Jorge Posada injured the “other” hamstring, and now the Yanks are looking for catching alternatives.  Francisco Cervelli, the only other catcher on the 40-man roster, is currently playing for Double A-Trenton.  







Jose Molina looked like Big Wally behind the plate last night…and played like it…



Courtesy Julia’s Rants




Joe Girardi, who had an early exit thanks to his argument with home plate umpire Jerry Meals.


The home plate umpire throws Joe Girardi out of the game for arguing a called strike three on Derek Jeter in the 5th inning.

David Pokress/Newsday




Phil Hughes, who is now 1-1, thanks to the Yanks failed rally in the 9th and those home runs to Jason Bay and Mike Lowell.  What happened to the 2009 version of Hughes that beat the Tigers last month?  We don’t need any repeat appearances of the 2008 version…


Mike Lowell of the Red Sox trots around the bases after hitting a solo home run in the first inning.

David Pokress/Newsday




Damaso Marte to the 15-Day DL. 



Well, at least Damaso has an excuse.  What about Jose Veras?…





Forget the two home runs, Mark Teixeira missed his “defining moment” when he struck out with two men on in the 9th inning…


Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek tosses the ball to the home plate umpire after Mark Texeira struck out to end the first inning.

David Pokress/Newsday




Me, of course.  However, I may be down, but I am not out.  I am not going to concede defeat to the this woman!  And hopefully the great Rain gods in the sky won’t either for tonight’s game…





I know, I have been neglecting the show (thanks to this blog) and I am now about 6 episodes behind.  At least I have TiVo…





Are the Los Angeles Lakers really 0-1 to start their series against the Houston Rockets?


Lakers are stopped cold by Rockets in Game 1

Los Angeles Times


Kobe, say it ain’t so!





Go Yankees!




With the Los Angeles Dodgers’ 11 home wins to start the 2009 season, Joe Torre has exceeded his personal best.  He started with 10 home wins with the Atlanta Braves in 1983. 


However, he must secretly have a death wish for the winning streak considering the scheduled starter tonight against the Arizona Diamondbacks is the completely forgettable Jeff Weaver.  Good luck with that…


Kevork Djansezian/AP




I was impressed by the Los Angeles Angels decision to take the late Nick Adenhart’s jersey on the road with them this season.  The jersey was at Yankee Stadium this past weekend, and it presently occupies a locker in the visitors’ clubhouse at Oakland Coliseum.



 Joshua Sudock/The Orange County Register




  1. juliasrants

    WON!!! hehehehe! Wasn’t it a great game Scott! We picked up right where we left off in Fenway! Raining here is Boston – they say an 80% chance of rain tonight in NY. Bummer… Hey, when you get a chance, could you send me your’s and Lou’s hat sizes! 😉 Have a great day!


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