The Winning Tradition…


The rings of Champions…




William Perlman/The Star Ledger


For the 28th time, the Yankees celebrated by receiving the rings for their 2009 World Championship.  It was a very special day as the guest of honor was seated on the opposing team’s bench.  Hideki Matsu, the World Series MVP, was very well received by the Yankee Stadium crowd.  It was the exact setting that I had hoped he would receive.  His hits, time and again, were huge, and he clearly was one of the primary reasons the Yankees emerged victorious.  Congratulations to Godzilla for well deserved honor and recognition, and thanks for the memories. 



Hideki Matsui

Jim McIsaac/Getty Images 


It was indeed a special day at Yankee Stadium, but there was a game to be played.  For the past few years, the Los Angeles Angels have had the Yankees’ number.  But the domination was finally halted in the American League Championship Series.  Regardless of how this series plays out, the Angels no longer have the aura of invincibility as they strolled into the Bronx. 





Andy Pettitte was magnificient.  He pitched even better than I had expected.  Andy pitched six innings, giving up five hits and no runs.  He also had six strikeouts with three walks in picking up the victory, his first of the season.  If this truly is Andy’s final year, he is showing that he is a man for the ages.  When he departs Yankee Stadium for the final time, he’ll be able to hold his head high despite what may have happened in the past.  He has been a very worthy Yankee and I am glad that he has been a significant part of the team for the past decade (despite the three year hiatus in Houston).



Barton Silverman/The New York Times


Nick Johnson got the scoring going with a home run in the first inning.  Surprisingly, it was the first run scored by the Yanks in the first inning this season.  I think Nick will find Yankee Stadium to his liking this year!






Derek Jeter put the Yanks up by two in the third inning with his first homer of the season.



Derek Jeter's single scores Curtis Granderson in the fourth as the New York Yankees hold off the Angels, 7-5, in the home opener.




The Yankees took a 7-1 lead into the 9th inning.  Former Yankee Bobby Abreu made it interesting with a grand slam off David Robertson to cut the Yanks’ lead to 7-5. 



Angels fall to Yankees, 7-5, despite a last-inning rally



LA Times


But the great Mariano Rivera came in to save the day for the third time this season.  Robertson has definitely been struggling, so he had better find his 2009 form quickly or he will be calling Scranton/Wilkes Barre “home”.  

It was an exciting day for the sellout crowd of 49,293.  The day started with a special ring for owner George Steinbrenner, before the on-the-field festivities began, and it ended with a Yankees victory, their fifth in seven games.  A memorable and enjoyable day for all…



Barton Silverman/The New York Times




  1. juliasrants

    But the rings look like they have a Dodgers’ Blue background!! 😉 I’m glad the fans gave Matsui the reception that he deserved. He was always a “Red Sox” killer and I can’t say I’m disappointed to see him on the West Coast!! I’ll give your guys the win yesterday – there are special days in the season – but that is IT!! They can feel free to lose all the rest! 😉


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