So, THAT’s All We Needed?…

That’s the problem!  All we needed was Alex Rodriguez at third base.  Geesh!

Mitchell Layton/The Star Ledger

A-Rod provided the Yankees with all they needed for tonight’s win over the Baltimore Orioles with a 3-run homer in the first inning (and in a statement of the obvious, his first at-bat back from the DL). 

CC Sabathia ensured that the Yankees avoided another problem area…the bullpen!  Mo and company took a seat tonight as CC went the distance in the 4-hit shutout.  Okay, THAT’s worth $161 million!

Geoff Burke/US Presswire

The Yankees won the game, 4-0. 

Johnny Damon continued to play like the Red Sox version, albeit without the beard and long hair…

And Francisco Cervelli surprised me with his excellent play.  The Yanks added catcher Kevin Cash from Triple A-Scranton/Wilkes Barre today to replace Jose Molina who was placed on the DL.  There’s talk that the Yanks should try to sign Johnny Estrada or Paul LoDuca, but if the 23-year-old Cervelli can continue to play like tonight, there’s no reason why he shouldn’t be the man until Hip-Hip-Jorge Posada returns.

Hey Tex, three strikeouts?  Seriously?  C’mon Dude, it’s time to start earning that $180 million…

This game doesn’t relieve my dissatisfaction with Manager Joe Girardi, but it was nice for the team to experience a well played game from beginning to end.

Word is that Chien-Ming Wang is getting back to the pitcher that we knew before, so hopefully, when he returns, he’ll match CC for pitch-for-pitch with solid pitching performances.  Meanwhile, I hope that Wang’s replacement, Phil Hughes, throws a no-hitter tomorrow night…particularly considering that I will be in the crowd.  I wouldn’t want to lose 9-2 like a friend of mine recently did…



Today was a sad day considering that former Boston Red Sox great Dom DiMaggio passed away at age 92.


I had recently done a post about Dom (entitled The Little Professor) as a result of a wager loss to Julia of Julia’s Rants.  During that post, I had an ‘Aha!’ moment as I realized that Dom was so much more than just Joe’s little brother. 

He wasn’t the hitter that his famous brother was, but he was a much better centerfielder.  I saw one quote today that said Joe was the third best outfielder behind Dom and brother Vince, but he was still better than everybody else.  What that says to me is that Dom was the premier centerfielder (defensively speaking) during his era.  Had he not gotten hurt, I feel very strongly that the Boston Red Sox would have won the 1946 World Series. 

The research I did also showed me that had I lived in the 1940’s, Dom DiMaggio most likely would have been my favorite player.  Heck, I probably would have even been a Red Sox fan.  Fortunately, I was born at a time that led me to Pinstripes, however, Dom’s contributions to Major League Baseball should never be forgotten.  He lost prime years due to military service during WWII.  Had he played those years, I believe that he’d be in Cooperstown today.  As it stands, he is in the Red Sox Hall of Fame, but he deserved more.  He was not a great player because his name was DiMaggio, he was a great player despite the name.  

Dom, we’re your fans and we will not forget you.  Safe travels on your journey, and enjoy the reunion with your brothers and family. 


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Okay, I know this is a baseball blog and some people get offended by off-topics.  So I apologize in advance.

What the heck is the deal with quarterback Brett Favre?  First, we read that he has sent a text message to Trent Dilfer which states “NO” when asked if he was going to come out of retirement.  Then, we hear that Minnesota Vikings coach is headed to Mississippi to have dinner with Brett.  That’s followed by news that Childress was a late departure from Vikings headquarters so a Wednesday night dinner was out, but there was speculation that Childress had caught an evening flight to Mississippi.  Then, began reporting that Favre had told the Vikings that he wasn’t coming out of retirement.


Okay, fine.   Let’s move on.  Now, there’s news that Brett has provided shoulder x-rays to the Vikings, and if they feel he doesn’t need surgery, there’s a good chance he’ll sign with the team.  C’mon!  What is it with the media circus about Favre every off-season?  Brett must love being the center of attention.  I am not convinced that a 40-year-old can lead the Vikings to the promised land…even if he is a first-ballot Hall of Fame shoo-in. 

Email me when he’s signed with the Vikings.  Until then, shut up!

Have a great weekend!





  1. juliasrants

    You had to remind me of the game I was at…thanks Scott. So A-Rod is back and all is right with the Yankees. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the season unfolds. I guess we can say that Joe Girardi’s job is safe for another day. Dom DiMaggio will be missed by Red Sox fans and many other fans of the game. Thank you for another great tribute to a great player. (And sorry you weren’t alive during the 1940’s – then you could have been a fan of a truly great team! lol)

    And Brett Favre? I don’t even know what to say about him. Wanting to play for revenge is NOT the right reason and you’re right, he will not help the Vikings to the Super Bowl; now if you only could have traded for Matt Cassel… 😉

    Have a great time at the game tonight! I hope you don’t jinx your team like I did mine!


  2. yankeemeg

    Great blog as always Scott. I’m with you on Cervelli. Kid called a great game last night, and hit to boot. I will also be at tonight’s game at the Yard. Imagine a no-hitter to follow up last night’s game? I have a feeling that A-Rod’s return is just exactly what this team needed. Perhaps some more cowbell couldn’t hurt either 😉

  3. Jane Heller

    Have a great time at the game at Camden Yards, Scott. I love that ballpark. Here’s hoping that you (and Megan) will bring the Yankees luck. Wave a sign so we can see you on TV catching a ball or something!

  4. juliasrants

    So BOTH our teams had really bad games today! And sorry – but you saw a 7 run lose – just like me! lol! Maybe we just curse our teams when we go to games. Oh well – there’s always tomorrow when I just know my Red Sox, Celtics and Bruins will all win! 🙂


  5. greg1969

    I do not envy you the “attention” that Fav-rite is getting. I have a hunch (and had it the day he “retired”–YEAH RIGHT!), that he will be signed very soon. Sorry, man.

  6. bayfan220

    The Yankees may be on a role, but it won’t keep up for long. Matsui is a great player who doesn’t ask for the money that he could get (and he knows it) like the other guys on his team. In my mind he recieves my All-Star Vote. A-Rod is also a huge energy booster for the Yanks. I think this is one of the last years Jeter will be in his prime. I feel that he is putting it all on his plate here and taking his chances. It’s kinda like he’s handing the torch over! The Yanks are in the hardest division! They cannot even compete with Rays. And no one ever knows who is better between the Yanks and Red Sox. In my mind the Yanks will be lucky to earn the Wild-Card Spot!

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