Time for a new Most Eligible Bachelor…

If the reports are true, Derek Jeter will be breaking the hearts of women and girls across the country…






According to Newsday and the New York Post, Derek Jeter will marry Minka Kelly on November 5th…right after the end of the World Series.






The reception will likely be held at Oheka Castle in Huntington, Long Island.



Oheka Castle.JPG


It is hard to believe that DJ has finally decided to settle down, but I think he’s made a wise choice with Minka.  From afar, they seem like a very happy couple.  Let’s hope that 2010, all the way around, is DJ’s best yet!



(l. to r.) Jorge Posada, Andy Pettitte and Derek Jeter from the 2009 World Series Champion Yankees stop by to talk to Dave on the 'Late Show with David Letterman.'






New York Post


Much is being made of the alleged wedding date which ends a day or two after the last possible game for the World Series.  I think Derek will be fine with a night’s rest after he helps the Yankees win their 28th World Championship.  But, of course, my friend Julia will argue that DJ will have several weeks, if not more, to rest up for the wedding following the end of the Yankees’ season.  Well, I guess that’s why they play the games.






Congrats to Derek and Minka!…if the rumored wedding is true…






Speculation continues to churn out more names for left field.  I like the one that would put Rick Ankiel and Rocco Baldelli in a platoon.  I do not want to see the team sign an aging veteran like Brian Giles or Jermaine Dye.  But the longer Johnny Damon goes unsigned, the more I get renewed hope that he’ll settle for less and return to the Bronx.  Clearly, his return is the best case scenario.




Al Bello/Getty Images



The Dallas Cowboys are headed to Minnesota in the divisional play-offs next week.  For me, it is chance for revenge of 1975’s Hail Mary Pass by Roger Staubach as the Cowboys ousted the Vikings from the play-offs.  The 1975 Vikings were a great team, much like the 1998 version, and both of those teams suffered bitter, disappointing losses to end their respective seasons.  Brett Favre has a great deal of experience facing the Cowboys in the play-offs.  Too often, the games were played at Texas Stadium and Favre ended up on the losing end.  However, this time, the game is at home so Favre has a chance for vindication.  After years of watching the Cowboys end his season, he can finally return the favor.  Let’s hope that a trip to the NFC Championship is in store for the Vikings.






The Cowboys entered December trying to find post-Thanksgiving success…something that has eluded the team in recent years.  This year, the Cowboys were able to turn it up a notch when the temperatures dropped.  They definitely have momentum on their side following two lop-sided wins over their bitter division rival, the Philadelphia Eagles.  Many experts had predicted that the eventual NFC champion would come from the winner of the Cowboys-Eagles game.  I hope that’s not the case…





Hey Julia, only 84 more days until you experience the Red Sox first defeat! 😉







One comment

  1. juliasrants

    Is it April 4th yet?? The Red Sox are getting a win that day – you know it right? I have it on good authority that the Easter Bunny will be delivering lucky Easter Eggs to the Red Sox that day! So…Dj is getting married – I wish he and his bride to be the best of luck. And you are SO right – they will have WEEKS to plan the happy event!

    Good luck to your Vikings on Sunday. After the thrashing my guys took on Sunday I’ll be rooting for your guys. After all, this is the LAST of your teams that will have a chance to win it all this season! 😉 GO Cs, Bs and Red Sox!! lol!


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