One Down, Three to Go!…


What does a Yankees victory mean?


New York Yankees' Robinson Cano, right, celebrates with Nick Swisher, left after hitting a two-run homer during the fourth inning of a baseball game against the Baltimore Orioles Tuesday, July 21, 2009   at Yankee Stadium in New York.



Of course, in the big picture view, it is 1/162 closer to the play-offs, but for the current Yankees-Red Sox series, it has multiple implications:

1.      First and foremost, you won’t be seeing me wearing any pink hats or Red Sox shirts in the foreseeable future since there is no chance of a Red Sox sweep at this point.  So, that part of the wager has been extracted.

2.      The eight-game Red Sox winning streak over the Yankees (nine if you go back to last year) is over. 

3.      With the win, Yankee players no longer have the stigma of whether or not they can beat the Red Sox hanging over their heads.  So, the pressure has been deflated somewhat (by a miniscule amount, I know, but it’s better than a little bit more pressure). 

4.      Finally, with the win and a 3 ½ game lead over Boston in the AL East standings, the Yankees are assured of remaining in first place when Boston departs the Bronx on Sunday.


Kathy Willens/AP


So, the wager between Julia of Julia’s Rants and myself now consists of:

1.      Attach a Red Sox (Scott) or a Yankees (Julia) flag to his/her car, and take photos of the car in at least three prominent locations near our respective homes.  The locations  should be easily recognizable by anyone (to ensure that they are places which handle high traffic for the applicable flag viewing).


2.      Write a Top 11 List with eleven positive statements about the winning team.


Yankees1fanpin.jpg image by jrboutique2004


Tonight’s 13-6 win over the Red Sox definitely had its interesting moments.  A record crowd of 49,005 filled the new Yankee Stadium to see the hometown guys prevail over the dudes from Beantown.  John Smoltz continued to look well past his prime but unfortunately, Joba Chamberlain wasn’t too much better.  Joba is going to get a reputation of being unable to beat the Sox, kind of like Jose Contreras when he first arrived in the big leagues.  Granted, Chamberlain got the win, but it wasn’t pretty.  In 5 innings, he gave up 6 hits, 4 runs, 7 walks (7 walks?), and had 5 strikeouts. 


Kathy Willens/AP


The Yankees blew this one open with an 8-run 4th inning that saw three-run homers by Melky Cabrera and Jorge Posada.  Boston had its chances, but stranding 15 men on base doesn’t exactly ensure victory.


Kathy Willens/AP


In the 9th inning, with the Yankees up by 9, Anthony Claggett,  a very recent call-up from AAA Scranton-Wilkes Barre, was brought into the game.  The Red Sox scored a couple of runs on two RBI singles, and it looked as though the Sox might mount the improbable rally.  But it wasn’t meant to be, and the Yankees emerged with their first victory of the season against Boston.

But as my friend Julia is so quick to tell me, there are still three games to go.  Much can happen, and the Red Sox are not out by any stretch of the imagination.  But for a night, I can bask in glory and know that my guys finally did it.  Sweet!  And, oh yeah, they have a 3 ½ game lead!  J




Red Sox                                  6

Yankees                                  13


Home Runs

Red Sox                                  2

Yankees                                  4



Red Sox                                  0

Yankees                                  1


Winner:                                 T.B.D.


It was good to see Muhammad Ali at Yankee Stadium.  I miss the days of Howard Cosell and Ali, but the Champ is still greatest…and he looks pretty good with his new cap!


Jeter gave boxing great Muhammad Ali a New York Yankees cap before the game.

Ray Stubblebine/Reuters


And others were in attendance too…


Frank Franklin II/AP

I guess A-Rod is looking to end his homerless streak…  😉

I think that GM Brian Cashman is actively searching for the next Aaron Small, rather than going with a proven, consistent starter to fill the #5 slot in the starting rotation (currently occupied by Sergio Mitre).  The Yankees missed out on Jarrod Washburn, who they had coveted for several years.  Ian Snell, another pitcher they scouted, was traded to Seattle prior to the trading deadline.  I know that they scouted Cincinnati’s Bronson Arroyo, but nothing ever materialized.  In the last couple days, the Yankees have acquired Russ Ortiz, late of the Houston Astros and most recently, former Cub Chad Gaudin of the San Diego Padres.  Naturally, yesterday’s headline about Gaudin was…

Gaudin’s up-and-down season continues

Starter pulled in fourth inning, charged with six runs vs. Braves

Gaudin is currently 4-10, with an ERA of 5.13.  He has averaged a strikeout an inning (105 strikeouts in 105 1/3 innings), but he has definitely had a roller-coaster type of season.  I’d say that Yankees pitching coach Dave Eiland has his work cut out for him.  Ortiz, I assume, is simply a body for the rotation at Scranton-Wilkes Barre, and will never see the inside of Yankee Stadium…or at least I hope not.  For Gaudin, he went to bed last night 22 ½ games out of first place.  Tonight, he’ll go to bed 3 ½ games up! 


Robert Benson/US Presswire

Hey Julia, advantage ME!  Go Yankees!



  1. juliasrants

    It’s a new day my friend and tonight we have Josh Beckett in the mound. Sadly, I think the “Smoltz Experiment” in Boston has come to an end. Not the way he – or RSN – wanted to see it end. And what was with the 12 walks that the Yankees gave up last night? I can’t imagine that Joe Girardi will be pleased with that. Oh – you might want to send your guys a memo – hitting Pedey again tonight would be a very bad thing! 😉


  2. Jane Heller

    Scott, it does feel good that the Yanks ended their skid against the Sox. Big relief there. I don’t know what’s up with Joba. He did have a good outing against Boston once – was it last year at Fenway? – but he needs to go back to the drawing board and figure out how to be aggressive again and stop nibbling. Great to see Ali before the game. I remember those Ali-Frazier fights so well (Cosell too) and the excitement they generated.

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