Help, I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up…

The rain in the Northeast keeps falling, and the Yankees keep losing…

Somehow, the two seem inexplicably intertwined.  Hopefully, sunny skies are ahead, both figuratively and literally…


Of the bullpen guys, I have been a fan of Phil Coke.  He’s one of the few guys that I have felt good about.  Yet, he served up what proved to be the game-winning home run to Tampa Bay Rays Carlos Pena in the 10th inning of last night’s game.  The Yankees lost 4-3. I still have faith in Coke, but I am very troubled by the unreliable bullpen.


Johnny Damon tried to rally the Yanks, with a double in the 10th.  He was on third after a wild pitch, but no one could bring him home.  Mark Teixeira, who had tied the game in the 8th inning with a three-run double, missed his chance at becoming the hero.  Even a deep sacrifice fly to the outfield would have scored Damon but Tex couldn’t come through.  Another missed opportunity for the “defining moment”.  

 Yet again, Damon proved he is a “gamer” when the chips are down.  But none of the other players seem prepared to follow his lead. 


After the game, pitcher A.J. Burnett said, “When it clicks it will be ridiculous.  When it clicks, it will be fun to watch.”  I only hope that the team doesn’t dig too deep of a hole before that happens.


Hole.JPGDespite the quality start by Burnett, the Yankees now have a losing record on the season at 13-14.  It doesn’t get any easier this week, as the Yanks play the Rays again today and then head to Baltimore to play the Orioles (who always play the Yankees tough).

Getty Images 

Meanwhile, Joe Torre is now the proud owner of a record 13-game home winning streak to start the season.  Torre’s comments after the Los Angeles Dodgers’ 10-3 victory over the Washington Nationals reminded me of what I miss about Torre.  He has a great way of always keeping things in perspective.

“Streaks are fine, but we have more important things in mind,” Torre said. “Hopefully, it’s just a stepping stone on the way to something more important. The fact that we’re playing well takes precedence over anything else. The good part about this thing is that this is about winning games, which is what we try to do every day.”

 Joe Torre

John G. Mabangio/EPA

Conversely, Joe Girardi didn’t display the same sense of calm after the Yankees loss…

“It’s a tough loss. No loss is enjoyable, but this is a tough loss,” Yankees manager Joe Girardi said. “Coke made one mistake. He got too much of the plate.”

Girardi needs to take Torre’s lead and focus on winning games…before it’s too late…





A special shout-out to Jane Heller, Confessions of a She-Fan…I hope she’s safe and out of harm’s way with the Santa Barbara fires.  It’s scary times, and at times like this, baseball seems somewhat irrelevant.  Our thoughts and prayers are with all of those in the Santa Barbara area…


Mark Boster/Los Angeles Times




  1. juliasrants

    The fires in Santa Barbara remind us that baseball is really only a game and there are far more important things in life to be worried about. I add my thoughts and prayers to yours for the people living there and for the firefighters who are fighting the fire.

    Sunny skies and warm temps didn’t help my Red Sox last night – but they are still ahead of your guys – so life is still good! 😉


  2. greg1969

    Stay safe, Jane. Been there, done that, glad I am no longer there. I wish you the best, Jane. Godspeed.

  3. juliasrants

    Okay – it was me! I wasn’t at the game tonight and my guys won 13-3! They set an AL record for scoring the most runs (12) in an inning before an out was recorded. Now, if we can only do that against Tampa Bay this weekend.


  4. juliasrants

    Sorry – my guys had a better night then yours. Rivera was knocked out of the game again. Is he being used to much or is it just a tougher year for him? I know that the Yankees’ fans are all eagerly anticipating A-Rod’s return this weekend. I’m not sure there will be a honeymoon period for him to get back up to speed and I wonder how well he will handle the pressure. Is baseball getting crazier right now or what? I hope the game can survive all of this.


  5. Erin Kathleen

    An unreliable bullpen? Leaving runners stranded in scoring position in key situations? Geez, the Yankees sound like an older and more expensive version of the Twins! Oh, except you guys won’t simply sit on your hands and hope things get better, which is the M.O. of the Twins’ FO. -Erin

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