Seriously, a BJ Upton walk-off homer?…

Glass is half empty…

When the Yankees split the recent series with the Texas Rangers by taking back-to-back walk-off wins, there was talk if those games were the momentum changers that the Yankees needed to propel them upward in the standings.  Off to San Diego to play the lowly Padres, and the Yankees have only continued their disappointing and at times frustrating play.


When you can say that Ivan Nova held the opponent to one run with seven strikeouts, it should be a sign of optimism.  But in the standings, it was just another loss as the Padres’ Drew Pomeranz threw a superior game.  Is Pomeranz really that good or is it just the miserable Yankee bats?  Probably somewhere in between.

Every fan has known for several years that the Yankees need another top starter to go with Masahiro Tanaka.  There was hope and optimism that Michael Pineda and/or Luis Severino would step up but it hasn’t happened and there was always the potential for this to be the case.  Neither is a surefire option.  I still think the Yankees should have gone after Max Scherzer a couple of seasons ago, but it wasn’t meant to be.


Credit:  Geoff Burke, USA Today Sports

Regardless of what happens in the coming days, I think it is time to move pending free agent Carlos Beltran.  Yes, he’s been the best offensive force on the team, but face it, the Yankees aren’t going to win the World Series this year.  Beltran will walk at the end of the year as the Yankees have no desire to re-sign the player.  They may as well sell at this point to get something of value in return.  The day for Aaron Judge’s arrival is drawing closer.  Even if Judge isn’t ready, there are guys like Jake Cave who deserve an opportunity.  The Yankees should commit to youth for the good of the organization going forward.


Credit:  Corey Sipkin, New York Daily News

I would also sell high on CC Sabathia.  The guy was untradeable in the not so distant past.  Now, the Yankees could actually get something in return even if they have to pay some of the salary.  A great Yankee but it’s time to move on.  I’d rather begin to develop guys like Chad Green and Luis Cessa as long time parts for the starting rotation.

I’d sign Cuban free agent third baseman Yulieski Gourriel and unload Chase Headley.


Credit:  Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images

There’s no doubt I’d walk away from Alex Rodriguez, and take the remaining dollars as a loss on the contract as the cost of doing business.  I would also move on from Mark Teixeira despite no readily apparent back up in place.  These guys have been huge drains on the team’s offense, and perhaps they’d flourish elsewhere with the change of scenery but I don’t see either player powering the team to its 28th World Championship.

If Brett Gardner got caught in one of the moves to unload one or more of the above players, then so be it.

The Yankees need to develop a stronger base foundation so that they can enhance the team in the off-season through other trades or possible free agent signings.  I know that the free agent market doesn’t appear to be very attractive this year, but the Yankees need to do something to remove the “past-their-prime” players.

As for youth, I was hoping for more from Aaron Hicks.  I really thought that he might flourish in the Bronx and give the Yankees stronger reason to move Brett Gardner.  But he hasn’t hit either.  Maybe the Yankees should consider adding former Twins outfielder Torii Hunter as a roving instructor.  Hicks blossomed last year under his tutelage.  I still think that Hicks can succeed, but it is rapidly becoming apparent it won’t be this year.

It was frustrating in the off-season to watch the Yankees be so inactive in improving the roster.  We’re now seeing the uneven play of the team as a result.  I think the fans knew that was the more likely outcome than management did.  It doesn’t mean the fans are more educated, but clearly this was a roster full of holes that needed everything to go right.


Today, Chad Green is the starting pitcher as the Yankees try to salvage at least one game from the San Diego Padres and avoid a sweep.  Hopefully it is the sign of the future, and the first step toward “roster improvement”.

Yankees, just win…



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