No-Show in Boston…

Just like that, the bet is ended…


Julia achieved her goal of having a terrific birthday…at my expense…

The Boston Red Sox have taken two of three games from the New York Yankees in the weekend series, and they’ll go for the sweep later today.

I will have to wear a scarlet letter thanks to the underwhelming performance by the Yankees…



It’s been a disappointing two days, and the Yankees didn’t even make the bet close. 

Brian Bruney is on the DL and it has left the Yankee  bullpen in shambles…

I got my wish about Cody Ransom, but it wasn’t the way I wanted him to go (he was placed on the 60-Day DL after feeling what felt like a knife in the thigh while attempting to steal a base on Friday night).  Angel Berroa now becomes the starting third baseman until A-Rod returns in the not-so-distant future.

I am pleased to see future closer Mark Melancon at the major league level, but again, this isn’t the way I wanted it to work out. 

Now, I get to be a Red Sox blog for a few days.  Wow, lucky me…


I have a day to count my blessings as a Yankee fan, but then I have to submerge myself in…


I wonder if I could get my toenails pulled out instead?…




  1. bigpapi72

    Well hey I’ll tell you a story that might make you feel better.

    I had a friend (a Yankees fan) who had a bet with he. He had to were Red Sox stuff every where he went and watch all of their games. He had to talk about them every day at lunch. On the next monday he wasn’t wearing Yankee gear. He had a Dustin Pedroia jersey on and a Red Sox hat. I asked, “You know the bet is over?” He said, “I know.” “Then why are you wearing that?” “Because you turned me into a Red Sox fan.” Red Sox Nation can do things to you. True Story. I think we’ll see you on the lighter side soon.


  2. juliasrants

    Scott – I hope I didn’t ruin your weekend too much; okay – who am I kidding – GO RED SOX!!!! I can not wait to see the new pictures of Wally! But hey – at least your Sharks won last night!! And the lingering question is – how do the Red Sox and Yankees top yesterday’s game?? And I told you – my guys would not let me down on my birthday! 😉


  3. mlbmark

    Ah, the things we do for Red Sox vs. Yankees passions! We promise to advise on whether the template may be changed back to Yankees in the year 2009. That will be up to a particular Red Sox fan of notable commenting fame who is . 🙂

    Actually it is well within your Movable Type power to freely change the template and title back at any time since it is not hard coded, just a pro blog capability of the administrator. But then everyone would blog about you with the ferocity of a Youkilis walk-off homer hit entirely out of the park or a Tek grand slam to start more trouble.

    Thanks for being a good sport and allowing me to enforce the dreaded circumstances of said agreement, so that you are now at least temporarily a full-fledged member of Red Sox Nation. We will alert that he has a new best friend and we may be sending a card for you as well. Sincerely,


  4. juliasrants

    Mark – I really have that much power?? Excellent! No – the wager was for Monday – so on Tuesday morning it goes back to being a Yankee’s blog – HOWEVER – I am still waiting for the picture of Wally and Lou…..


  5. Erin Kathleen

    Cheer up, Scott. At least the Vikings did pretty well in the draft. Percy Harvin is certainly something to get excited about. I like Loadholt a lot, too. Maybe it’s just all the beer talking, but there’s a lot of reasons to be optimistic about our Vikings this season. Yeah, it’s probably just the beer talking.-Erin

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