Deuce! Advantage, T.B.D.!…


The showdown to be decided among a battle of aces…

IMAGES HAVE BEEN DIGITALLY DESATURATED) CC Sabathia #52 of the New York Yankees poses during Photo Day on February 19, 2009 at George M. Steinbrenner Field in Tampa, Florida.  (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** CC Sabathia

Nick Laham/Getty Images



As Julia (of Julia’s Rants) indicated to me, this is the first time that one of our Yankees-Red Sox wagers will be decided by the final game of the series.  In today’s match-up, CC Sabathia will take the hill in opposition to Boston’s Josh Beckett.  At stake?  Only my pride!  😉



Today’s game will decide whether I will be cruising around the San Francisco Bay Area wearing a Red Sox hat or if Julia will be walking across Boston Common in a Yankees hat.  Well, maybe not Boston Common, but she’ll be wearing an interlocking NY cap in the heart of the RSN…if the Red Sox lose.


Julia, you might want to improve your wardrobe while you are at it!



The Red Sox bats have been hot during this series.  Despite allowing 20 runs to the Yankees on Friday, the Red Sox still managed score 11 runs themselves, including 4 in the bottom of the 9th.


Elise Amendola/AP 


They carried over the offensive charge into Saturday’s game in the absolute annihilation of A.J. Burnett.  During the off-season, one of the factors cited for signing Burnett was his success against the Red Sox.  At that time, he had been 5-0 with a 2.56 ERA in 8 career starts.  Yet, this year, Fenway Park has been very unkind to A.J.  He’s 0-2, with a 14.21 ERA in three games at Fenway.  Yikes!  That doesn’t bode well for October success.  Perhaps A.J. should go to Montoursville, PA to consult with Mike Mussina to find a way to beat the Red Sox in their own backyard.


Theodorakis/Daily News


I knew that Saturday’s game would be very difficult for the Yankees.  Generally, whenever the Yankees score 20 more runs, they struggle offensively the next night with runs of 3 or less.  True to form, the Yankees only managed 1 run against Boston rookie Junichi Tazawa.


Winslow Townson/AP


I don’t know what to make of the alleged communication problems between Jorge Posada and Burnett.  Hopefully, they’ll resolve their issues and get on the same page.


Best Buddies.JPG 


So, it all comes down to today’s game at Fenway Park.  Hey Julia, Game On!  J




Here is a copy of the latest post by the Rockpile Ranter.  He needs our assistance in finding his daughter…

I need your help


First off let me apoligize for the lack of baseball entries. Although I couldn’t be more proud of the Rockies right now I can’t concentrate on writing as my mind is elsewhere.

Most of you that know me know my oldest came out to stay with us a couple of weeks ago. She was here for five days and on the sixth day she walked into Nederland, CO to make a phone call and we haven’t seen or heard from her since.

Her taking off unexpectedly is not uncommon, but her leaving without any of her belongings is. I really don’t know what to do so I’m reaching out to my friends and the baseball community and asking if you see my little girl please let me know.

                                         This is the poster the police have created for her. 

                                                                   Missing/ EndangeredNaomi Chilcote.jpg

Naomi Chilcote

03/05/87 White Female

5’07” tall 125 pounds

Blond hair Brown eyes.

Last seen near Nederland, Colorado on 08/03/09

Naomi was involved in a violent Domestic Violence Incident in Reno, Nevada on 07/15/09 with a suspect named Robert Amata DOB 04-05-58. Amata is possibly associated with the Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Club and has a history of Obstruction, Resisting Arrest, Dangerous Weapons, Drug Possession, and various Domestic Violence offenses. Naomi is needed to testify against Amata in the case in Nevada and her family is concerned for her welfare in that she disappeared from their home in Colorado without taking any of her belongings. If Naomi is contacted please check on her welfare and contact Boulder County Sheriff’s Office Detective Ali Thompson at 303-441-3643.

I realize this is a shot in the dark but it’s all I’ve got and worth a shot. I’m not looking for your pity I’m just looking for my daughter. Please if you see her or even think you did shoot me a message.

        Thank you for your help my friends…D The Rockpile Ranter 


Our thoughts and prayers are with the Rockpile Ranter and his family.  Hopefully, Naomi will be found safe and healthy very soon! 



Friday night saw the debut of new Minnesota Vikings QB Brett Favre.  That still sounds, and looks, weird.  He received a great ovation from the fans, but the performance was insignificant.  Favre went 1 for 4, with 4 yards, in the passing game before departing.  I wasn’t really expecting much for an exhibition game, but hopefully Favre will give the thousands of fans who have invested in purple #4 jerseys a chance to cheer for him during games rather than just before the games start.


Andy King/AP 


Of the other three QB’s on the roster, I have to think that Tavaris Jackson is the most likely to be holding a clipboard elsewhere.  I can’t envision the Vikings retention of four QB’s during the season, and in my opinion, they’d be foolish to cut or trade John David Booty who represents life beyond the Favre year(s).  Sage Rosenfels signed the contract extension with Minnesota following his acquisition from Houston, so I don’t really see him going anywhere.  So, by process of elimination, T-Jack would appear to the odd man out.  Regardless of what happens, I think the Vikings backup QB will see plenty of action this year.  To expect Favre to take every snap would be senseless and he’d benefit from the relief particularly later in the year when, hopefully, the Vikings will be charging for the play-offs.


Paul Battaglia/AP 


According to multiple reports, former Yankees slugger Jason Giambi is headed for Blake Street in LoDo.  The Colorado Rockies have apparently signed Giambi to add a bat for their drive to the NL play-offs.  There’s nothing like Coors Field to juice up a sagging bat, but of course, the move also means that Giambi would have to play the field.  So, the question is whether he can produce more runs than he gives up…



It was unfortunate to see the foul ball hit Johnny Damon’s knee on Friday night, but I am glad that it wasn’t worse.  He received treatment yesterday and will hopefully be back in action soon…possibly even today.


C.J. Gunther/EPA 


Well, Julia, let the game begin!  I’m ready.   The Yankees are ready.  Game on! 


  1. Jane Heller

    Wow. Where to start. Very sorry to hear about Rockpile Ranter’s daughter. Scary stuff, but I hope the story has a happy ending. And great idea about AJ taking a trip to see Mussina and ask for pointers. LOL. I have no idea what will happen in tonight’s game but it would be great if it didn’t take four hours. Fat chance, right? Go Yanks!

  2. juliasrants

    Scott – as a parent my heart aches for Don and his family. I hope that his daughter is found safe and very soon. I know he will appreciate you posting the flyer here.

    And tonight’s game? I think Beckett is going to come out strong. He is going to be looking to make amends for his last outing where he wasn’t at his best. It should be a great game – and I see a “W” in the Red Sox corner.

    Oh – and thanks, but I think my wardrobe is just fine! 😉

    Game On! Can it start now? Really, these 8pm games on the east coast are tough! lol! I know – the sun will still be shining in San Jose!

    GO RED SOX!!!!


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