Another Day, Another Loss…


Who said Derek Jeter could have the day off?

I didn’t see the PTO request!

Actually, he has a sore right oblique and needed a day to recuperate…

Jeter Girls.JPG 


Thanks to a scoop by Peter Abraham of the LoHud Yankees Blog, here is a photo of Nick Swisher’s new haircut:


Swisher 05 12 09.JPG


I liked Abraham’s comment that it looked like Swish head-butted a lawnmower!  Hopefully, this will snap Swish out of his current slump.  On the bright side, it can’t hurt!

Roger Clemens was on ESPN Radio’s “Mike & Mike” show this morning, and denied use of any performance-enhancing drugs.  Right, and I also believe that Brett Favre doesn’t enjoy waffling about retirement every off-season…


Cat What.JPG


Former Yankees reliever Scott Proctor (currently with the Florida Marlins) had Tommy John surgery on his right elbow, and is out for the year.  Meanwhile, Yankees minor league pitcher Ian Kennedy had surgery for an aneurysm in his right shoulder, and will be out for 6-8 weeks.  Good luck to both pitchers, and may they each have a speedy recovery! named their Best 5 & Worst 5 Owners in Baseball, and the Steinbrenner Family made #4 on the Best List.  I won’t say who took first, but I am sure that Julia will have something to say about it…

Oh yeah, there was a game tonight.  The Yankees lost, 5-1.  Of course, that was a given as soon as I saw that Roy Halladay was the scheduled starter.  He is a true Yankee killer (even if his name is really Harry), and the marquee match-up between him and A.J. Burnett was tilted in the Jays’ favor from the start. 

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images 


I was glad to see Alex Rodriguez get an RBI, but once the Jays scored early, I knew that the Jays would be able to tack on more runs once they got A.J. into the later innings (when he seems to tire easily). 

Without Jeter in the lineup, the offense looked very punchless.  With A-Rod still trying to work his way back and Tex still coming up short in key situations, there really wasn’t anything else in the lineup (Damon can’t do it all by himself).  It was appropriate that Teixeira ended the game with a groundout to first, leaving a runner in scoring position.  So much for a clutch hit to start a rally…


I know that the Yankees have to keep infielders Ramiro Pena and Angel Berroa around because of uncertainty regarding Alex Rodriguez, but there’s nothing on the bench.  The cupboards are bare.  When a DJ takes the day off, there is a huge drop-off in talent, and the Yankees cannot afford to let these games get away.  I know that now is a difficult time to make any acquisitions without paying a high price, but Brian Cashman needs to figure it out.

Don Hogan Charles/The New York Times 

Time to regroup, and return tomorrow night to show the world that they really do deserve to be called contenders (because right now they don’t look like it)…




  1. juliasrants

    What a great time to be a Boston Sports fan!! The only thing that could have made it better was if your “favorite” Red Sox player had knocked in the winning run! I’ll take the Tek hit though. (I’ll admit, I did not see the end of that game – I can’t stay up that late and teach the next day!) And thank you for the link to the owners list – I had actually missed that article; I owe you. The Yankees really do seem to be a ship adrift. It is puzzling. Swisher’s hair cut? I think the lawn mower comment is probably the best! Well, B’s and C’s have the night off (oh – right – so happy to see that the Lakers won. yipee.) and we have Wakefield on the mound. Life is Good! 🙂 Keep up the “Happy Bruins Thoughts” LOL!!!


  2. Jane Heller

    I agree with your “the cupboards are bare” comment. Kevin Cash is no Francisco Cervelli (did I just write that?) and while Pena is good with the glove, he’s no Jeter. And then we have Gardner, who doesn’t have much in the bat department. Can we ride out all these injuries? I’d like to think so, but I hope Cashman is on the phone.

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