To Lee Or Not To Lee…

I didn’t really expect the Yankees to go into Texas
and sweep the Rangers, so all things considered, I’ll take a split in the ALCS as the teams
make their way to the Bronx…

Happy Dog.JPG


The Yankees took the first game in dramatic fashion
as they overcame a 5-0 deficit to win 6-5, thanks to a five run 8th
inning.  It was a disappointing
performance by CC Sabathia at a time when you expect nothing but perfection
from your ace. 


As bad as Sabathia was, Phil Hughes was worse in
Game 2 as the Yankees fell to the Rangers, 7-2. 
The Rangers will now have Cliff Lee available in Games 3 and 7 if
necessary.  It definitely gives the
Rangers an advantage, but if the Yankees can start pitching like they are
capable of, they can neutralize the advantage.  

Phil Hughes gives up seven earned runs on 10 hits with three walks in Game 2 loss.

Sipkin/NY Daily News

As the San Francisco Giants showed in Game 1 of the NLCS, great pitching
can beat great pitching (Tim Lincecum over Roy Halladay).  For Game 3, the Yankees need for Andy
Pettitte to keep the game close until they can get Cliff Lee out of the

Michael Macor/The Chronicle  


If they lose, the Rangers are almost certain to
face CC Sabathia rather than A.J. Burnett in Game 4.  Given the short outing in Game 1, it’s
possible that Sabathia may be a go for Game 4 regardless of what happens in
Game 3 against Lee.  The Yankees will
want to posture the rotation for a potential Sabathia-Lee showdown in Game 7 if
the series goes that far.  I know that
Joe Girardi is saying that Sabathia is still the scheduled Game 5 starter, but
I really think he’ll announce a change. 
I know Andy is a big-game pitcher, but I’d rather have Sabathia in an ‘all
or nothing’ situation. 


The Yankees also need to work on the bats.  In yesterday’s loss, the Yankees squandered
multiple scoring opportunities as they left 12 men on base.  They were 1-for-11 with men in scoring
position.  That’s definitely not the way
to ensure a return trip to the World Series.



Time for Mystique and Aura to make an appearance at
Yankee Stadium…



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