We Lost?…

The Yankees lost…

24 hours in a day, minute by minute life happens.  There are so many events that define our day, and determine whether we are happy or sad.  So many memories that are created…some we will forget within days, others will last a lifetime.  But at this moment, I can only think of one thing, ‘we lost to Baltimore?’. 


It seems that some teams have other team’s number, and in recent years, the O’s have owned the Yankees.  I am not going to go into the stats of actual wins and losses, but I can tell you that the Yankees do not have a great record against the Orioles.  I remember when it was always the Seattle Mariners.  In the last couple of years, the Los Angeles Angels (of Anaheim) and the Orioles have been the Yankees’ Achilles heel.

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Every team seems to have its thorn that it cannot overcome.  Julia of Julia’s Rants mentioned to me that the Toronto Blue Jays play the Red Sox very tough.  Who is the thorn in your team’s side?  It is a good question, and certainly one that will go a long way towards determining the outcome of your team’s season.  In the end, pennants are often won by only a few games.  A few more wins here and there can make all the difference in the world.  An inability to beat a certain team can lead to post-season heartbreak.

Both my team and Jenn’s team need to rebound from the opening day losses, and look to even their records in their second games.  Of course, I do feel a little better about having Chien-Ming Wang on the mound as opposed to 40-something Jamie Moyer.  Sorry Jenn!  But hopefully, we’ll both soon see W’s…


Again, I want to thank Julia for being such a gracious host. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Boston, and I found it to be such an exciting and vibrant city.  Before I left today, I went to the gym to get in my run for the day, and of course, there was a woman nearby in a pink Red Sox hat.  I can never stray too far from Julia’s influence.  Too funny!


Pat Greenhouse/Boston Globe

If any of you ever have the chance to go to Boston, I highly recommend it.  My desire to see the Red Sox play at Fenway Park remains unfulfilled so I know that I’ll be back…


I purchased my subscription to MLB Extra Innings tonight, so I am all set for the 2009 season.  I was so starved for some baseball that I listened to the New York Mets’ 2-1 victory over the Cincinnati Reds on the way home from Boston.  The Mets?  I hate the freakin’ Mets!  But it’s baseball, so you gotta love it!

I almost succumbed to Mark’s message for MLB.tv and perhaps I still will, but for now, I am looking forward to baseball on the BIG screen…


I do want to wish good luck to my friend Erin’s Minnesota Twins.  It is always a great story when the Twins win, and they certainly have done well bringing up promising young talent.  I have Joe Mauer on one of my primary fantasy baseball teams, so I am hoping for a speedy recovery.  Of course, in the meantime, his replacement is Hip-Hip-Hor-Hey, Jorge Posada, so I am cool with that…

And for Canuck, I am hopeful for a great Scott Kazmir season!  The Rays!  Not so much…


Tuesday, I will be a Red Sox fan for a day.  I owe that much to Julia.  So, I will suspend my ‘Tek Hatin’ Ways until Wednesday.  In the meantime, I guess I need to buy a number 33 Red Sox jersey!  LOL!

Goodnight, all!




  1. juliasrants

    Send me the address and it will be in the mail! Thank you Scott!! Isn’t it strange how each of our teams just has that one team that we can not beat? Drives me insane. But I guess that’s what makes the games that much more interesting. And my friend – let me know when you’re ready for that next tour of Boston. There’s this Irish Pub I know…;-)


  2. mayz

    Pink Red Sox hats bother me. I can’t think of anywhere else where team hats have become a fashion statement to the extent they have in Boston.

    That having been said, what an amazing ballpark Fenway is. I think even Yankee fans can acknowledge that!


  3. Jane Heller

    Unfortunately, I think the Angels still have our number, Scott. They lost Tex, but gained Abreu. And Torii Hunter (love the pic and I remember that little shove very well) always hurts us. Ugh. So we must turn things around with the O’s and let them know we’re a force to be reckoned with!


  4. Jane Heller

    Aaah. Just wrote this whole long comment that wouldn’t go through. Will try again…

    Unfortunately, the Angels still have our number. (Love the pic of Hunter and his little shove of I-Rod.) They lost Tex but gained Abreu. Not sure we’ll do any better against them. But we must show the O’s we’re still a force to be reckoned with. Tomorrow will be better, Scott!!!!!


  5. crazy19canuck

    Jane, my comment didn’t even make it though!
    I have to start again too! (Watch it go through later today…)
    ok, here is goes – take two.

    Scott – You lost to the ORIOLES? what? How am I supposed to tell my daughters! They’re gonna freak! hmmm…maybe if I tell them that the Sharks are #1 in the Western conference and are playing tonight …it’ll soften the blow?

    Can’t wait to go to Boston now! I really hope to get to a game as well.

    As for your comment about Scott having a good year…all I can say is…. ***HUGS*** Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! (can you tell I’m excited?)
    Go Rays!!!

  6. Orangebird

    You’re saying that your team losing to my team is a bad thing! I’m offended. I think it’s the Curse of the Bambino in a way. The Red Sox broke it, and it was transfered to the Yankeees but they only lose against the O’s BTW for those who didn’t know George was born a couple blocks away from the Yard! However the O’s are very bad against the Rays. Or at least it feels like it.
    Jordan, http://upin36011cc.mlblogs.com/

  7. Erin Kathleen

    Hey, I thought I left a comment on here. Where’d it go? Stupid server! It either posts comments twice or not at all. Anyway, I just wanted to say that if it makes you feel any better, Torii Hunter was always my least favorite Twin. He’d always try to make himself look tough by tearing down one of his teammates. First it was Joe Mauer and his health, and now he says he’s a better CF than Carlos Gomez (yeah, ten years ago, maybe, but not anymore Tin Man!). Oh, and the Mariners are the one team that always seems to have the Twins’ number. Except for last night, that is. Thanks for the good wishes, apparently they worked!-Erinhttp://plunking-gomez.mlblogs.com

  8. scofid

    JULIA – I am ready for that Irish Pub! 0-2, I can’t take it anymore! 😉

    JASON – I have to tell you that some of those Boston girls looked pretty cute in the pink Red Sox hats!

    JANE – We’ve got to figure out a way to beat the O’s and the Angels!

    CANUCK – I am sorry that I let you down! But at least the other Scott lifted your spirts!

    JORDAN – For whatever reason, the O’s own the Yankees. I don’t know what it is…

    ERIN – I was living in LA last year, and Torii said all the right things when he came to Anaheim and he was even very respectful of Minnesota. I don’t know enough about him, but I’ll trust what you say.

    CANUCK – Aaarrgghh! 😉


  9. Elizabeth D.

    Just finished watching the Yanks vs O’s game/Rays vs Red Sox game. Let’s just say we are both disappointed. I’m sure that the NY media is freaking out right now. And yes, the Blue Jays have been our “achilles heel” and the Angels as well (well they were last season).
    Love the picture at the top!

  10. greg1969

    I loved the cat photo with the Rubik’s Cube! Cute and funny! The texting caption probably sums up CC’s start. 😉
    Is Wang healthy yet (completely, anyway)? He seems to be struggling with his control.

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