Another Passing Grade for the Test…

I missed a great game…


Bill Kostroun/AP


I should have been in attendance at Monday’s game between the Yankees and the Los Angeles Angels in the Bronx.  I had gone to the May 3rd game that was rained out, so my ticket would have been good for Monday’s game which was the make-up game.  I had it all laid out perfectly.  I had requested Monday and Tuesday off from work, so that I could stay at the Stadium until the bitter end.  Unfortunately (baseball-wise, not personally), I relocated from the East Coast to California so a trip to New York City was not in the cards.  I missed an outstanding game as a result of my attempt to improve the circumstances of my life.



I realize that it was only one game.  However, the Yankees, for one night, showed that they could beat the Angels at their own game.  It lifted a huge monkey off the Yankees’ back, and they know that they can beat the Angels.  On a double-steal in the 8th inning, Brett Gardner racing to third, broke for home when catcher Mike Napoli’s throw to third sailed into left field, scoring the go-ahead run.  Alex Rodriguez reached third on the play, and scored on Robinson Cano’s RBI single.  As a result, the Yankees emerged with a 5-3 victory over their nemesis.



Meanwhile, Scott was sitting in Northern California wondering what could have been…



The Yankees couldn’t parlay the win into a victory tonight as they lost to the Toronto Blue Jays, 10-3.  But for one night, they can be excused.  Unfortunately, the Red Sox creep (and I use that word for its multiple meanings) one game closer to the Yankees.  So, the so-called Magic Number remains at 12.  The Rangers did lose, so the Yankees did move closer to the guaranteed Wild Card slot. 


What about the Rays?  The schedule makers have slotted the Yankees to begin AND end the 2010 season against the Boston Red Sox.  I guess there will be more fun and games for my friend, Julia, and I.  Julia is very quick to tell me that the Yankees will end their season THIS year against the Red Sox, but I know that my friend lives in a fantasy world…





Last night, baseball aside, was tough.  I did not expect to hear the news that Patrick Swayze had died.  Yes, I knew that he was battling pancreatic cancer, but Patrick has long been one of my heroes.  I felt if anyone could beat cancer, it was Patrick.  I became a Swayze fan during The Outsiders, and I remained a true fan through his final appearances in the TV series, The Beast.  I remember feeling a loss when he died in Ghost even though his spirit succeeded in reaching out to his true love and eliminating his enemies.  Now, the feeling is loss is permanent and it stinks, to say the least.  Julia mentioned to me that Patrick had a way of appealing to men and women.  I don’t disagree with that.  He was always one of my heroes, and he will remain someone who lived by the standards that I will always strive to achieve.  This one will be tough to overcome…Patrick will be missed…



Whoa!  I can’t believe my favorite tennis player, Roger Federer, lost the U.S. Open against Juan Martin Del Potro.  Congratulations to Del Potro, but hopefully Roger will return to his rightful throne in the not-so-distant future.  My brother was in attendance at the Open, and I should have been there, but the move to CA kind of got in the way.  Sorry Roger, I let you down…


William Perlman/The Star Ledger


Back to baseball, there’s not much drama regarding the AL East Champion and the Wild Card except who will fill which role.  Clearly, the Yankees have the advantage, but the Red Sox are not out of contention…not if they keep winning.  But the Rangers are done.  They are losing tonight to the Oakland A’s and probably won’t be mounting a miraculous comeback.  So, despite the Yankees’ loss, they will still gain ground on the Rangers for the Wild Card.  As Julia is quick to mention, it doesn’t matter how you get into the play-offs…




The Yankees announced that they’ll skip Andy Pettitte’s next start due to a fatigued left shoulder.  I think this is a case of Yankee conservatism, and Pettitte would pitch if the situation were dire.  I just wish that they’d quit trotting Sergio Mitre out there…


Chris Sweda/MCT

Hey, I am just glad that we’ll be playing October baseball again.  But I gotta admit, I like this team…


Bill Kostroun/AP



  1. juliasrants

    A little excitement in the Yankee game last night? I’m a surprised that Posada would throw an elbow at a pitcher like that after scoring. It seems out of character for him and not something that will help the team if he gets suspended. But it was a great night in Boston sports! In fact a great few days! Red Sox winning. Dice-K looked Great! Patriots winning – heck the Bruins even won their pre-season game last night! We are inching ever closer my friend! I bet you can see me! 😉

    The news of Patrick Swayze’s death – though not unexpected was tough to hear. So many of us had “the times of lives” to his movies and songs. And his relationship with his wife was a blessing. He will be so missed – and very fondly remembered. You know what Scott – I’m getting tired of wondering “what if” for all these people who are dying before their time. And you’re right – this one is very hard.


  2. JQuist

    *It was definently a wild game last night… I don’t think anybody expected to see a bench-clearing brawl with such a spaced out score. (I also don’t think we expected to see Girardi come out of the madness with an ear gash lol,) but that Blue Jays pitcher crossed the line. The intentional throw behind Jorge, AND you’re going to bump ’em as he’s crossing home? He took it to far, and got the knot he deserved! Hip hip – JORGE!

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