When Rivals can be Friends…

It was a day to suspend the natural rivalry that exists between Yankees Fans and Red Sox Fans…

On a beautiful Sunday near Fenway Park, I met Julia of Julia’s Rants.  She was a very gracious host, and gave me an insider’s tour of the area. 

We took a long walk around Fenway Park, and I was able to envision what the area must look and smell like on game day…

We ducked into Game On!, a restaurant attached to Fenway Park, for lunch…

Julia had a BLT, while I went with the Tuna Salad Pita Sandwich.  While we ate, I had very strange feeling that I’d heard the name of the restaurant before.  During lunch, Julia gave me a gift for making the trip to Boston.  I may not have known who the Boston mascot was before, but I do now!  

Here’s Wally…

After lunch, Julia took me to the finish line for the Boston Marathon, which is on Boylston Street at the Boston Public Library.  As a long distance runner, I harbor grand illusions of actually one day qualifying for the Boston Marathon.  So, it was inspiring to see where I could eventually be running if my legs would ever cooperate in my attempts to make the qualifying time required for entry.

From Boylston Street, we walked over to the Prudential Center and went up to the 50th Floor Observation Deck known as the Prudential Skywalk.  Julia had a Red Sox jacket on and the young girl who took our tickets asked Julia if the Sox were playing tomorrow.  When Julia responded that they were, the girl proceeded to do a cute little dance.  Red Sox passion, you can’t help but admire it.   The views from the Skywalk were breathtaking, and I was in awe of the countless historic buildings below.

After taking our time walking the perimeter of the Skywalk, we resumed our hike down Newbury Street.  After seeing blocks and blocks of great shops, I couldn’t help but think that if Leigh Teixeira’s desire for Mark to sign with the Yankees was because of Manhattan shopping, she obviously has never been to Newbury Street.

We made our way to the Public Garden and Boston Common, walking through both parks.  Boston Common reminded me of Central Park on a smaller scale, but without the thugs.  It was a very nice day in Boston, and the general feeling of euphoria was shared by the hundreds of people in the parks. 


After leaving Boston Common, we came across the highlight of my day.  The original Cheers bar!  The bar, formerly called the Bull & Finch Pub, was used for the exterior shots of the TV series Cheers.   It is now called Cheers Beacon Hill and is located on Beacon Street.  There was a strange sense of dΓ©jΓ  vu as we traveled down the steps to the bar.  I kept looking for Norm and Cliff but didn’t see them anywhere.  Somehow, I was expecting everyone to yell ‘Scott!’ when I walked in but alas it didn’t happen…

We walked back to Fenway Park, where I said farewell to Julia.  It was the end of a great day, and it certainly gave me a better understanding for why Julia is so passionate about her Red Sox.  You can see how excited she gets when she talks about her team, and you realize how much she loves the game of baseball.  I know very few people who enjoy the game as much as she does.  When she says that the Red Sox are going to win it all, you realize she may be right.


Wait a minute!  What am I saying?  The Yankees are going to win it all!


I have to say that I had a fantastic time in Boston.  It is a wonderful city, and if I had been born in the Boston area, there is no doubt that I’d be a Red Sox fan.  I found the city to be very clean, and the people were very warm, friendly and inviting.  Of course, they didn’t know my secret identity… 


Hey Julia, Game On!

By the way, there’s one thing that I don’t understand about Red Sox fans.  Why would anyone want to worship a pair of socks! 



He’s (nearly) back!  After initial reports had Alex Rodriguez’s return set for mid-May, there is now talk that he may be back by the end of the month.  He is recovering very nicely, and says he is about 70% healthy.  He’s apparently already begun taking batting practice, and will be traveling to Tampa in a week where the Yankees will be able to evaluate his progress. 


