After Rainout, All Things Good…

The first game of the Yankees home series against the Oakland A’s was postponed due to rain, and will be made up in July.  Fortunately, there was much better weather on hand for Tuesday.

The Yankees emerged victorious, with a 5-3 victory.  Andy Pettitte (2-0) was the winning pitcher, and most notably, he did not give up any home runs.  Johnny Damon hit the day’s only home run in the ballpark which has become a launching pad in its short history due to the apparent wind tunnel.  Brian Bruney was touched for a run, but he and Mariano Rivera successfully closed out the game…as usual.

John Munson/The Star-Ledger

It was nice to see Jason Giambi do good…but not too good.  He had a hit and a run scored, but no homers or RBI’s.  Brett Gardner also made a leaping catch to take away a potential base hit.  I won’t mind seeing Giambi hit some home runs in this series, so long as the Yanks have a comfortable lead, of course.

Nathan Denette/The Star-Ledger

On the good news front, right fielder Xavier Nady has been diagnosed with a ligament strain in his elbow and he won’t need season-ending surgery after all.  He is expected to miss six weeks.  All things considered, that’s great news!

Also, the Yanks announced that pitcher Chien-Ming Wang will miss his next start and will go to Tampa to pitch in an extended spring training game.  Wow, why didn’t I think of that??!!  Too funny!  But that is the ONLY solution that I could see when Wang stunk it up the last time he pitched.  Well, the other option was to put him on waivers…which obviously was not going to happen.  Hopefully, Wang will be able to work out his mechanics in Florida.

Wang had been scheduled to open the series in Boston on Friday night.  Instead, Joba Chamberlain will get the start.  I feel much better heading into the weekend showdown with Julia of Julia’s Rants

I don’t know what to say about my San Jose Sharks.  I am disappointed that they’ve lost the first two games of their series against the Anaheim Ducks.  The Ducks were playing much better at the end of the season than an eighth seed, while the Sharks were struggling.  The playoff series has been more of the same. 

Gary Reyes/San Jose Mercury News

Game 3 is tonight in Anaheim.  Obviously, this game is huge for the Sharks and will most likely determine if they can turn this series around.  I remain hopeful of a Sharks-Bruins Stanley Cup Final, but I recognize for I am failing my part of the equation.  Rest assured Julia, it is not a sign of things to come this weekend…

Go Yankees! 




  1. juliasrants

    Scott – I see both your teams had good days! My Bruins are going for the sweep tonight – they are looking great! Two games on tap for the Red Sox today (we were rained out last night) and then a day’s rest before the big show down. And no Wang? We’ll miss him in Boston! 😉 We’ve tweaked our expected line-up a bit also – it is now Lester, Beckett, Masterson. Have to say – I like it! Hope you’re enjoying your week and Game On! It will be a great series – and we all know how it will end…… 😉


  2. Amazin86er

    Having the chance to watch the Yankees game on Wednesday afternoon it is absolutely crazy how the ball travels out of the yard in that new ballpark. Interesting to see the fans letting CC have it after only his 2nd start. I guess that’s what 160 million will get you if you have any slip ups at all. Anyways, if you so wish to, stop by and participate in my daily baseball trivia to earn points towards the challenge of being crowned “The 1 Constant Baseball Trivia Guru” for 2009 and a small baseball related gift/prize.

  3. Orangebird

    I hope the Sharks go far! In my sports report for my my school’s morning news the said “they’re the favorite in the west and will most likely meet the Brunis in the Stanle Cup finals.” I don’t want to be an idiot in front of the whole school!

  4. jimmy27nyy

    Hey, Scott …

    The first “big” Yankees vs. Red Sox series is finally here !!! … The Sox jumped out to the early 1-0 in the first inning; and, the game has now entered the top of the 4th inning — Yanks have two runners on base, with one out, and Ransom hitting …
    And, Cody delivers with a grounder down the third base line for a RBI double to tie the score, 1-1 !!!
    Derek Jeter now up: RBI grounder to short, Molina scores, Yanks 2, Sox 1 …
    Damon strikeouts for out number three, but Yankees are now have the lead, 2-1 !!!
    Enjoy the game, Scott !!!
    And, of course, good luck in your bet with Julia !!!
    — Jimmy Curran, “BY&L”

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