Ready, Set, Go!…


A rare off day…


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The Yankees have an extra day of rest before they embark on the second half of the season.  Hopefully, it will give them the necessary distance from last weekend’s debacle in Anaheim.  Of course, it doesn’t get any easier as the Detroit Tigers invade Yankee Stadium.  But with a little pitching, a little hitting, a little fielding, and a whole lot of hustle, I’ll take my chances…



The Yankees deal with 16-year-old Dominican shortstop Damian Arredondo was voided by the league when they found out that he wasn’t 16 and his name is not Damian Arredondo.  Sure, the league saved the Yankees over $800,000, but I would have thought that the Yankees would have done a little due diligence before signing the alleged “prospect”…


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So, the Boston Red Sox are “desperately” seeking to trade Julio Lugo?  I guess they have been listening to that ranter in Boston.  Hopefully, they didn’t get her message about Jason Bay…




I am surprised, but Derek Jeter is building a monster mansion on Davis Islands in Florida (not far from downtown Tampa).  The square footage per the county is 30,875.  The home has 7 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms.  According to the Tampa Bay Tribune, the average Best Buy store has 39,700 square feet (to put it in perspective).  The home is on Bahama Circle, and is expected to be completed by the end of 2010.  I want to be Derek Jeter when I grew up!  😉


Derek Jeter house

Richard Mullins/Tampa Bay Tribune


According to the Associated Press, Yankees owner George Steinbrenner spent three hours at his office in the Tampa spring training complex.  He reportedly said that he is doing well.  Hopefully, he is putting the finishing touches on that deal for Blue Jays pitcher Roy Halladay…


Stephen Dunn/Getty Images


Apparently, Brett Favre has set a deadline of July 30th to decide if he’ll play for the Minnesota Vikings this fall.  The date is when the Vikings open camp.  The Star Tribune has created The Brett Favre Page to track the developments between now and Favre’s imposed deadline.  At this point, I have to believe that we’ll see #4 in purple when the team reports to Mankato.  I guess that means Erin is going to become a Bears fan…  ;(


Brett Favre

Rogelio V. Solis/Associated Press


Let the second half begin!…



Neil Shapiro 


  1. Jane Heller

    The situation with that “16-year-old” shortstop is so pathetic. I understand it happens a lot with kids from the Dominican, but if everybody knows that, why aren’t teams more vigilant? Here’s hoping our series against the Tigers gets off to a good start. I bet the players will be glad to be home, especially after Anaheim.

  2. juliasrants

    After all the trouble the Nationals had signing players who weren’t “exactly” who they said they were, you would have thought that all teams would perform much more due diligence. You can’t help but feel bad for these poor kids in the Dominican. They are being exploited and it seems that no one really care about them.

    And the extra day’s rest for the Yankees? I hope it doesn’t make them slow and sluggish though you know – to keep them in shape maybe Jeter can have them work on his house. Something that big would need a lot of workers! lol! Between the Yankees and Brett Favre? I don’t see your late summer and fall being very good sports wise – sorry! 😉

    Second season? Bring it on!!


  3. juliasrants

    Oh – did the Yankees win today? I hadn’t noticed! 😉 Yes, much like the Yankees, the Red Sox seem to struggle at times when we face a new, young pitcher. Halladay tomorrow against Lester – I see a “W” for us! The number shall be three again!


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