The Red Sox…long on talent, short on hair…

While perusing enemy territory to see what’s going on with the competition, I couldn’t help but chuckle when I came across this photo from Boston Red Sox camp.  Working on a commercial for the Hair Club for Men, eh?  
The Boston Globe
It’s funny how the hairlines progressively recede as you look from bottom to top!  Too funny…


One comment

  1. greg1969

    Hey, maybe these “receding hairlines” are simply the Law of Averages at work, to “balance out” the Idiots of ’04! 😉 Then again, it is not like we don’t have the blueprint to follow if we want to grow out those mullets/ lids/ salads, etc.! I’m not sure I want to see Pedroia in a mullet, though! GO SOX!

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