It’s Amazing What $160 Million Will Buy!…

It’s great to have an Ace, even if it came with a steep price tag…





Behind the stellar pitching of CC Sabathia and a few Angels miscues, the Yanks took Game 1 of the American League Championship Series from Los Angeles.



Kathy Willens/AP



CC went 8 innings to eliminate any bridges between himself and Mariano Rivera.  He only allowed 4 hits in the 4-1 victory, and struck out 7.  Mo picked up the save.  These types of performances will certainly allow Sabathia to shed the stigma of his past play-off failures, and re-invent himself as a big game pitcher.



CC Sabathia Yankees

William Perlman/The Star Ledger



Going into the series, I felt one of the keys was to get Johnny Damon going.  He had been ice cold during the Twins series.  Despite the cold NY temperatures last night, Johnny was warmed up with two hits.  He also scored two runs.  His play is instrumental to the Yanks’ chances of returning to the World Series.



Julie Jacobson/AP



I am headed to New York (on business, not pleasure, unfortunately), so I have to keep this post short.  I guess I had better take a coat…


Kathy Willens/AP



When I saw that the Los Angeles Dodgers had beaten the Philadelphia Phillies on a walk by Andre Ethier, it brought to mind the formula that Joe Torre had used against Phillies starter Pedro Martinez so many times when he was in Boston (right, Julia?).  Let Pedro pitch his game, keep it close, wait for his exit, then strike.  That formula worked to perfection last night as the Dodgers scored two runs in the bottom of the 8th inning to win, 2-1.



Jae C. Hong/AP



The NLCS is now tied at 2, and headed for Philly.  I am thinking that I might spend Sunday night on South Street in Philly.  I wonder if the place might be rockin’?  😉



South Street.JPG 




The Yankees made a minor move this week when they signed a free agent first baseman.  They picked up Trent Lockwood of the independent Amarillo Dillas.  I don’t know much about the guy or if he is considered a prospect or not, but he did hit 14 home runs and is known for his defense.  Hey, what a Dilla!







  1. juliasrants

    I was thinking the same thing about Pedro when I saw the end of the game! I felt so bad for him – there is nothing worse then wasting great pitching! And the Angels last night? They were NOT the same team that the Red Sox played! Watching the ball drop? The errors? As much as I don’t want the Yankees to win (Sorry my friend!), the Angels did NOT deserve to win that game last night.

    Have a safe trip and yes, a coat, hat, mittens and scarf are in order. It is just a wee bit colder here in the northeast then it is in San Jose! 😉


  2. juliasrants

    Scott – perhaps the Angels should just gift wrap the ALCS and hand it to the Yankees! Do they not want to win? I know – you’re very happy with the results – but really – I didn’t expect the Angels to be playing so poorly! Maybe beating the Red Sox was their only goal this season. I hope the warmer weather of L.A. is just what the Angels need. Sorry my friend – but GO ANGELS!! (Though if both teams could find a way to lose the ALCS I would be VERY happy!! LOL!)


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