Joba and Phil and the rest of the Guys…

Who’s the frontrunner?





Suddenly, Sergio Mitre is gaining the backing of the New York Press in his attempt to win the fifth spot in the starting pitching rotation.  I still think the winner will ultimately be Phil Hughes, but he needs to show he belongs in the rotation now and forevermore.



Phil Hughes will be out of the Yankees' rotation until July.

Cataffo/NY Daily News


What happens if Mitre doesn’t win a starting role?  With the many arms competing for spots in the pen, several with long relief experience, the best case scenario might be to showcase Mitre for other teams for a possible late spring training trade.  Prospects are fine, but the Yankees need to parlay Mitre into potential for the future.


Yankees' Sergio Mitre fires scoreless 6 1/3 innings of one-hit ball before a shot off right forearm ends day (below).

Keivom/NY Daily News


It was scary to hear the news that catcher Francisco Cervelli had been plunked in the head.  I was in Arizona on a business trip and somewhat removed from sports news.  I received an email from my good friend Julia, who expressed legitimate concern for a Yankee even though she dislikes anything Bronx-oriented.  Thanks Julia!  Cervelli may be ready to play by Friday and I am hopeful for a smooth and healthy return.  Cervelli, and his attitude, are definitely why I am proud to be a Yankees fan.  He’s a genuinely good guy and the team is placing great faith in his ability to backup Jorge Posada.  At his advancing age, Posada will need more days off so the defensive-minded Cervelli will play a huge role for the 2010 Yankees. 





I gotta admit that it was nice to see Nick Johnson in the lineup again. ..




Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images


Today was a good day.  Two wins.  7-5 over the World Series rival Philadelphia Phillies, and 6-0 against Team ex-Yankees, the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Considering the recent string of losses, today was a day to enjoy.  I still can’t figure out why the Red Sox aren’t on the spring schedule but two wins are two wins.  Well, at least until Opening Day when we pick up our first official win!






I really hope the Minnesota Twins closer Joe Nathan is not seriously hurt.  I am not a Twins fan but there is something right about baseball when the Twins are competing.  The loss of Nathan would be huge so hopefully the news in the coming days will be positive for Nathan and the Twins.



Jim McIsaac/Getty Images


Count me among those who think the Baltimore Orioles will be much improved this year.  If the Orioles were a stock on the NYSE, I’d definitely rate them as a buy.  Kevin Millwood is formidable at the top of the rotation, but Brian Matusz flat out scares me.  The O’s are quietly assembling a championship club.





I thought the Hank Blalock signing was a solid move by the Tampa Bay Rays.  The AL East is going to be a battleground this year.  No team can afford to let up for any stretch of the schedule.  I am very thankful that Doc Halladay is no longer pitching in Toronto.  Here’s my first pass at a 2010 prediction for the AL East:


1.       Yankees (of course!)

2.      Rays

3.      Red Sox (a disappointing year for the newcomers!  :D)

4.      Orioles

5.      Blue Jays


For some reason, I don’t think Julia will agree…



Red Sox Fan.JPG





  1. crzblue2

    So Scott, was the business trip anywhere near any Cactus League game? I was in Arizona too but for fun 4 days. We caught the Dodgers againt The White Sox twice, the game against the Cubs at Mesa got rained out but we did make the B morning squad game agains the White Sox and then headed to Scottsdale to catche my beloved Blue against the hated Orange. We had a wonderful time!

  2. juliasrants

    I might disagree JUST a bit with your end of the season ranking! 😉 And I too wonder why the Red Sox and the Yankees aren’t playing each other in the preseason! I’m glad that Cervelli is going to be okay – I truly don’t like seeing anyone getting hurt, even if they play for the Yankees! Good luck to him! And Mitre is a bit of a wild card. He is certainly having a good spring. If there isn’t room for him on the Yankees roster I’m sure there are other teams out there that will have room for him.


  3. scofid

    Hi Emma,
    Unfortunately, my trip to Arizona did not allow any time for spring baseball. I would have liked to have seen a few games. Maybe next year. A friend of mine has worked during spring training for the last couple of years with the Dodgers and White Sox. He was supposed to work the White Sox-Cubs game and was bummed when it was rained out. I am not sure what he does, but whatever it is, he’s having a blast. I am glad you had a good time in AZ.

    Hi Julia,
    I figured you’d take an exception to my division ranking. I am sure that if you put up a list, my Yankees would be at the bottom looking up. That’s okay. We’ll see who’s standing tall at the end of the season! 😉 Of course, if it’s your Red Sox, I’ll have to move to Bolivia!


  4. del0362

    Hi Scott,

    I’m was born & raise in Massachusetts BUT this will surpeise you and also your friend Julia that I always been a true Yankees fan! Yep a Massachusetts person whose been true die hard Yankees fan. I went to my 1st Yankees game at the old Yankee stadium in 1977 with my godfather. In my early life I was hiding my favoritism for the Yankees but the last 7 yrs. I showed my true colors to the people of Massachusetts that I was true die hard Yankees fan. The thing is Scott I truely DO NOT HATE the Boston Red Sox – they are good team- this year they have great pitching BUT thier hitting is not that great! Yankees this year’s hitting is way better than then the Red Sox. You can tell your friend Julia – that it’s not terrotorial that a fan decides who they support. I agree totally with your 2010 prediction – GO YANKEES!

  5. Jane Heller

    So glad Cervelli’s OK and been cleared to play. And how about that scoreless performance by Aceves yesterday. He has to be in the running for the 5th starter spot too, although it’s still early. Really like your predictions for the division!

  6. juliasrants

    Scott – Bolivia? I’d still find you! lol! And no del – where you live does not decided who you will root for – but there is something comforting about living in an area where there is a LARGE fan base for a team. I’ve lived in MA all my life – and that has been quite a while (NO wise cracks Scott!!) – and I love the fact that there are baseball fans where ever I go that cheer on my guys! I have an instant friend when I go out wearing my teams colors – and the kids I teach – it gives me an instant bond with them. I love my Sox – and they are indeed my HOME team!

    I know Scott – but you know who much I love to talk! lol! And yes my friend it is SO Game On for our Fantasy Teams!! Perhaps a side bet is in order – in addition to our regular wagers?? 😉


  7. juliasrants

    Scott – I’d still find you in Bolivia! 😉

    And no del – geography does not decide who we will grow up rooting for. Your family were Yankee fans (though I do think we need to stop those fans from entering our borders here in New England!!) and my parents where die-hard Boston Sports fans! I have lived in MA all my life and can not ever imagine rooting for any teams but my Boston teams. I love that fact that I live in a place that is so knowledgeable about sports and has so many fans rooting for the same team. And it gives me an instant bond with the kids I teach – watching the next generation of Boston Sports fans grow up in wonderful! And oh yes – I DO encourage it in class!! Don’t I Scott? 😉

    And Scott – it is SO GAME ON for our Fantasy Baseball Teams!! Perhaps we need a side wager in addition to our regular in season wagers?? 😉


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