Chuck Soloman/SI

My biggest concern would be for a premature return before he’s completely healed.  Plus, I’ve kind of been enjoying the ‘distraction-free’ aura of Yankees camp for the past month.  It’s been rather nice not hearing about ‘roids or A-Rod’s love life over the past few weeks…



The Yankees opening day lineup in Baltimore against the Orioles will be:

1-Derek Jeter, ss

2-Johnny Damon, lf

3-Mark Teixeira, 1b

4-Hideki Matsui, dh

5-Jorge Posada, c

6-Robinson Cano, 2b

7-Xavier Nady, rf

8-Cody Ransom, 3b

9-Brett Gardner, cf


Starting Pitcher:  CC Sabathia


Here’s hoping the magic of the original Yankee Stadium finds its way across the street…




  1. juliasrants

    I’m glad I could educate you as to the wonders of our Mascot Wally! And of course I’m right! You could have stopped right at the first poster! It was a lot of fun today and I’m glad you enjoyed my city. It might be “game on” (where did I hear that??) my friend but I think we both have a better understanding of how passionate of fans we both are. We respect the game, respect the fans and when our teams play we wear our hearts on our sleeves! Have a safe trip home and you’re welcomed to come back to Boston anytime! Even Yankees fans are welcomed! πŸ˜‰


  2. jonnnnnn

    Hey, what’s up! I am commenting to invite you to a contest I am starting for the 2009 MLB season. It’s going to be a pick ’em contest. Every Friday all us bloggers who are competing will make our picks for the slate of MLB games, and we’ll keep running totals and see who comes out on top. Should be fun, it’s only once a week so it shouldn’t be hard to keep up, let me know if you’re interested!


  3. juliasrants

    Scott – it was kind of you to offer the NBA Championship to us here in Boston – especially since it does not appear that Phoenix will be in the hunt! πŸ˜‰ You know I’m loving my Red Sox’s chances of winning it all. And how about them Bruins? Might we see them in the Stanley Cup finals against the Sharks? hmm.. could make that series more interesting!


  4. crazy19canuck

    Upon checking my daughter’s Yankees game calendar, I realized that you guys are IN Baltimore today. I’m sorry – I thought the Yanks were at home. My bad! But even still…beat the O’s! go for it!

  5. phillies_phollowers

    Yeah, I don’t get the socks thing either. Are they new socks, worn socks, freshly washed and dried socks??…if they just came out of the dryer, they would be warm and toasty, so that I might understand. But right now I am just confused about it …and clearly, I am suffering from a severe lack of sleep based on the little tangent I just went on. Got to go take a nap I think… :O)
    Glad you had a nice trip!


  6. scofid

    JULIA – Wally has found new residence at Lou’s feet. What? C’mon, I am a Yankee fan after all! I will try to take a picture this week, and either post it on my blog or send it to you.
    CANUCK – So much for winning the home opener! On the bright side, there’s still 161 more games to go! πŸ™‚
    JULIA – I am definitely hoping for a Bruins-Sharks Stanley Cup Final. We’d definitely have to make a wager if that happens!
    JENN – We can both comfort each other with our opening game losses! Oh well, there’s always tomorrow! πŸ™‚ I remember thinking as a kid, “why would a team name themselves after socks? And two of them no less!”…
    JULIA – Okay, I’ll hold off on my ‘Tek Hatin’ Ways until Wednesday. Tomorrow, and tomorrow only, I’ll be a Red Sox fan. I mean I did stand on Yawkey Way after all…
    JANE – It was fun experiencing the Red Sox scene, but I’ll never change my stripes. I am a Yankees fan because I love the history of baseball, so that means I respect the history and tradition of the Red Sox. Not that I want them to win, but they have proven to be a formidable foe…

    Good night, all!


  7. Elizabeth D.

    I’m glad that you two had a fun time! This makes me really want to go back to Boston because I’ve been to almost everywhere that you guys went! And sorry to say, but I think that Julia is right when she says that the Sox are going to take it all.

    And no pictures of the two of you? MLBlogs could put it on the front page or something! “Crossing enemy lines”.

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