A Temporary Visit to the RSN…


Well, nearing the Eve of the American League Championship Series, it is time for me to settle a lost wager from September. 


The Yankees played a three-game series in the Bronx against the Boston Red Sox from September 24th through the 26th.  I had made a bet with Julia of Julia’s Rants, and the loser would be forced to wear the opponent’s ballcap in photos posted on their blog.  The Red Sox won the first two games of the series, 10-8 and 7-3, clinching the series win for Julia and the Sox before the Yanks prevailed in the final game, 4-3. 




Bill Kostroun/AP


I still have one more wager to settle (the series loss to the Sox at the end of the season), but that’s for another day.  Today is all about the Red Sox ballcap…






I used this past weekend as the focus for my photos.  I went to Los Angeles to attend a wedding on Sunday, 10-10-10, but I took some time out to enjoy the scenery. 


I first donned the Red Sox ballcap about 100 miles or so north of Los Angeles at Harris Ranch…



SF Red Sox 1.JPG 



I didn’t intend to give these photos a depressing theme (maybe that was my inner-Yankee trying to wrestle control!) but I stopped by a local cemetery to pay my respects.


First up was the star of Get Smart, Don Adams…





SF Red Sox 2.JPG 



A short walk away in a mausoleum, I found 20’s heartthrob, Rudolph Valentino…




SF Red Sox 3.JPG 



Being in Los Angeles, you can never get too far away from a Rolls Royce…



SF Red Sox 4.JPG 



Moving on, I came across beautiful 40’s actress Rita Hayworth…







SF Red Sox 5.JPG



And for a little musical interlude, Bing Crosby…




SF Red Sox 6.JPG



For the last grave, I saved it for the guy who used to scare the daylights out of me when I was a little kid watching those old Dracula movies, Bela Lugosi…




SF Red Sox 7.JPG 


In an effort to liven up the theme of the photos, I traveled over to Hollywood…



SF Red Sox 10.JPG 








SF Red Sox 8.JPG



Imagine my surprise at the celebrity I encountered walking down Hollywood Blvd…




SF Red Sox 9.JPG 




But sadly, I also walked past the star of fallen musical icon John Lennon who had just celebrated a birthday…





SF Red Sox 11.JPG 



It was a fun day, but interestingly enough, no one said a thing about my hat.  I even walked by a Yankees fan who said nothing.  I guess I probably should have waited a few weeks until I go to New York City to take my photos.  I am sure that I could have gotten a reaction at that time! 


Well, after settling this wager, it was time to call it a night.  I’d call it a wager paid in full…




SF Red Sox 12.JPG 




Congratulations on the series wins at the end of the season, Julia.  The Red Sox showed heart until the very end.  They may not have made the play-offs, but they still walked off the field with much respect and admiration.  I look forward to resuming our wagers next season, but hopefully, next time, you’ll be the loser! 


Time for a new ballcap…








  1. raysrenegade

    The wagering between you and Julia the past few seasons has been amazing.
    I agree, you went above and beyond the parameters of the best, but I know that a few within the Red Sox Nation respect you for the actions.
    Look forward to a 2011 renewing of the yearly wagers and banter….Always fun to watch and read about the wager tales.

    Rays Renegade


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