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Ah yes, those sweet walk-off wins…


Melky 5 23 09.JPG

Credit: Frank Franklin II/AP

Yesterday, before the game, I had seen a She-Fan comment that the Yankees never hit rookies very well and the Phillies were starting rookie J.A. Happ (who has taken Chan Ho Park’s spot in the rotation).  I am in complete agreement as the Yankees usually struggle with lesser-known pitchers.  And of course, yesterday was no exception.  For six innings, Happ gave the Phillies a solid four-hit, two-run performance.  He did not give up any walks, and struck out four.  He departed with a 4-2 lead and in position to get the win.




The Yankees were unable to get anything going against reliever Chad Durbin and Ryan Madson for the next two innings, so it set the stage for the 9th inning.



Against the Odds.JPG

Three outs from defeat…star closer Brad “Lights Out” Lidge on the mound…it didn’t look good…


From The Phillies Zone Blog,


Johnny Damon got it started by drawing a walk from Lidge, and advanced to second on a steal.  Mark Teixeira struck out, but was followed by Alex Rodriguez.  After working the count to 3-2, A-Rod hit a right field homer to tie the game.


Credit: Frank Franklin II/AP

Robinson Cano came up next, and singled.  Like Damon had done earlier, he advanced to second on a steal.  That brought Melky Cabrera to the plate…


Jim McIsaac/Getty Images 

On May 15th, Melky had hit a two-run single in the bottom of the 9th inning to beat the Minnesota Twins (the first of three walk-off wins that weekend).



Credit Antonelli/NY Daily News 


Melky also had a game-winning home run against the Oakland A’s in April, ending a 14-inning affair.


Credit: William Perlman/Star-Ledger 


Saturday night, once again, he delivered.  A hit to right scored Cano, and the Yankees had emerged the victors with a 5-4 win over the Phillies…


Credit: Brian J. Myers/US Presswire

Credit:  New York Post

Some interesting facts…

The last Yankee with three-game winning hits in a season was Claudell Washington in 1988.

The Yankees current ten game streak with no errors hasn’t been done by the team since 1995.



Brad Lidge has blown three saves this year after not blowing any during the Phillies championship season.  His ERA is now 9.16.  So, to the Phillies’ defense, this is not the same Lidge.  The implosion by his former Astros teammate allowed Andy Pettitte to escape with a no-decision. 

From MLB Pro Blog, Alyson’s Footnotes 


John Mayberry, Jr. made his major league debut and hit a three-run homer off Pettitte.  His father hit the final home run of his career at the old Yankee Stadium in 1982, as a member of the Yankees.  I guess it’s in with the new, out with the old…



Credit:  Frank Franklin II/AP

With both Mayberry and Nick Swisher playing, the game definitely had a 1970’s “feel” to it…


Xavier Nady, Jorge Posada, and Jose Molina will head to Tampa to get ready to their impending returns.  While it will be great to see Xavier and Jorge, I have to admit that I like what Francisco Cervelli has done while both Posada and Molina have been out.  It’s too bad that the team can’t find a way to move Hideki Matsui to open up the DH spot for Jorge, and allow Cervelli continued playing time.




Finally, I saw a piece in the Star-Ledger yesterday about the attempts by fans to save “Gate 2” of the old Yankee Stadium.  If Gate 2 is the most complete original part of the stadium (prior to the 1970’s renovations), why doesn’t the city preserve it as a memorial to the old Stadium and the legends who played there?  The article gave an artist’s rendition of the proposed park, and I think it is not only a terrific idea but one that the city must do.  I always wanted to see the old parks like Ebbetts Field and the Polo Grounds, but I can’t…they don’t exist.  If nothing is done to save part of the old stadium, my children’s children will never know the existence of the House That Ruth Built.  This idea makes way too much sense, and I hope that the city realizes it before it’s too late…


Star Ledger/Courtesy of Richard Lillard



Hey Julia, who is Omir Santos? 

Jonathon Papelbon was cruising in the 9th inning last night.  Although he had walked former Yankee Gary Sheffield, he punched out both David Wright and Jeremy Reed with pure heat.  With two outs, Mets catcher Omir Santos (called up from Triple A Buffalo in April when Brian Schneider was placed on the DL) was the last hope.  He drilled the first pitch from Papelbon off the top of the Green Monster.  It was initially ruled a double, but instant replay (its first use at Fenway Park) showed that it was a two-run homer which gave the Mets’ a 3-2 lead.

Credit:  Winslow Townson/AP 


J.J. Putz, in place of Francisco Rodriguez who was hospitalized due to back spasms, closed out the game to preserve the victory for the Mets.

So, this morning finds the Yankees sharing second place with the Red Sox.  A certain friend of mine had predicted that this morning would find the Yankees two games behind the Red Sox.  Alas, it wasn’t meant to be.  The Jays also lost (4-3 to Atlanta) so the Yankees are now just ½ game behind the AL East Leaders.

Do we need any more evidence to show how much Alex Rodriguez means to this team?  His return has led to the resurgence, and the Yankees are now clearly in the thick of things. 

I am so looking forward to June 9th through 11th!  Are you ready, Julia?  Game on!  J

Credit:  AP











  1. Jane Heller

    Who would have guessed Melky would play such an important role in these games? I thought he was bound for Scranton (or Milwaukee). Another great game. But I didn’t know about K-Rod being hospitalized. Yikes.

  2. juliasrants

    Yeah, fine….whatever….enjoy the wins now my friend….I’m thinking that you won’t be so lucky come June 9th – 11th! 😉 Oh – and the reason that the Red Sox are listed first in the box score? Well – it is a simple matter of one team winning five straight from the other….now who could that be? Oh yes – that would be MY team! 😉


  3. juliasrants

    Hey Scott – did you see the Red Sox score today? Or the Yankees score? Or the Toronto score? Do you know who is in FIRST PLACE in the AL East Scott?? I’ll help you out – that would be MY TEAM!!!!!! Yup! I am SO looking forward to June 9th -11th! Hope you’re having a great day! I know I am!!!!


  4. greg1969

    I don’t know why they wouldn’t preserve a piece of the former Yankee Stadium–sounds fitting to me, as a park monument or something else. It sounds like a good idea–I hope they do something like that.
    Lidge is looking like the Lidge of 05 (has that Pujols ball landed yet?). That does not bode well for the Phillies!

  5. irishsoxkid19

    It would be nice to preserve that part of the old Yankee Stadium, where my great uncle managed the Yankees in the 1930’s and 1940’s. As for the little win streak, all good things come to an end…like the weather. It went from sunny to rainy…and to think it came from NY. June 9-11 is going to be good. Hahaha =)

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