Yankees Celebrating Sinko de Mayo…


There is NO QUIT in this team! 



Unfortunately, that applies to this team…



…and NOT to this one…


Tim Farrell/The Star Ledger

The Yankees losing streak has now reached 5 games with last night’s 8-6 loss to the Tampa Bay Rays.  Their record stands at 13-15, and they are 5.5 games behind the Toronto Blue Jays (and 4.5 games behind the Boston Red Sox).  The Rays moved past the Yanks by percentage points, so the Bronx Bummers now find themselves in fourth place in the AL East as they head to Baltimore.

My morning began with an email from my friend Kelly in Tampa. 

To: Scott
Sent: Thu May 07 21:43:35 2009
Subject: Victory
and the Rays Win! Rays Win! Rays Win!
I thought it was a nice touch that Joe went out to 
check on M. Rivera to see if he was hurt.  Surely he 
must be hurt if he gives up 2 home runs in one inning 
(first since 1998).
Go Rays!


Somewhere, Julia is smiling…and so is Canuck!  Julia’s team scored 12 runs in one inning to ensure that they were victorious against Cleveland.  Of course, scoring 12 runs in an inning seems to be the only way that the Yanks could withstand yet another bullpen collapse.

The Yankees could conceivably leave Baltimore in last place if they can’t get this thing turned around quickly.  Rest assured that the Orioles will be highly motivated and ready to play.  Can the same be said of the Yankees?  I hope so, but I wish I could say that with full confidence. 

I know that Hal Steinbrenner has much more patience than his father, but how long before Joe Girardi is held accountable?  I am admittedly not a “Girardi-guy”, but I was willing to give him the opportunity.  But we are now in a second season of disappointment (regardless of the injuries) and he has not done anything to show me that he is the right man for the job. 

I know that Don Mattingly wasn’t ready when Joe Torre departed, but how about now?  I know that he still does not have managerial experience, but I am convinced that Donnie Baseball will be highly successful if/when he is ever given the opportunity.  Don has done a tremendous job with the Dodgers hitters, and his personality would be a great fit in the Yankees clubhouse as its voice and unequivocal leader.  Hire Mattingly and an experienced bench coach, and I am sure that the players would begin to play to their potential. 


In my opinion, the Arizona Diamondbacks’ Bob Melvin has done more to prove he is a major league manager than Girardi has, and this morning finds Melvin on the unemployment line.  I think he needs some company…



On the bright side, I don’t have to wear a Pink Rays hat so things could be worse!

Let’s hope that A-Rod’s return sparks a revival…this season is far from over…

Lou Gehrig Photo


Let’s Go Yankees!





  1. juliasrants

    Scott – I honestly thought that Joe Girardi would be the first manager to be on the unemployment line this season. And Rivera giving up back-to-back HR for the first time in his career? I hope that when A-Rod returns to the lineup tonight that he lives up to the expectations that the Yankees’ fans have for him. I fear there will be no grace period; no “honeymoon” for him and I don’t know how well he will do with all that pressure. The game tonight should be interesting. With all that is going on with our teams and baseball these days, it does make you wish for the days of Lou Gehrig.

    Yes – I am smiling this morning at the 12 runs my team scored – I would gladly send Javier Lopez to the Yankees for you! – and I think I will still be smiling when I head off to the post office in a couple of hours! πŸ˜‰


  2. Jane Heller

    The Bronx Bummers. That’s a good one, Scott. But I’m not giving up on those boys yet. Mattingly as manager? I can’t see him getting out of his contract with the Dodgers. I don’t even know if he’d take the job after losing out the first time around. My guess is Pena would take over. Or Showalter again. But I’m being premature. Maybe they’ll turn things around. I can hope!


  3. juliasrants

    Scott – I think you heard your doctor incorrectly. I’m pretty sure he said it would help your ankle if you had a pink hat AND a matching handbag. I’ll get right to work on the handbag! πŸ˜€ Okay – just kidding…..maybe…;-)


  4. greg1969

    Scott, unrelated comment that I just am reprising from Julia’s comment page. Thanks for the tribute you paid to Dom DiMaggio, as it turns out, so shortly before he died. RIP, Dom, and Godspeed. Thanks, Scott.

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