Good Pitching beats Good Hitting, or so they say…


Starting the second half on the right foot…


Noah K. Murray/The Star Ledger


Two games and two wins for the New York Yankees since the All-Star break.  It is definitely the way to start the second half.  With the two wins, the Yankees have closed the gap to two games behind AL East Leader Boston.



Catching Up.JPG


Friday night, the Yankees defeated the Detroit Tigers, 5-3, at Yankee Stadium behind a 7th inning blast by Mark Teixeira.


Noah K. Murray/The Star Ledger 


Although he only gave up 3 runs in 6 innings, A.J. Burnett was off his game with five walks and six hits.  Nevertheless, he kept the Yankees in the game and Teixeira put the Yanks ahead with his first Yankee Stadium homer since June 12th.  Burnett didn’t get the win, but I credit him for battling.  After the game, he said that it felt like he had thrown 200 pitches (it was only 104).


A.J. Burnett.

Keivom/New York Daily News 


With a three-run homer in rainstorm off Joel Zumaya, Teixeira rallied the Yanks from a 3-2 deficit and made a winner of Phil Hughes.  Hughes, in contrast to Burnett, was nothing short of perfect.  He has excelled as the set up guy for Mariano Rivera, and has made it very difficult for the Yanks to consider putting him in the rotation in 2010.  Friday’s night performance was two innings with six strikeouts.  That’s sick.  He did give up three hits, but none scored.  In fact, he hasn’t given up a run in 15 2/3 innings, and his ERA as a reliever is currently 0.89.  The calls of ‘Joba to Pen’ seem to have died down as Hughes has exhibited his dominance.  And, oh yeah, Mariano Rivera picked up his 24th save.  The back-end of the Yankee bullpen is as good as it has been in many years. 


Bill Kostroun/Associated Press 


Saturday, the Yankees continued their winning ways behind CC Sabathia.  For the second game in a row, a timely 7th inning home run was key.  This time, it was Alex Rodriguez who broke the scoreless tie with a solo homer off Detroit ace Justin Verlander.


Noah K. Murray/The Star Ledger 


The Yanks added an insurance run on a RBI single by Melky Cabrera.  It was a hit that normally would have been cleanly field by Tigers shortstop Adam Everett, but Nick Swisher, running from second to third, danced through the ball and it may have momentarily distracted Everett, allowing Cabrera to reach first with two outs and scoring Robinson Cano from third. 

Former Yank Marcus Thames hit a solo shot in the top of the 8th off Alfredo Aceves, but that would be as close as Detroit could get.  By the 9th, it was Mariano Rivera time and he retired the side for his 25th save.




While Boston beat the Toronto Blue Jays on Friday night, they fell today, 6-2.  The loss allowed the Yankees to close the gap to two games.  Roy Halladay will be on the mound Sunday as the Jays attempt to win their first series against Boston in six tries.  Good luck, Doc!  The only thing we’d enjoy more than seeing you in pinstripes is a ‘W’ by your name in a box score for a game played at Fenway Park.




Has it really been ten years since David Cone threw his perfect game?  Wow.  That’s hard to believe.  Coney was always one of my favorite Yankees because of his huge heart.  It was hard to see him pitch for the Red Sox at the end of his career, but Cone was a huge part of the Yankees championship run in the late 90’s and his efforts will not be soon forgotten.


David Cone throws out ceremonial first pitch to celebrate anniversary of his perfect game.

Simmons/New York Daily News



He may not win the championship, but I am very pleased to see Tom Watson atop the leader board at the British Open.  Watson, a five-time winner of the British Open, last won in 1983.  To put it in perspective, this was the Yankees lineup on July 17, 1983:

Bert Campaneris, 3B

Larry Milbourne, 2B

Dave Winfield, LF

Lou Piniella, RF

Don Baylor, DH

Steve Balboni, 1B

Rick Cerone, C

Jerry Mumphrey, CF

Andre Robertson, SS


The starting pitcher was Matt Keough.  The Yankees won the game against the Texas Rangers that day, 8-6.  Some guy named Don Mattingly subbed for Balboni at first late in the game…


Best of luck to Tom Watson, and hopefully he’ll become a six-time British Open champion tomorrow!  It’s highly improbable but stranger things have happened…like the Red Sox winning World Series championships…


And now the five-time Open winner stands just 18 holes away from one of the greatest achievements in golf history.



Speaking of the Red Sox, a friend was recently doing his best to “flush” the Red Sox dominance over the Yankees this season.  I think it just might work!


Posted on YouTube by nsayer


Hey Julia, we only have to be three games better than you now!  Perhaps the Yankees can give me first place for my birthday!  J


dent.jpg image by smoothjazzandmore


This is my final blog for a week.  I am moving cross country, so I’ll be unable to post any new blogs until the move is completed.  So, I’ll leave you with this great YouTube post by purvis1031.  Hey Julia, we’re coming for you (the Red Sox)!  Four games at Yankee Stadium beginning on Thursday, August 6th…game on, my friend!  This time it is you that will be wearing the pink NYY hat!    


Posted on YouTube by Purvis1031


P.S.  Is Mike Mussina really going to play in the Old-Timers Game?  Okay, now I really feel old…






  1. juliasrants

    Scott – as much as I would like you to have a “Happy Birthday” next weekend – you’ll have to find some other way to celebrate for my boys are not going to let help you out! The Lester-Halladay matchup tomorrow will be a great one and yes, I see Lester being victorious – just like I hope Tom Watson will be! How great is it that he is on top of the leader board after 3 rounds!

    Have a safe trip and you have one little thing wrong – YOU will be wearing the Pink Red Sox Hat Scott – AGAIN!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. juliasrants

    Hi Scott,

    I guess it was only fair – on my birthday the Red Sox won and the Yankees lost (okay – the Red Sox beat them!), so I guess to balance it out my Red Sox had to lose and your Yankees had to win on your birthday! I hope you are enjoying your day! I know the games made you smile! ๐Ÿ˜‰


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