Why Do We Always Worry About THEM?…


How can we enjoy the Championship off-season when the Red Sox are just so darn busy?…



The champagne on the Yankee Stadium clubhouse floor hadn’t dried when it was announced that the Red Sox had acquired promising outfielder Jeremy Hermida from the Florida Marlins.  Hermida, 25, has underachieved in Miami but something tells me that he is about to blossom in Beantown.


Roger Williams/UPI 


As expected, the Red Sox exercised the option for Victor Martinez, the 2010 starting catcher and they re-signed the ageless Tim Wakefield for two years.  The team did not pick up the option of former starting catcher Jason Varitek, however, I fully expect him to exercise his player option for a return in 2010 to back up Martinez.  I agree with Julia that Tek is a manager in waiting so I see next year as a transition year to coaching.  It would not surprise me at all to see him on Terry Francona’s staff in 2011.


Bob Breidenbach/The Providence Journal 


As much as I would like to see Jason Bay sign with the Yankees, I fully expect him to return to Boston.  I think the Yankees need a solid addition for the outfield, but I do not expect them to pursue either Bay or Matt Holliday.  I’d like to see them pursue someone like Jeremy Hermida…oops, too late!  Nevertheless, I am sure that there are other deals that could be made under the radar for a potential horse.



There have been rumors that Boston will acquire San Diego Padres first baseman Adrian Gonzalez.  That’s a deal, if it happens, which would not surprise me and would significantly strengthen the Sox.


Adrian Gonzalez

Brad Mangin/Sport Illustrated 


That, in turn, could force the Yanks to be major players for Angels starter John Lackey.  Imagine Lackey as the #2 starter behind CC Sabathia, sliding A.J. Burnett to third.  That would be a top trio in baseball, and one that would virtually guarantee a return to the post-season next year.



William Perlman/The Star Ledger 


I hope this off-season does not turn into another Brett Favre-like ordeal with pitcher Andy Pettitte.  If Andy wants to come back for at least one more year, and I think he does, the Yanks should move quickly to wrap him up on a one year deal.  The Red Sox showed Tim Wakefield much respect by how quickly they tore up his contract and signed him to a new two-year deal.  The Yankees need to give Andy the same respect.


Andy Pettitte, Angels, Yankees, pitcher

Jae C. Hong/AP


I saw that the Los Angeles Dodgers announced that Joe Torre’s staff would return intact for 2010.  It will be Torre’s final year on his current contract, although I read he is in negotiations for a new contract.  During his final years, I remember always hearing how his wife wanted him to retire and spend time with their daughter.  Here we are years later and the daughter is getting older.  Yet, Torre continues to manage.  Maybe he just can’t get managing out of his blood.  I hope it is something more like that than possible revenge against the Yankee brass or the desire to prove that he can win without the support of the Steinbrenner’s money.  I don’t want to take away from Don Mattingly but if he wants to be a future manager, is hitting coach the right spot?  I have always heard that Bench Coach or Third Base are better positions for future managers.  I still think that Donnie Baseball will replace Torre as Dodgers manager, however, it looks like it may be a few more years.





Pedro Feliz may have hit a home run in Game 4 of the World Series, however, it didn’t take the Philadelphia Phillies long to say goodbye to their third baseman.  Thanks for all you do Pedro, but don’t let the door hit you on the way out!




Why is my worst fear that the Yankees will be staring at Roy Halladay on the mound when April 5, 2010 rolls around?  I hope not, but of course, I am sure that a certain Red Sox blog will be gleefully delighted…


Paul Battaglia/AP 



  1. juliasrants

    WAKEFIELD!!! I can not tell you how happy that news makes me! The local media is reporting this morning that Wake has said he will retire at the end of 2011. I have never had the chance to see him pitch in person (I was suppose to this year!) and I hope I get the chance. The media is also reporting today that Tek will exercise his player option for next year so I fully expect that to be a transition year. The Yankees haven’t made any moves yet, huh? Maybe they don’t feel they have to! And that would be fine with me! Is it April 5th yet? 😉 GO RED SOX!!!


  2. Spirit of 59

    It was sometime this summer when I decided to give Hermida the nickname “Herm OK.” The reason for this is that because no matter what he’s going through, the man’s expression (and body language) never changes. I had to remind myself that I was staring at a picture up there, and not an animated gif. He’s never sad or happy or frustrated. He’s simply “OK,” which is about as well as I can describe his skill on a good day.

    As a defender, he’s below average at best. His arm strength reminds me of Gary Sheffield’s when he made the move to the OF in 1994. As a hitter, his swings are erratic, and he’ll often chase pitches a foot outside the strike zone. His OBP has hovered around the .350 range for the last few seasons, but his BA hasn’t hit .260 since 2007, and his SO totals have risen every year.

    I don’t know enough about the players the Marlins picked up, but considering Hermida’s “borderline bust” tag, I can’t imagine it’s much. Regardless, I hope he does well in Boston as much as I hope our front office has pulled off another steal. 🙂

  3. greg1969

    Hey Scott, are you shaking your head over the rumors of Matsui possibly joining the Red Sox? That one has many of us baffled. And you?

  4. pagevalnat

    Listen, I made a big deal about Mattingly being my (personal) choice for the Nats gig…but if you’ll read MY blog (just now written…lol), you’ll see why it was good that Jim Riggleman got the “interim” taken off the title.
    I told you the bulls-eye was squarely on the Bombers. Do you listen to ME?? NO!!! Are you listening to our “friendly neighborhood pest” (aka the “certain Red Sox fan”)?? LMAO
    Now I guess we all wait for free agency…

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