He’s The Man…


The third baseman that I now refer to as the “Thin Toad”¹ was finally benched.  Ramiro Pena replaced Cody Ransom at third base when the Yankees faced the Tampa Bay Rays on Tuesday night at Tropicana Field.

¹During a spring training game in the late 90’s, Yankees owner George Steinbrenner labeled pitcher Hideki Irabu as a ‘fat puss-filled toad’ when Irabu failed to cover first base on a routine ground ball.

Other lineup changes included a day off for left fielder Johnny Damon.  Damon has been enduring a personal issue involving his mother, and has been weakened both mentally and physically.  Also going to the bench is DH Hideki Matsui, who has struggled out of the gate with a .125 batting average.


Catcher Jorge Posada moved to DH, while catching duties were handled by Jose Molina.  Mark Teixeira was back in the lineup at first base, while Nick Swisher moved to left field.

The moves left Swisher batting clean-up.  Whoa!  An ace reliever one night, and Babe Ruth the next!…

Swisher responded with his fourth home run of the young season.


Meanwhile, what can I say about Yankees pitcher A.J. Burnett?  He’s the stopper.  He’s the ace.  He’s the man…


The Yankees defeated the Tampa Bay Rays 7-2.  It had been a pitcher’s duel until Derek Jeter’s three-run homer blew the game open in the 9th.  But the night belonged to the Man…


I have continued to follow the career of Jason Giambi, and will be a big fan of his so long as the Oakland A’s aren’t playing the New York Yankees.  ESPN.com has profiled Giambi’s workout regiment, and it is a must-read for anyone looking to lose a few pounds!

If you are looking to fit into that bikini or swimsuit, you might want to try the G-Workout!  Well, maybe not.  Too funny!


Goodnight, All!




  1. juliasrants

    Scott – Just more good news for Red Sox Nation this morning. Dice-K might be headed for the DL and Jed Lowrie might need season-ending wrist surgery. I’m not giving up! My guys will win over my birthday weekend, but let’s just say it might be a good thing I look good in pink. sigh…..this could be a long season.


  2. scofid

    JULIA – I’ve liked Nick Swisher since the Yankees acquired him. Obviously it wasn’t his stats given his abysmal performance in Chicago last year. But his personality is so infectious. I thought he’d be the perfect fit in the Yankees clubhouse which has the reputation of being so corporate-like. I was a little worried about losing Giambi’s personality for that reason, but Swish has more than made up for it. Plus, he’s been productive. Sorry about the 12 inning loss last night…well, no, not really! 😉

    BOB – Unfortunately, you’re right. But all things considered, I still like Giambi as a player and I think he has honestly tried to make amends for his past drug use.

    SHORT PORCH – Wang won’t get sent down just to be sent down. If he went to Scranton it would be purely to give him a few starts to right the ship before he returns. But the Yanks will give him a few more major league starts before they start taking more drastic measures. If Wang went down, the Yanks would most likely bring up a starter to take his place (Hughes or Kennedy).

    JULIA – One thing I’ve learned…never underestimate Theo. Just when things look grim, he pulls a rabbit out of a hat. Somehow I think the lights will be on at Fenway Park in October. I am looking forward to these play-off clashes: Yankees vs Red Sox; Sharks vs Bruins; Lakers vs Celtics; and Vikings vs Patriots. Hey, it’s possible. Stranger things have happened! Thanks for the congrats on #22, but there’s no way I’ll dedicate my blog to Roger Clemens! Congrats to you on Lou Gehrig #4!


  3. Jane Heller

    Loved your link to Giambi’s “workout routine.” So funny. I miss his personality and wish him well, but I’m so glad we made the moves we did. Sorry to hear about Damon’s personal problems. He seems like such a good guy. I wonder if Pena will be back at third base today….


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