When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Hit a GIDP…


The fielders made the trip to Atlanta, but the hitters were a no-show…


No Show.JPG


The Yankees, looking rather pathetic and tired, kind of like their third baseman, lost to the Atlanta Braves, 4-0.  Another so-so start by Chien Ming-Wang, but on this night, it really wouldn’t have mattered how well he pitched.  A no-hitter couldn’t have pulled out a victory for the Yanks. 


Wilted Flowers.JPG


A-Rod is definitely looking like anything but A-Rod as his batting average continues to its freefall to the dreaded Mendoza line.



After years of clutch hits, Derek Jeter is starting to become the guy to call when you are looking to kill a potential rally.


John Bazemore/AP


Cody Ransom is due to come off the disabled list today, so a move is expected.  I doubt that the Yankees would designate Ransom for assignment, so that means either Angel Berroa or Ramiro Pena has to go.  My guess is that Berroa has seen his final day in pinstripes.


Kathy Willens/AP


Regarding Ransom’s return, manager Joe Girardi said, “He could help us a lot”.  I am not a major league manager, but sorry, Joe, I can’t buy that one.  The Yanks need help, but Cody Ransom is not going to be the savior.



Courtesy Wikipedia


In last night’s loss, the Yankees stranded 11 base runners.  There was no shortage of candidates for the Goat of the Game.  It was a disappointing loss, and the team is definitely reeling right now.  At this point, you have to consider the Yankees to be lucky that they are only 5 games behind Boston.  Next week, it could be much worse if things don’t change. 




If the Yankees had gone down fighting last night and still lost, I would have felt much better than them simply mailing it in.  The lackadaisical effort is a reflection of the manager and coaching staff.  Girardi said after the game, “This is going to turn and when it does it is going to be a welcome sight”.  I only hope that it is not too late.  5 games are not insurmountable, particularly not in July.  But there is no question that the Boston Red Sox are the superior team right now.  I do not recall a recent Red Sox game where I felt that the “team” had given up.  They battle down to the last at-bat.  That’s the type of effort and attitude that the Yankees need to model. 


Sox extend AL East lead



The Yankees are now tied for second with the Toronto Blue Jays.  A loss today and the Yanks are potentially in fourth place with the Tampa Bay Rays tapping on their shoulder.





The Yankees protest of Sunday’s game was denied by Major League Baseball.  I never expected the Yankees to get anywhere with the protest, but admittedly; it was fun to talk about.  However, the Yankees need to win games because of their play, not because of technicalities.


The Star Ledger


It’s time to start hitting and fielding like May, and resume the charge on Boston.  The talent and ability is there.  Let’s Go Yankees!





  1. juliasrants

    Scott – you finally realized who the superior team is! πŸ˜‰ But you are right – for the last several years (really since 2004) the Red Sox never give up on a game. They play until the last out; not something I see the Yankees doing right now. I know that Wang had a so-so outing, but all the calls for his removal don’t make sense. He only gave up 3 runs! I wonder how much longer Girardi will be manager of the team? The Yankees are a ship adrift while the Red Sox are sailing on smooth seas. This is a very interesting season so far. I’m enjoying it – how about you? πŸ˜‰


  2. JQuist

    – I’m 99% sure that this was the ‘final straw’ for Wang. As for A-Rod… atleast he’s still effective in the field, right? Check out my Yankee blog: jquist.mlblogs.com

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