All Expense Paid Trip to Tampa…

He’s got to go…


My patience for Chien-Ming Wang to find himself effectively ended today. The Indians defeated the Yankees 22-4 in what should stand as the worst beating at the new Stadium for quite some time (or let’s hope so).



I don’t want to see Wang pitch in New York again if this is what we have to look forward to. I realize that he can’t be sent down (out of options and would have to have at least five years of service to agree to go down which he does not have).  He should be sent to the Yankees facility in Tampa for an extended spring training (if that’s possible) to work on re-establishing himself as a major league pitcher because right now he’s not one.  


Wang’s ERA now stands at 34.50…

In Pete Abraham’s LoHud Blog this morning, he said that if Wang threw three complete game shutouts, his ERA would still be over 4. No telling how many complete game shutouts it would take now.

Over the past few years, the Yankees have thrown up a few of these clunkers but this is on the heels of the Tampa debacle last Monday. Of course, the common denominator is Wang.


The Indians scored 14 runs in the second inning. Wang’s pitching line reads 11/3 innings, 8 hits and 8 runs. Anthony Claggett, called up from AAA Scranton earlier today (Juan Miranda was sent down), gave up 9 hits and 8 runs in 1 2/3 innings. Claggett now lays claim to the worst ERA on the staff at 43.20. Looking at the ERA’s of all the NY pitchers that appeared in the game is frightening. Edwar Ramirez, who gave up 4 runs in 2 innings, stands at 8.44. Jose Veras, who gave up 1 run in 3 innings, is at 8.53, and Damaso Marte, 1 run in 1 inning, is at 21.00.



I know that the Yankees have been hit hard by injuries, but I’d have to believe that Joe Girardi’s seat just got a little hotter.

Clearly, New York needs to get Wang away from the magnifying glass so that he can work on correcting himself and getting back to the pitcher we saw early last season before the foot injury in Houston.

I am ready for Phil Hughes to make his 2009 debut at the new Stadium. Phil is 2-0 in two games (11 2/3 innings) with a 2.31 ERA for AAA Scranton.


I am sure that Julia is enjoying her day…


There are a few pitchers on other teams that I like to follow. Some of my favorites are Jon Lester, Scott Kazmir, Clayton Kershaw, and Ubaldo Jimenez to name a few. Another one is Tim Lincecum. Unfortunately, Lincecum received a no-decision today despite 13 strikeouts and no runs in 8 innings (he gave up 5 hits). The Giants lost to the Arizona Diamondbacks on a 9th inning two-run double by Chris Young. Speaking of the D-Backs and Giants, Sunday’s pitching match-up is Max Scherzer against Randy Johnson. It should be interesting to see how the Unit performs against his former team…

Phillies fans said goodbye to legendary broadcaster Harry Kalas today at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia. It was a beautiful day (warm with lots of sun), so it is a fitting farewell for a man who will never be forgotten…

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Well, as I so often say early this baseball season, tomorrow is a new day!  Have a great night!





  1. juliasrants

    Scott – I don’t even know what to say! You know I love seeing the Yankees lose, but I feel sorry for you Yankees fans! I don’t even know where to begin. If George was still running the day-to-day would Joe still even be with there? I’d like to say “don’t worry – it can’t get any worse tomorrow” but I don’t know if that is true. It is early in the season but wow!! Is it cruel for me to ask that the Yankees don’t solve their problems until after next weekend? You know, you could become a Red Sox fan! We are winning and our pitching is pretty good.


  2. pagevalnat

    You have Wang, and WE have Joel Hanrahan. I think we’re BOTH convinced these two skivosas don’t belong in MLB, after today (in your case) or the last 2 games (in MINE).
    At least OUR starting pitching has gotten better…lol
    I dread tomorrow, if the Nats get a lead. PLEASE, Manny, DO NOT send Joel Hanrahan in to save a game for the Nationals!!! God, we need to scour the free agent market for a closer…

  3. juliasrants

    Scott – I’m torn on this one. On the one hand having Wang pitch next Friday at Fenway could be quite delightful; but I so would not want him to break out of his slump there. But, I have looking forward to the Red Sox giving A.J. a thrashing on my birthday! 😉


  4. juliasrants

    That home run call will be debated for weeks to come. TBS announcers – the channel I’m watching – don’t agree with the call – they feel the fan’s glove was over the railing and should have been called for interference. The Yankees’ saga continues. My guess chalked up another “W”!!


  5. Elizabeth D.

    I don’t exactly feel the same way about Dice-K because fortunately, I can’t say I’m in the same situation as you ;). I am quite concerned about Dice-K though, and he is getting an extended Spring Training. Maybe Wang can too, like you said. I really like LIncecum too, and I want him to get the win lol

  6. Erin Kathleen

    I felt really bad for Wang. It must be difficult for any pitcher to go out there and get shelled like that, but especially in New York, with the swarm of media and crazed fans. And it doesn’t really help that he pitches to contact and doesn’t exactly have the best defense behind him right now (not that that’s been his problem, he was getting hit pretty hard).And go Sharks! Seriously, if it ends up being a Vancouver-Anaheim Western Conference final, that will just be too much for me to take.-Erin

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