Weekend didn’t go as planned…

Old Fashioned Beatdown…

As I write this, the Yankees have fallen from AL East contenders to the precarious leader of the Wild Card standings.  They are closer to losing a play-off spot than they are to winning the division.  With this weekend’s series against the Toronto Blue Jays, the Yankees had a chance to make it a dogfight in the division.  Instead, the Blue Jays have simply crushed Yankee pitching and have made the bullpen look like a cast of misfits.  A few players have hit, but collectively, the Yankees have not been an offensive force in this series at all.  Too little, too late is probably a good description.


Robert Sabo, New York Daily News

I can’t help but wonder where’d we be if GM Brian Cashman had made some move at the trading deadline to help energize the team.  I am not saying they should have sold the farm to bring in David Price, but I really felt they needed to do something to help propel the early season success.  Instead the Yankees stand pat, while the Blue Jays made big moves for both pitching and offense.  The latter’s moves have turned them into a legitimate World Series contender and a team capable of unseating the Kansas City Royals for the AL Championship.

The Yankees are only left to wonder what could have been…

I don’t like the Yankees’ chances in a one game play-off.  Most likely, Masahiro Tanaka would get the start, but he’s making a habit of giving up home runs at the wrong time.  With the intensity of a one game set, one pitch can determine a season.  If the Yankees were to face the Texas Rangers and Cole Hamels, the odds would probably favor the Rangers with a strong edge in Hamels’ post-season experience.

Regardless of what happens, this has been a successful year for the Yankees.  They outperformed expectations.  While they could have done more, the organization seems satisfied to let the minor league prospects mature for a run in 2017 or 2018.  Things have clearly changed since the days of George Steinbrenner.

I know the season is not over and anything could happen, but the Yankees do not have the look and feel of a successful October participant right now.  As always, I hope they prove me wrong.

Stick a fork in him, he’s done…

And just like that came word that Mark Teixeira has a fractured leg and will not return this season.  While he returned to being the offensive force that he once was, I know that I am ready to turn the page and move on to a new first baseman.  My preference would be to trade Teixeira, even if you have to subsidize the remaining dollars on his contract, and give the job to rookie Greg Bird.

At this point in his career, it is just too hard to depend upon Teixeira.


While Bird has had his struggles at the major league level, it’s clear that he is a professional hitter and he’ll only get better.  I remember when Don Mattingly first came up and had been labeled a singles hitter.  He proved he was so much more.  I am anxious to see the potential of Greg Bird, and no longer have an interest in seeing the final years of the Teixeira contract.

That guy in glasses looks familiar…

Speaking of Don Mattingly, I am excited to see that he’ll make an appearance at Yankee Stadium next year when the Los Angeles Dodgers play the Yankees in the Bronx.  As a Los Angeles resident, I would have preferred the series to be at Dodger Stadium but for Donnie Baseball, I am glad he’ll be back in the Bronx.  Of course, that’s assuming the Dodgers do not underachieve this post-season causing Management to make a managerial change.  I think they’d be foolish to part with Mattingly, but stranger things have happened.


Richard Mackson, USA Today Sports

When Joe Torre left, I wanted Mattingly as the Yankees manager over Joe Girardi and I still have a preference for Mattingly.  He has learned to become a very good manager even if some decisions still get questioned.  Lord knows that Girardi makes plenty of those types of decisions.

As a fan of Mattingly, it’s nice to live in the same city that he manages in.  There are plenty of opportunities to watch Dodger games both in person and on TV.  I have always considered him a class act, and I know that when he steps on the field at Yankee Stadium, win or lose, he’ll be cheered.

Is it really mid-September already?…



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