Ladies and Gentlemen…would you please rise…


The end of an era…


Bob Sheppard tells that he's officially calling it a career after over 50 years as the public address voice of the Yankees.

Simmons/NY Daily News


The “Voice of God” has finally called it a career.  Bob Sheppard, 99, announced earlier today that he was finally retiring since he no longer had the stamina needed to return to his job as the PA announcer at Yankee Stadium.  Sheppard was last heard “live” at the old Yankee Stadium in 2007.




Health issues have kept Sheppard from returning the last couple of years, and at his age, he finally decided that he’ll never be strong enough to resume his duties.  Paul Olden, who took over for Sheppard, will continue as the Yankees PA announcer.



Sheppard began his career at Yankee Stadium on April 17, 1951.  It’s amazing how many great Yankee players have heard their names called by Sheppard.  Sheppard’s first game was the final opening day game for Yankee great Joe DiMaggio.




I am very thankful that I was able to hear the great voice of Bob Sheppard at many Yankee games over the years.  Derek Jeter continues to play a recording of Sheppard’s voice at each at-bat, so his voice will continue to resonate throughout the new Yankee Stadium despite never having set foot there. 


Yankee Stadium Inaugural Game: 1st Yankee at bat Derek Jeter - Babe Ruth's bat by skyliner72. 


Bob Sheppard will always be remembered as one of the Yankee Legends.  I wish him much happiness and joy in his final years.


Bob Sheppard


Shelley Duncan has joined the rank of ex-Yankees.  He refused an assignment to AAA Scranton/Wilkes Barre after being dropped from the Yankees 40-man roster.  I would like to see a team give Duncan the opportunity to play at the major league level.  He has earned the right with his play and work ethic.


Caffalo/NY Daily News 


Happy Thanksgiving to all!


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  2. Diogo

    “long time fan.” Or at least “since 2003 fan.” And for a kid who can’t be more than like, 11, that’s a while.When Jose Veras came in to pitch, he asked me (we bemace friends), “who is that, is that Scott Proctor?” and he was quite excited. I broke it to the poor lad that no, Scott Proctor was traded to the Dodgers back before the trading deadline. The look on this poor kid’s face, you’d think I just told him that Santa wasn’t real and that I ran over the Easter bunny with my car.Are you related to him? A young man who’s a big fan of Soriano?

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