Swishing Their Way to Victory…

“Did You?”


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He did. 

Borrowing a phrase that Nick Swisher yells when a teammate hits a home run, Swisher went yard again in the Yankees’ 6-1 win against the Kansas City Royals on Saturday night.

Originally penciled in for left field (with Johnny Damon scheduled for the bench), Swisher became a last minute replacement at first base for Mark Teixeira.  Teixeira, who celebrates his 29th birthday today, has been bothered by a sore left wrist.  He believes it was injured late last week in Baltimore, and it hurts to bat right-handed (the Royals had a lefty starting tonight’s game).  Nevertheless, Swisher has been on a roll and Saturday night was no exception. 

Swisher walked in the first inning, and scored on a two-run double by Jorge Posada.  In the third, he tripled to right, scoring Derek Jeter.  In the fifth inning, he homered to left with one man on.  He walked to lead off the 7th inning, but was left stranded when the Royals proceeded to strike out the side.  He quietly flied out to left in the ninth inning, but the game was firmly in hand at 6-0.  The Royals did score a run in the bottom of the 9th, but thanks to Swisher’s heroics, the Yankees now have a winning record at 3-2.

CC Sabathia went 7 2/3 innings with six hits, no runs, and six strikeouts to earn his first victory as a New York Yankee.  This was the CC we have waited to see.  Hopefully, there will be an encore performance next week when CC opens the new Yankee Stadium against his former team, the Cleveland Indians.

C.C. Sabathia Picture

Nick Laham/Getty Images North America

Swisher, the son of former Chicago Cubs catcher Steve Swisher, was a 2002 draft pick of the Oakland A’s.  Ironically, the pick originally belonged to the Boston Red Sox, but the A’s were awarded the pick for the free agent loss of Johnny Damon.

Adrian Wyld/AP 

If Swisher’s website motto is accurate, he’ll be playing very hard tonight in Kansas City.  Be careful, Mr. Swisher.  We need you tomorrow…


·        Cody Ransom is now batting .056 after 0-for4 night.  Ugh.  I didn’t want to begin the season with Cody, and it has only gotten worse.  At this point, I’d be willing to give Justin Leone or Eric Duncan an opportunity.  Given that Jose Guillen is hurt, it is unlikely that the Royals would consider moving Mark Teahen at this point.  I am surprised that the Yankees didn’t make a move for Dallas McPherson when he was released by the Florida Marlins, but he was signed today by the San Francisco Giants.

·        The St. Louis Cardinals’ Albert Pujols homered twice and drove in seven RBI’s tonight in an 11-2 win over the Houston Astros.  I think this is Pujols’ world and the rest of us just live in it.  The guy is clearly the best thing going right now…

·        Thanks to the loss by Julia‘s Boston Bruins today, the San Jose Sharks secured the NHL’s best record and President’s Trophy with a mark of 53-18-11.  The Sharks haven’t played well of late, but hopefully, they’ll reignite it for the play-offs.  I am hopeful for a Stanley Cup clash between the Sharks and the Bruins. 

·        Speaking of birthdays, it was also Jason Varitek’s birthday today.  He was 2-for-3 in Boston’s 5-4 win over the Los Angeles Angels.  Happy Birthday, ‘Tek!  But I still don’t like you…


The Yankees conclude their series in Kansas City on Sunday, and head to Tampa to play a big early season series against the Rays.  Swish, we’re glad that you’ll be making the trip… 



Have a Happy Easter, Everyone!




  1. juliasrants

    But at least my “old” birthday guy was able to play! It was a good win by your guys. Swisher has done well and even I am impressed at how well he is doing. And I too would like to see a Bruins-Sharks Stanley Cup final! hmmm….wonder if the Bruins have pink hats???

    Happy Easter Scott!


  2. Jane Heller

    Wouldn’t it be great if CC could give us a repeat performance at the home opener, Scott? That would be memorable. I’m watching today’s game right now. Joba was cruising, then gave up a solo shot. I hope it was an aberration. Have a very Happy Easter!


  3. Elizabeth D.

    I heard that Tex has tendinitis, from Jane actually. Do you think that threatens his season at all? I’m sure you enjoy Swisher doing well, he seems like a great guy (coming from me, that’s saying something). And I’m sure you’re relieved about CC.

  4. Elizabeth D.

    I heard that Tex has tendinitis, from Jane actually. Do you think that threatens his season at all? I’m sure you enjoy Swisher doing well, he seems like a great guy (coming from me, that’s saying something). And I’m sure you’re relieved about CC.

  5. Erin Kathleen

    Well, since a Royals loss really helps out the Twins I guess I have to say it: go Yanks. And I’m going to need you to beat the Indians, too, if it’s not too much to ask. Hopefully the $160-million-dollar man is up to the task!-Erinhttp://plunking-gomez.mlblogs.com

  6. scofid

    JULIA – I hope they don’t make pink hats in hockey! That’s so wrong! Sorry about the loss today, but misery likes company! 🙂
    ASH – Sorry I am so slow in responding. It sounds like Tex will be out through at least Monday. I don’t think anyone knows how long, but I think he’ll be back on Tuesday.
    JENN – Pujols definitely deserves to be called the best player in baseball (he is a better representative than a certain Yankee that shall go nameless)…
    JANE – At least Joba had a solid start, even if the bullpen imploded. Now, we just have to worry about Wang…and the bullpen, of course…well, except for the 9th!
    ELIZABETH – I think Tex will be alright. He just needs a few days rest, and he’ll be okay. I don’t see the wrist problem lingering for the season. I read where someone said that Swisher is to the Yankees what Kevin Millar was to the 2004 Red Sox. I like his energy and excitement.
    ERIN – Wow, this was a bad day in baseball for a lot of us. Hopefully, the Yanks will deliver when the Indians invade the new Stadium.

    Have a great evening, everyone!

  7. juliasrants

    Hi Scott,

    Neither of our teams had a good day. I missed the “excitement” in my game – 4 Angels got ejected? Wow! The end of the game was so not fun! But as you said – misery loves company! 😉 We’ll discuss a pink Bruins’ hat; of course for you and not me! lol!

    Hope you had a good Easter!


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