Learning Yankees-Red Sox History…

It’s my 100th blog, and in recognition of the event, I thought I’d show you what Lou the Bear is teaching his new friend, Wally, during tonight’s rain delay!  Lou has taken it upon himself to explain the Yankees-Red Sox Rivalry from the true perspective, rather than the jaded Boston point of view.



 Wally was very surprised to learn that Bucky Dent’s middle name is actually Earl…



Aaron Boone didn’t share the same middle name as Dent?  Wally didn’t know that his full name was Aaron John Boone…



Wally was shocked that the Red Sox would give Babe Ruth away for just $125,000.  Wally wondered what the late 1920’s would have been like in Boston if the Babe had never been traded away.  Alas, we’ll never know as history will only see this…



Wally has discovered there is so much more to learn, and he’s becoming more of a Yankees fan with each passing day!

Courtesy weblogs.newsday.com

Sorry Julia, but Wally is really starting to enjoy his new history lessons.  


Go Yankees! 




  1. juliasrants

    Morning Scott – let’s see, I have to get the newspaper out; I went to bed before the game was over – it started so late. Okay, now let me see – sports section – box score – oh look! 6-4. Red Sox won! Did you know that? 😉 Hmmm….and they say that the weather doesn’t look so good for tonight’s game. So…if tonight’s game is rained out – who will be the one wearing a pink hat? Have a great day!!!


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