Okay, I have an inferiority complex…

Another Boston Series, Another Series Loss…

The latest Yankees-Red Sox series showed that the Yankees are still inferior to the Sox…unfortunately.  The Yankees could have made a statement and reversed the trend of series failures against Boston by taking 2 of 3 from the Boys of Beantown.  Instead, Mariano Rivera and Phil Hughes let victory slip away and yet another series defeat to the Sox who re-captured sole possession of first place.

I can’t say the Yankees’ inactivity at the trading deadline was the wrong thing to do.  I don’t believe in making moves just for the sake of making a move, and it wouldn’t have been prudent to give up talent like Manny Banuelos, Dellin Betances, or Jesus Montero for a half-season rental.  I admire the job the Philadelphia Phillies did in filling the void in their offensive lineup by acquiring Hunter Pence from the Houston Astros.  The Texas Rangers did an excellent job repairing their bullpen with Mike Adams and Koji Uehara.  Boston was relatively inactive, acquiring only Erik Bedard and Mike Aviles, but all those teams had an eye for October.   I would have liked for the Yankees to make an improvement in an area of weakness, but the reality is that type of deal did not present itself to Brian Cashman.  So, congrats to him for standing pat.  Better to not make a move, than to make a move he’d regret.

Still, I am not sure the Yankees have the team to overpower the Sox in the AL Play-offs.  A stronger Rangers club will also be tough to beat.  In the NL, the Philadelphia Phillies will be hard to stop.  My early season World Series prediction was Boston versus Philadelphia (whoa, really stepping out on a limb with that one!) and it continues to stand.  Texas could get hot, but I really don’t see anyone beating Boston or Philly.

When the Yankees lost to the Red Sox on Sunday night, I didn’t blame Mariano Rivera or Phil Hughes.  Robinson Cano had the opportunity to drive in a few runs earlier in the game and failed to come through in the clutch.  CC Sabatha, Saturday’s starter, so dominant against the rest of the league, looked like the young Cleveland Indian pitcher who couldn’t beat the Boston Red Sox .  Still can’t.

When a bat goes dry…

But the biggest disappointment might be the fall of Jorge Posada.  His deterioration in his ability to catch seemed to be synchronized with his inability to hit major league pitching.  When they say that the DH helps extend playing careers, they weren’t talking about Posada.  There’s absolutely no way that he is on the roster in 2012.  He may be a great Yankee and he’ll be fondly remembered among the likes of Paul O’Neill, Bernie Williams, Tino Martinez, and others, but if he wants to extend his baseball career, it won’t be as a member of the New York Yankees.  It sucks watching great catchers get old.  Well, actually I take that back, I would have loved to watch Thurman Munson get old, but after so many years of clutch hits, it is sad to see that Posada’s bat has left him.

My only concern with Eric Chavez stepping into the DH role when Alex Rodriguez returns is the obvious health related concerns.  I am not sure if there is a quality bat on the market who has passed waivers but the Yankees would probably benefit if they could bring in some new blood with pop in the bat, particularly if the price is the right.  If that reasonably priced vet is Adam Dunn, then the best deal is the truly the best deal never made…



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