.



Go Sharks!


Time to starting thinking about football?…

Are we in or are we out?…

It’s not been a fun start to the 2016 season for the Yankees.  While they are playing better (currently in the midst of a three game win streak), the hole may simply be too large to overcome.  It’s not like the Yankees have a roster filled with Clayton Kershaw and Bryce Harper types.  At the moment, the Yankees are in the AL East Cellar, 6 1/2 games behind the Baltimore Orioles, and 4 games back in the Wild Card standings.  This is not insurmountable, especially since it is not yet June.  But still, the Yankees will need to make decisions over the course of the next 45 days to buy or sell.


If they sell, I have finally wrapped my head around a potential trade of star reliever Andrew Miller.  But if they decide to trade Miller, it is my hope the Yankees will do what it takes to lock up Aroldis Chapman on a new deal rather than letting him walk at the end of the year for draft pick compensation.  Maybe it’s Chapman that should be dealt.  This is tough.  I am a big fan of Miller’s but he is older and Chapman has been electrifying in his short tenure with the Yanks.


FOX Sports

Miller is probably at his peak for trade value.  He just turned 31 years old, but he is at the top of his game.  He can make a difference in the 9th inning for a contender that lacks a frontline closer.  Maybe package both Brian McCann and Miller together in a deal with the Texas Rangers.  Even the Chicago Cubs, as great as they’ve been, would be better with Miller as their closer.

Miller is probably my favorite Yankee right now.  For so many years, my favorite player was Mariano Rivera.  Prior to that, it was Don Mattingly.  So, it would be painful to see Miller go but if it successfully infused new, young talent into organization, I would be in favor of it.

I wish Mark Teixeira the best in his career going forward, but I am ready for his Yankees career to end.  I really hope the Yankees do not try to re-sign him to a new deal after the year is over.  Unfortunately, given his injury history and very slow start to the year (again), the Yankees can’t really get value in a trade.  Not sure how Greg Bird will perform, but it would probably be beneficial for the Yankees to look for a backup first baseman next year that could spell Bird if he struggles upon his return.  I don’t really care to see Teixeira in that role.

Another Yankee that needs to go is Chase Headley.  Yet, he is another player with limited trade value.  Ronald Torreyes, a player that was acquired from the Los Angeles Dodgers, released, signed by the Chicago White Sox, released, and re-signed by the Yankees in this past off-season has been more exciting despite his small stature.  I am still hopeful that Rob Refsnyder will get a chance at some point, but he’s been on the major league roster for a few days now and hasn’t played.  Those ugly games at the end of spring training where Refsnyder was hit by grounders still reverberate in my memory (and apparently in the minds of the Yankees brain trust).

I am fine with Didi Gregorius for now, but I recognize that he is just keeping the seat warm until top prospect Jorge Mateo is ready.

Jorge Mateo

Chris O’Meara/AP Photo

Starlin Castro has been a good pickup.  I am glad that the team no longer has the revolving door at the position like they’ve had since Robinson Cano left.

In the outfield, it’s clear that Carlos Beltran is making his final lap as a Yankee.  His seat on the roster will be taken by Aaron Judge next year.  Jacoby Ellsbury is a Yankee for the foreseeable future, like it or not.  Brett Gardner would be the one guy in the outfield that I’d try to trade, to free up a full-time spot for Aaron Hicks.  Like Miller, he is another player that is now on the wrong side of 30.

The Yankees may not have the talent to bring in a frontline player or top prospect, but they could package the right deal to bring in players with good potential.  I always think along the lines of a Paul O’Neill.  Those kind of deals don’t happen very often but it is possible.

So far, this is a disappointing year.  I felt like the Yankees could have done more to strengthen their roster in the off-season but I understand the need to reduce payroll and to hang on to the upper level prospects.  The Yankees do need to clear the path for Gary Sanchez while retaining Austin Romine so that’s why I would be in favor of moving Brian McCann by the trading deadline.

These are the days that will define Brian Cashman’s GM story with the Yankees…



Victory defined…

Thanks to a 7-0 victory over the Baltimore Orioles last night, the Yankees finally get back into the win column.  Of course, it’s been so long, I had forgotten what “win” means.  So, I looked it up in the dictionary:


  1. 1.
    be successful or victorious in (a contest or conflict).
    “the Mets have won four games in a row”
    synonyms: take, be the victor in, be the winner of, come first in, take first prize in, triumph in, be successful in More


The definition references the Mets, so I guess this is just another loss…




May this be the month to turn it around?…

The 2nd best team in New York…

Thankfully, the month of April has ended for the Yankees.  As winners of only 8 out of 22 games, they are the current cellar tenants of the AL East.  Losing the first two games of a three game set with Boston to end the month is a microcosm of the season so far.  No offense, marginal pitching, spotty defense, etc.


