Didn’t the season just start?…

Winter is coming…

“It’s frustrating and hard to watch”.  

Those are not my words, but the words voiced by Yankees GM Brian Cashman in an interview with The New York Post.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that this is a very underwhelming Yankees squad. Outside of a phenomenal backend of the bullpen, there’s not much else to be excited about.  The Yankees had improved their play during Alex Rodriguez’s recent stint on the DL but since his return, the Yankees have returned to their losing ways.


Credit:  Associated Press

Is A-Rod done?  It’s very possible that he is not an everyday player at this stage of his career, even if he is strictly a DH.  Carlos Beltran improved his hitting when he had control of the DH slot which further supports that it is unwise to play A-Rod exclusively at the batting only position.    A lethargic A-Rod bat is a disease with the anemic bats in the lineup.  By comparison, David Ortiz is showing that he is still a killer bat in his final year.  A-Rod will not have the same happy ending at this rate.

In another illustration of disappointment, Mark Teixeira exited tonight’s game against the Baltimore Orioles in the third inning.  The early report is pain in the knee (although I think he’s more of a pain in my @$$).  He’s headed for a MRI so it’s too early to tell if this is a short absence or another stint on the DL for the future ex-Yankee.  With no true first baseman on the roster to support Teixeira, Rob Refsnyder was forced into action as the replacement.  I wonder if this will mean the call up of either Nick Swisher or Chris Parmalee.  Sentimentally, I like the thought of Swisher, but realistically, Parmalee might be the better option.

It’s disappointing to watch the team underperform offensively and struggle with the rotation.  It almost certainly means the Yankees will be sellers at the trade deadline which means it is very possible that the Yankee careers of Aroldis Chapman and/or Andrew Miller could be coming to an end.  This would have been such a great bullpen to pair with a championship caliber starting rotation, but it has not been meant to be…at least not to this point.

This Yankees roster is so restricted by the plethora of bad contracts.  It has resulted in a poorly designed lineup and the weaknesses are routinely exposed on a nightly basis.

It will be interesting to see if Manager Joe Girardi and/or GM Cashman can survive this train wreck.  I don’t think Girardi is to blame but it may be time for new blood in the GM seat.  I know that he has been committed to the youth movement, but so far, there have not been too many success stories from the younger in-house talent.  If I was part of the Steinbrenner family, I’d probably be looking to someone like Alex Anthopoulos, assuming the Yankees could pry him from the Los Angeles Dodgers organization.


Credit:  Ron Cervenka

I wish I knew what could be done to reverse the fortunes of the 2016 Yankees but I think there are too many problems to overcome.  Sure, a nice little winning streak can mask those deficiencies for the short-term but the team just doesn’t have the sustainability for success over the duration of what’s left of the season.

This is a disappointing season, no doubt.

Shark-infested waters…

As I write this, my favorite hockey team, the San Jose Sharks, are playing in the NHL’s Stanley Cup Finals.  They are down 2 games to none, but the series resumes Saturday in San Jose.  I am still optimistic the team can rebound to make this a competitive series.  It’s been great to watch the Sharks reach the first finals in franchise history.  For the guys who have been longtime Sharks like Patrick Marleau and Joe Thornton, it is especially satisfying.  Hopefully, the return home means there are still some Sharks games to be won.


Credit:  dirtydangle.com

Go Sharks!



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