A New Attitude…and a Few More Wins…


The Yankees won Friday night, thanks to the late game heroics of Mark Teixeira…


Ted S. Warren/AP


As a Yankees fan since the early 70’s, I have seen many highs and lows.  1998 was clearly a special year so excluding that year, this has been one of the most enjoyable seasons, so far, that I’ve experienced.  Granted, the Yanks may still fall short but the ride has been enjoyable as we near the stretch run.


Fun Ride.JPG 


The April woes of the bullpen, Cody Ransom as the starting third baseman, Chien-Ming Wang’s disastrous starts, among other things, are a forgotten memory…



I really thought that Jason Giambi would change the Yankees clubhouse with his personality when he joined the Yanks back in 2002.





But it never happened, and the clubhouse remained very “corporate” as G changed his persona to fit the team.


Frederic Larson/AP


But along came Nick Swisher…



He is not a superstar.  He’s not going to lead the league in hits, average or home runs.  He’ll make some painful defensive plays to watch.  But at the end of the day, there is not another guy you’d want on your team.  He, along with A.J. Burnett and others, have successfully loosened up the Yankees clubhouse, and I think he is a big reason why the team is enjoying success this season. 




Friday night, the Yankees began a road trip in Seattle that will conclude with a three game set at Fenway Park beginning on Friday.  Andy Pettitte pitched another quality game but was gone before the outcome of the game was decided.  With a lead-off homer in the 9th, Mark Teixeira put the Yanks up by a run.  Nick Swisher added a RBI single, and the rest was left to Mariano Rivera.  In his 900th major league appearance, Mo got his 34th save in 35 chances.  I guess the “cranky” shoulder is in a better mood now!



Tonight, the Yanks are up 4-2 in the fifth.  Swisher has a home run, as the Yanks scored 4 unearned runs in the top of the second inning.


John Froschauer/AP

I’d like to say that I am confident, but not with Sergio Mitre on the mound…




Meanwhile in Texas, unable to mount a comeback for a second day in a row, the Boston Red Sox lost to the Rangers, 7-2.  So, the Yanks have a chance to pick up another game on the Sox should they beat the Mariners tonight.  Hey Julia, are you back there?  I don’t seem to be able to see you anywhere.  Wait a minute!  That speck!  Is that you?  šŸ˜‰



I didn’t realize that Derek Jeter is on the verge of a major milestone.  The MLB record for hits by a shortstop is held by Hall of Famer Luis Aparicio (2,673).  After last night, DJ was just three hits shy.  He has a hit tonight, so he is just two away from tying Aparicio.  Congrats DJ!  Another record on your way to Cooperstown!  Very well done!


John Froschauer/AP

Congratulations to Julia of Julia’s Rants for her successful completion of the wager loss for last week’s Yankees-Red Sox series.   Due to the Yankees’ sweep, she had to:

1.      Post a pro-Yankees Top 11 List.

2.      Take photos of her car at various prominent locations in the Boston area…with a Yankees flag attached.






She did an excellent job with both.  So good, in fact, I think she should lose again next week just so we can see more of her creative side!




The Yankees will head for Oakland after Seattle, and I will be attending the second game of the series.  Like fine wine from Napa Valley, older players like Rivera and Jeter are aging very gracefully and the AL East leaders are showing they are the right vintage for success this year.  Hey guys, see you in Oakland! 

Go Yankees!




  1. juliasrants

    Fine, my Red Sox have hit a bumpy stretch in the road and they aren’t playing their best. Don’t count them out just yet my friend. And I hope you aren’t disappointed when you don’t see a win this week! šŸ˜‰ We’ll see just who is the one being “creative” after next weekend!


  2. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, Scott …

    Congratulations on winning your wager with Julia !!! … Of course, we have to thank the Yankees for the great four-game sweep of the Red Sox … It was a very fine weekend indeed !!! … Also, Julia was very gracious making payment of the wager with an excellent “Top 11” list of some of the many positive things about the New York Yankees, as well as, riding around the Boston area with a Yankees flag on her car !!! … I look forward to another big weekend for the Yankees in the three-game series at Fenway Park !!!
    Go Yankees !!!
    — Jimmy, “BY&L”

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