Which direction is the wind blowing?…

To sell or not to sell…


Should the Yankees be buyers or sellers?  That seems to be the burning question circulating the Yankee fan base.  It’s clear that the 2016 Yankees are not going anywhere.  Even if they did somehow snag the second Wild Card spot, what would they do with it?  Nothing.  They do not match up well with the better teams in the AL and if the big hitters on the team can’t hit in July, they sure won’t be hitting in October when the best pitchers are facing them.


The answer is plain and simple.  I think the Yankees could get more for Aroldis Chapman than if they take the compensatory pick when he walks at the end of the year.  Carlos Beltran has proven to be a much better Yankee than expected but his time in the Bronx is over.  Let Nathan Eovaldi figuure out how to control those 100 mph pitches in PIttsburgh.  I’d move Brian McCann to someplace like Texas or another team in need of a quality catcher.  I’d cut Alex Rodriguez outright, and take the rest of the contract as the cost of doing business.


Granted, Aaron Judge is currently on the minor league DL but the Yankees need to find ways to get the younger talent exposed to the major leagues this year.  I’d like to see Jake Cave have the opportunity he had in spring training when he was trying to make the Cincinnati Reds as a Rule 5 draftee.  It didn’t work them but I think he has continued to grow and might be the fourth outfielder that Aaron Hicks is not.  Tyler Austin is another possibility.

I realize that pitcher Drew Pomeranz is having a great year, and was once a fifth selection overall in the draft, but he is still a journeyman pitcher.  For the success he’s enjoyed this year, the San Diego Padres were able to pry the fourth best prospect from the Boston Red Sox in pitcher Anderson Espinoza.  Watching the Red Sox beat the Yankees yesterday, their starter was Eduardo Rodriguez.  Rodriguez was the product of a trading deadline deal a couple of years ago when Boston was seller (sending current Yankee Andrew Miller to Baltimore).  Being sellers paid dividends for the Red Sox.

Retooling this team is not going to work.  The Yankees need to make some extreme choices, and then stand behind those moves.  There’s help on the way in the lower levels of the minor league system, with a few options currently at the AAA level.  But those players need to be supplemented by other high level prospects.

It’s been frustrating to watch the Yankees fight to .500 at the All-Star Break, only to lose the first two games of a three game set with the Red Sox.  But this is the 2016 Yankees.  It’s not going to get any better.

I personally would can Joe Girardi as manager, but that’s not a move that necessarily needs to be made to improve the team over the long haul.  Maybe it is time to make a change at the GM level.  Bring an outside perspective into the organization.  I would love for the team to find a way to pry Alex Anthopoulos away from the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The best move would be for the Steinbrenner family to sell the team but that’s not going to happen.  So, sell the older players with value, and move on.  2016 is lost.  Prepare this team for 2017 and beyond.  We need to recapture New York from the Mets and give the fans reason for hope…

So long, Aroldis.  It’s been fun…


Credit:  Kim Klement, USA Today Sports


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