Derailed in Anaheim…


Unfortunately, I saw it coming…



I knew that the Yankees tie with the Boston Red Sox on Thursday night was going to be short-lived.  For whatever reason, the Yankees cannot beat the Los Angeles Angels, and last night’s game was further evidence.


Rose Palmisano/Orange County Register 


Joba Chamberlain had 5-1 lead in the fifth inning when the wheels came off.  The crushing blow was a three-run home run by Kendry Morales that tied the game.


Rose Palmisano/The Orange County Register 


The Angels proceeded to score five more runs in the 6th and 7th innings (against Mark Melancon and Brian Bruney) to pull away.   The Angels won the game, 10-6.


Mark J. Terrill/AP


Earlier in the evening, the Boston Red Sox had defeated the Kansas City Royals, 1-0, so the first place tie quickly evaporated into a one game deficit (I know, Julia is lovin’ every minute of it!).


Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia (second from right) and his Red Sox teammates celebrate the victory.

Barry Chin/Boston Globe 

Alex Rodriguez did hit his 568th home run to pull within one of Rafael Palmeiro for 10th place on the All-Time HR List.  But his error in the fifth did not help anybody…well, except for the Angels…




Joe Girardi keeps talking about Joba’s inexperience and youth as reasons for his struggles, but it is really up to Joba to decide if he wants to be a frontline starter.  The excuses from Girardi are getting kind of old…

“I don’t expect him to be perfect, I don’t. He’s probably got about 30 starts under his belt in the big leagues. That’s not a ton of starts”, Girardi said after the game.  “You can’t just focus on this kid. We had other chances to win this game and we didn’t do it.”




The Yankees continue their series against the Angels.  I wish I could say that I am confident, but unfortunately, I am not.  Andy Pettitte pitches today, and of course, he has been consistently inconsistent this season.  There was a time when Andy could be counted on to follow a loss with a win, but those times have long since passed.  I am definitely a ‘glass is half empty’ kind of guy today… 




Congratulations to…

Jonathan Sanchez of the San Francisco Giants, for throwing the first no-hitter of the 2009 season against the San Diego Padres.  An error by Juan Uribe cost Sanchez a perfect game, but he was absolutely outstanding in the 8-0 victory.  He had 11 strikeouts as a replacement starter for Randy Johnson who was earlier placed on the DL.   Sanchez has been mentioned as possible trade bait, so the no-hitter will certainly enhance the Giants’ ability to get quality in return.  Nick Johnson anyone?


Jonathan Sanchez is mobbed by his teammates after strikin... (Liz Hafalia / The Chronicle)

Liz Halafia/San Francisco Chronicle


Manny Ramirez of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (JSOnline)


With a home run in last night’s game against the Milwaukee Brewers, Manny tied Mickey Mantle for 15th place on the All-Time HR List with 536 home runs.  It is sad to see the Mick soon fall out of the Top 15, and eventually the Top 20…



Angel Berroa, who was released by the Yankees last week, for signing a minor league deal with the New York Mets.  Good luck with that…



Alex Rodriguez, who moments ago homered in today’s game against the Angels for his 569th home run, tying Rafael Palmeiro for 10th Place.  The Yankees have a very early 2-0 lead.  Next stop, Harmon Killebrew at 573 home runs…






  1. juliasrants

    Yes my friend – I am LOVING every minute of it! 😉 Let’s face it – our two teams are going to take us all on a wild ride the second half of the season. I suspect it will never be dull; I am looking forward to it! Oh – and sorry, but this weekend – besides being a Red Sox fan, I am also going to be an Angels Fan! 🙂


  2. stevg95

    Hey I’m a Yankee fan too, and I just finished watching today’s game. I have to admit, the Yanks pitching has been anything but “spectacular” this series. There offense is dialed in (today they hit 5 homeruns, 2 from Hinske) but they can’t score 14 runs a game!!!! Their pitching needs to come through!! Anyways, nice blog.. I’ll be coming back to your blog often and hope you take a look at mine. Thanks

  3. juliasrants

    Scott – my new favorite numbers:

    2 1/2 – game lead

    11 – wins this season for Beckett

    100 – career wins for Beckett

    0 – number of pitchers to come out of the Red Sox bullpen today.

    Life IS Good! 😉


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