Credit:  Greg M Cooper, USA Today Sports

The starting rotation has seen only one truly outstanding performance with Nathan Eovaldi’s recent missed no-hitter.  Masahiro Tanaka has been steady, but the starting staff has otherwise looked awful.  I really thought that this would be the year that Michael Pineda put it all together, but so far, he’s done nothing to show me that his Yankees career won’t end like Jesus Montero’s career ended in Seattle (the guy he was traded for).  Montero was cut, and is now toiling in the minor leagues with Toronto.


So much promise and excitement with Luis Severino, and he’s looked like nothing more than a AAA or AA pitcher this year.  I’d rather have James Kaprielian in the starting rotation, except for the fact that Kaprielian is currently on the DL.

The bats are not hitting.  With the aging Alex Rodriguez, now 40 years old, you do have to wonder if this is the year the bottom falls out.  It’s a shame that the DH spot is tied up with A-Rod, when the other older bats in the starting lineup really need to take some time there.  Chase Headley is like most pitchers batting in the National League…an automatic out.  Jacoby Ellsbury may have the same name as the guy who used to play for the Boston Red Sox but he certainly doesn’t play like that guy.


Credit:  Getty Images

I know, it’s still early and there is time to right the ship.  But if the Yankees continue down this path, they WILL run out of time.  Aroldis Chapman is probably wondering if his arrival in a couple of weeks will be too little, too late.  If the Yankees are out of the race by July, it makes you wonder if the proposed great bullpen trio of Dellin Betances-Andrew Miller-Chapman will be broken up by trade before it really gets started.

There’s no question that the Yankees right fielder in 2017 will be Aaron Judge (to replace free agent to be Carlos Beltran), but I wonder how long the Yankees can resist the urge to bring him up this year.  This is such a crucial year for him in his development, and he is one that is benefiting by the added time in Triple A.  The Yankees wouldn’t call him up to back up other guys.  There would have to be a clear and defined role.  But at some point, if things continue down the current path, the Yankees will need to think about positioning for next year.

I wish I had the confidence that the older guys can turn it around, but I am just not so sure.  GM Brian Cashman did a good job infusing youth over the past year but he needs to continue.  The Yankees are still the oldest team in the AL East and it shows.

A couple of years ago, the Yankees had a winning team and the Mets were a team on the edge of financial ruin.  How quickly things have changed…unfortunately.


Credit:  Mike Stobe, Getty Images

Here’s hoping for more exciting times in May…



Don’t forget to bring your parkas!…

The 2016 NFL Draft has concluded.  I can’t say that it was a flashy draft for the Minnesota Vikings but I felt they came away with solid young players.  I wanted TCU WR Josh Doctson, but the Washington Redskins took him one spot ahead of the Vikings.  The Vikings subsequently selected Ole Miss WR Laquon Treadwell, who may very well have been the Vikings top choice anyway.  He fits well into the offense, and should click with QB Teddy Bridgewater.


Credit:  Chuck Cook, AP

With their second pick, the Vikings took Clemson CB Mackensie Alexander.  I didn’t know anything about Alexander, and had wanted the Vikings to take Virginia Tech CB Kendall Fuller.  But the more I read and see about Alexander, the more I like him.  The Vikings also took his Clemson teammate in the 7th round, S Jayron Kearse (Jevon’s nephew).

There were other good picks, like Missouri LB Kentrell Brothers, and smash mouth TE David Morgan from UT-San Antonio.  But the one that has everyone buzzing is the 6th round selection of international WR Moritz Boehringer.  Boehringer (from Germany) discovered football about 5 years ago watching YouTube videos of Adrian Peterson, and never played college football.  He played in a German league last year, and was a man among boys.  He is clearly a project at best, but the guys has the physical tools if he can put it all together.


Credit:  Twitter @AroundTheNFL

I was never a big fan of Rick Spielman.  I didn’t particularly care for him when he was the GM of the Miami Dolphins, but under his supervision with the Vikings, their drafts have been very solid every year.  The days of big swings and misses are long gone.  Not everyone is going to make it, but the Vikings have had more success than not in recent years.  They are clearly a team on the rise.  Mike Zimmer has been the ideal head coach for this team.  I liked former head coach Leslie Frazier, but I like the style of defense that Zimmer has created since his arrival.

I was hopeful that the Vikings would select a young RB for developmental purposes, but the right opportunity never presented itself.  Future Hall of Famer Adrian Peterson is down to his final years so the team will need to think about his replacement sooner rather than later.  Hopefully the additional picks they picked up for next year by trading their third round selection to Miami this year will allow them the chance to nab a productive young back.

I know that his potential is average starter at best, but I liked the Vikings’ free agent signing of Wisconsin QB Joel Stave following the draft.  Under Norv Turner’s leadership, I think Stave can be developed properly and will eventually prove to be a good backup for Teddy Bridgewater.  Current backup QB Shaun Hill is 36 so a younger, reliable backup will be needed.

All in all, the Vikings are well positioned heading into the 2016 season.  I just look forward to the day that I can say that about the Yankees…