I Know It’s Early, But…


How sweet it is!



Finally, for the first time since October 1, 2006, the Yankees are alone in first place!  Okay, like Joe Girardi said after the game, it doesn’t mean anything, but it’s better than not being in first place.  Seriously, it would be much better if today were October 5, 2009, but it was good to see the Yankees get their 13th win out of the last 16 games.



The story was Andy Pettitte.  He pitched very well for 5 innings, but left the game in the 6th with back stiffness.  This is not something new (the back bothered him in Texas), and he doesn’t anticipate any problems in making his next start. Andy gave up 6 hits and 5 walks, but only allowed one run in picking up his 5th victory on the year (5-1).


Tony Dejak/AP


From there, the bullpen duo of Alfredo Aceves and Mariano Rivera shut down the Tribe on two hits and no runs, with Mo earning his 10th save.


David Kaup/Reuters 

For a change, the Yankees didn’t rely upon the long ball.  In fact, neither team hit a home run.  Derek Jeter singled in a run in the 2nd and the Yanks picked up another run on Mark Teixeira’s grounder.  Nick Swisher’s sacrifice fly in the 3rd accounted for the Yankees’ final run in the 3-1 victory.  The Indians only run came on a sac fly against Aceves in the 6th, but the runner was Andy’s responsibility.


David Maxwell/European Pressphoto Agency


Jorge Posada, in his first game off the DL, had two hits.  It’s great to have his bat back in the lineup.



The Yankees also played their 15th consecutive game without an error.

Solid Hats



In an interesting stat, Mariano Rivera saved the 58th  career game to preserve an Andy Pettitte win to set a new mark for a starting pitcher and closer.  The previous mark was held by Dennis Eckersley who saved 57 wins for Bob Welch while with the Oakland A’s. Mo had a good explanation for the new mark after the game:  “That means we’re old.”  He was kidding, but of course, there is truth in the remark.  It’s been fun watching Mo save games for Andy and other Yankees starters for the last 12-13 years, and he will certainly be remembered as one of the all-time greats.  It is very appropriate that Mo has saved so many Pettitte wins since he’s always been there for his friend, through thick and thin…


Cataffo/NY Daily News


Today’s match-up pits CC Sabathia against his former team, facing Fausto Carmona.  Carmona has struggled this year, so of course, that means he’ll pitch ‘lights out’ against the Yankees.  It should be a good pitching duel.


Getty Images


Julia:  “The Cavs will be in the finals, but the Lakers?  I’m not so sure.”


Oh Julia, I got your message that the Los Angeles Lakers would not be going to the NBA Finals.  Sorry, thanks to the 119-92 win against the Nuggets in Denver, the Lakers will be advancing to the title series for the 30th time, and second straight year.  Phil Jackson will be trying for his 10th NBA crown.


Kobe Bryant airborne

Robert Gauthier/LA Times

Carmelo tried as hard as he could, but even this GREAT play didn’t work, although it was an excellent choice on his part!



I think your run on making accurate predictions is over.  Well, I hope the first part comes true (Cavs overcoming a 3 games to 1 deficit to advance to the finals; they need to win the next two games to win the series), but your word about predictions, which was pristine in April and early May, is on shaky ground…


Get ready for the Mark Teixeira t-shirt, my friend!




  1. Dillon M

    The game yesterday was a big game for us. The pitching was great, despite Pettitte walking five guys. I hate walks. Alfredo Aceves, my boy, pitched great. Everyone played great. Read my blog post from today and you’ll find out why I hate walks so much. And also, the Magic are going to beat the Cavs to get to the finals and then they are going to be destroyed by the Lakers.

  2. Jane Heller

    How cool is Mo when he deflects all praise for his accomplishments with a self-effacing joke. I just love the guy. I hear you on Carmona. But maybe we’ll get the better of him and keep winning. It would sure be nice, especially with that “ace,” Pavano, going tomorrow.


  3. Elizabeth D.

    That’s a very respectable stat that Mo and Petite have surpassed. Eck is on NESN and he does pretty good play-by-play in Remy’s absence. Eck was one hell of a closer, so anyone who can pass that is pretty damn good in my book (even if it is Mo). And don’t get too cozy in first place ;). I knew this would happen eventually though, but no one is gonna run away with this. I think it’s gonna continue to change throughout the weeks.

  4. juliasrants

    So – I didn’t get it right about the Lakers. Big deal. And I blame the Bruins’ lose on you jumping on the band wagon; sorry my friend. πŸ˜‰ The only record I am concerned about – and the one I will keep going – is the Red Sox winning the next series against the Yankees! Sorry Scott but it will be you wearing the Jason Bay shirt and not I wearing a Mark Teixeira shirt. Oh – yay – the Yankees are winning now, but as you said – it is still early.

    Have a great night.


  5. juliasrants

    Okay – I’ll stick to picking baseball winners! The Cavs went down to the Magic. So, do you think the Lakers can beat the red-hot Magic? Oh yeah, the Yankees won yesterday. And Scott – you might “think” you can’t hear me but trust me – my guys are closer then you think! Good luck against Pavano today. πŸ˜‰ You might need it! lol!


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