Return of the Yankees Fan…



Ahh, it feels so nice to be under the Yankees banner once again!  The restoration of my blog’s name is also a great thing.  Dirty red socks just didn’t go with my image!  😉  And what was up with Mark changing the name of my blog to ‘I’m Not A Yankee Guy’?.  Of course, I am a Yankee guy! 



Last night was the perfect evening to restore my rightful place as a die-hard Yankees fan. 

The Yankees were locked in a tense, pitching duel between Phil Hughes and the Detroit Tigers’ Edwin Jackson.  It was 0-0 after six innings, and Hughes had given up only two hits.  Given his inability to win a game in 2008, I was starting to feel that his first victory of 2009 was going to prove just as elusive.  Nevertheless, the 7th inning rolled around, and the Yanks posted a 10-spot in the inning.  By the end of the game, the Yanks had an 11-0 victory and Hughes had secured his first victory of 2009 with arguably the best Yankee pitching performance of the year.


Jeff Kowalsky/EPA 

After seeing runs scored by the litter against Chien-Ming Wang, it was great to finally see this turn in the rotation nail down a crucial win.  I am obviously hopeful that Wang finds himself in Tampa and returns as the player we saw in 2006 and 2007, but in the interim, I am more than happy to take my chances with #65. 

Of course, if Hughes continues to pitch well, the Yanks will be facing a difficult decision when Wang returns.  The never-ending Joba-to-Pen opinions have continued to circulate, and they will only be heightened if it becomes impossible to pull Hughes from the rotation.  It’s a good problem to have and I am sure that Joe Girardi will make the right decision when the time comes.

But the Yankees win was not the only bright spot of the night.  I went to bed while the Red Sox were still playing the Cleveland Indians.  At one time, the Red Sox had built 5-1 and 7-4 leads so it appeared that the winning streak was going to extend to 12 games.  But when I awoke this morning and saw the highlights of the game-tying three run homer and then the game-winning run scored by the Indians on an error, I couldn’t believe that the Red Sox had let the winning streak die on what should have been a routine inning-ending out.  Judging by the look on the faces of the players in the Boston dugout, neither could they.  Thanks Javier Lopez!

Chuck Crow/The Plain Dealer

So, it was the perfect day!  A Yankees win, a Red Sox loss, and full restoration of my Yankees blog to its rightful banner and name!  Oh Betsy, it doesn’t get any better than that!



What does that mean?  It means that we will no longer see the likes of Ramiro Pena or Angel Berroa manning third base for the Yankees.  Dr. Marc Philippon has indicated that Alex Rodriguez will be able to return to the team and resume playing in about 10 days.  “He’s looking good.  Looking awesome” was how Dr. Philippon described A-Rod’s progress.

A-Rod has been batting in simulated games for the past few days, and is expected to begin playing extended spring games this week.

Reinhold Matay/The Star Ledger 

In anticipation of the 10th day, I have purchased my ticket to see the Yankees play the Baltimore Orioles at Camden Yards on Saturday, May 9th.  My ticket is even on the third base side.  Alex, listen to your doctor! 



As part of my wager loss to Julia of Julia’s Rants last weekend (thanks to Boston’s sweep of the Yankees), I had to place Wally the Green Monster on top of Lou the Yankee Bear.  I had agreed to allow Wally to remain on his “perch” through the end of the Red Sox winning streak.  So, guess what the first thing I did when I got up this morning and saw that the Red Sox had lost?  Wally, meet your new place!


IMG_0059 sm.JPGWally didn’t like this spot so much (although he was wondering what was in the box), so he agreed to make a concession for me in order to return to his rightful place at Lou’s feet.


IMG_0060 sm.JPGWally, you look great in the new helmet!  Now, if you could only do something about that jersey!



Well, the first round of the regular season went to Julia (after a split in spring training).  But next week is a new day!  The Boston Red Sox roll into the Bronx for two games at the new Yankee Stadium on Monday and Tuesday.  A series sweep, and the loser must wear a pink version of the opposing team’s hat.  A split, and the loser is the team with the fewest total combined runs in the series. 

I am very fortunate that the Red Sox winning streak came to an end.  Otherwise, it would have been a challenge finding a hat that would fit the size of Julia’s head.


Nevertheless, I can safely say that her head swelling has gone down, so this should fit just fine…

Hey Julia, the game is so on!  Get ready!





  1. juliasrants

    Scott – where did it say ANYTHING about Wally wearing a Yankees hat!!! WHEN my Red Sox take the series next week – I’m sending Lou a new hat along with one for you!!! Oh – and like me – Wally finds that there “Just ain’t enough good burn in tequilla” top shelf or not! 😉 Enjoy it now my friend…it ain’t gonna last. And Scott – be thankful you don’t live closer….the joy I would take in placing that pink hat on your head and taking the picture….;-) Enjoy the win now – you won’t be seeing any next Monday or Tuesday!


  2. juliasrants

    Hey Scott – your twin brother Jim Bob (you know – the “nice” brother ;-D ) stopped by tonight. Could you let him know that the Red Sox have started a new winning streak and that the plans we have discussed have been put into motion. He’ll know what I mean! 😉

    I see that Detroit almost came back on your Yankees tonight. Oh well – there’s always next time. lol!


  3. Jane Heller

    Can’t wait to hear your impressions of the new Yankee Stadium, Scott. And I envy your trip to Camden Yards. I do love watching games there (and eating at Boog’s Barbecue). Having Joba and Hughes pitch well, knowing we’ve also got CC, AJ and Andy in the rotation, gives me some hope that we’ll do just fine, especially when A-Rod comes back.

  4. jewsonfirst and


    Let us know when you’re coming in for the May 9th game Scott. Perhaps we can meet up before the game and you can meet Jordan and the rest of the family.


  5. cheshirecat9

    Hi Scott. I saw from She-Fans blog we will be at the same Baltimore game next weekend. I’ll be with my family so I am not sure I would be able to meet up but I didn’t want to seem rude! I’m looking forward to seeing Camden Yards, I have hjeard good things. I like your blog. The rivalry is so much more civilized and fun here.

  6. crazy19canuck

    Ummm…Scott? What are you doing with Wally and Lou? Glad to see you a little happy to be back in the Yankees world!

  7. juliasrants

    Okay, whoo hooo. The Yankees won, Red Sox lost and the Celtics once again manage to go to overtime!!! TRIPLE??? And lose! Thankfully I went to bed early and missed all the endings. Enjoy the wins now Scott – you won’t be seeing any next Monday and Tuesday! And could you send me your hat size? I want to make sure you have a perfect fit for the photo!;-)

    Have a great time at the game on Sunday!


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