Running Out Of Gas…


Aargh!  It’s frustrating watching the Yankees struggle…



Meanwhile, the Red Sox just creeping closer and closer.  Fortunately, a never-say-die Kansas City Royals squad fought back from an 8-2 deficit to defeat the Boston Red Sox, 12-9.  The loss kept the Red Sox from drawing even closer, but the Yankees aren’t doing anything to help themselves.



The team that has been so hot since the All-Star Break has suddenly gone into the deep freeze.  Road trips are never fun, and this one has been particularly brutal.  Of course, it doesn’t help when Joba Chamberlain drives off the deep end or Andy Pettitte tries to pitch through a fatigued shoulder.




With the Angels’ 5-2 win tonight, the Yankees are just be 4 games up on the Red Sox in the loss column, with three to play this coming weekend.  The division is certainly up for grabs, yet the Yankees only need one elusive victory to secure a play-off spot.  I am glad that the Rangers won tonight because I’d hate to see the Yankees stumble their way into the play-offs.  They need to earn it outright.




For this weekend’s Yankees-Red Sox series, I have once again made a wager with Julia of Julia’s Rants.  The loser must post the usual Top 11 posting, and this time, it is comprised of 11 special Yankee or Red Sox players (in no particular order or rank).  If Julia loses, she must write 11 short bio’s about past or present Yankees, and vice versa for me.  Also, continuing with the theme of photos in “enemy” territory, we’ll go with enemy t-shirts at meaningful landmarks in our specific locations.  That means Julia would need to wear a Yankees t-shirt in Boston.  Since I live near a National League city, my punishment would be wearing a Dodgers t-shirt in San Francisco.  However, I would also have to wear a Red Sox hat to stay true to the theme.  Wearing a Red Sox t-shirt just wouldn’t get the same reaction in San Francisco as the Dodgers would, so that’s why we are going with a slight variation.  Granted, it would still be more painful to wear Yankees gear in Boston than it would be to wear Dodgers gear in San Francisco, but it still wouldn’t be a fun experience either way.  Hopefully, my guys will turn it around before the weekend gets here.


 Boston Massachusetts


Chad Gaudin has finally replaced Sergio Mitre as the Yanks’ #5 starter.  My only reaction…it’s about time.  Gaudin is nothing to write home about, but he has been a better option than Mitre if you throw out the single good start at the end of August.




The Yankees had their annual rookie hazing.  Mark Melancon was Batman, video coordinator Anthony Flynn was Robin, massage therapist Lou Potter was the Penguin, radar gun operator Lou Potter was the Joker, Mike Dunn was the Riddler, and Ramiro Pena made his debut as Catwoman…


Yankees hazing rookies

Bryan Hoch/

Yankees batman hazing rookies

Ted S. Warren/AP


Now, if they could only start winning…




  1. juliasrants

    It was a frustrating night for both of our teams. But my Red Sox have been playing great – so I have every confidence that they will bounce back with Paul Byrd on the mound tonight…yeah… And I look forward to the weekend series! You will look GREAT in a Red Sox hat and a Dodgers t-shirt! If you need help with your list of 11 Red Sox players, I can offer you some suggestions! 😉


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