Another Yankees Championship!…

The Yankees win the Grapefruit League Championship!


Getty Images 

Break open the champagne!


Bring on the lights and cameras!

Derek Jeter 

Let the party begin!


What?  You mean the games don’t count?  Are you telling me that the Yankees are champions of games that mean absolutely nothing? 


Oh well, it’s good momentum to take to Baltimore after the brief trip home to face the Chicago Cubs for two exhibition games at the new stadium. 

Speaking of the Cubs, it’s appropriate that Lou Piniella will be the opposing manager and the Cubs starting pitcher for Friday night will be Ted Lilly.  And, of course, Alfonso Soriano will be there.  It’s a great way to introduce America to the new Stadium!


The Yankees beat the Phillies yesterday 8-5 to secure the best record in the Grapefruit League. 

The Phillies losing pitcher was 21-year-old Kyle Drabek. 

Jerry Hale/

That brought back memories of one of the Yankees bad trades.  After the 1986 season, the Yankees traded Kyle’s father, Doug, to the Pittsburgh Pirates, along with Brian Fisher and Logan Easley, for Rick Rhoden, Cecilio Guante, and Tyrone Slothrop. 

It’s no wonder the late 80’s were not happy times for Yankees fans.


Reports circulated yesterday that Yankees PA announcer Bob Sheppard had retired.  However, according to the Yankees, those reports were inaccurate.  It remains to be seen if Sheppard’s health will improve enough to allow his return, but at least there’s still hope.  It would be great if he could make at least one final return to the new Stadium.

Bob Sheppard in 1951/Daily News


Regardless of who wins the Yankees utility infield role (Angel Berroa or Ramiro Pena), the Yankees will have to clear room on the 40-man roster.  Therefore, someone will be moved soon.  I am not expecting any major transactions, or any attempts to find a better third base option. 

Congratulations to Brett Gardner for winning this year’s James P. Dawson Award as the best rookie in Yankees camp.  But, of course, given how much he played at the end of last season, it doesn’t seem like he should still be classified as a “rookie” (even though technically he is). 

Finally, I was sad to see Megan Joy go on American Idol last night.  I realize she wasn’t as talented as Adam Lambert, Danny Gokey or Lil Rounds, but I liked her quirkiness and unique style of singing (sorry for the non-baseball comment)…


Oh yeah, one more thing, Julia of Julia’s Rants nailed me with her April Fool’s gag yesterday.  Nice, but just remember, the Showdown resumes in three weeks!  Game on, my friend!







  1. juliasrants

    Enjoy the championship now Scott – I think this will be the ONLY one the Yankees will see this season. And oh yes my friend – it is Game On! Soon you’ll be seeing where the Championship trophy will be residing come Sox-tober! πŸ˜‰


  2. roundrock15

    You know, Megan and Danny have been my favorites since the very first round of auditions, but I was actually happy to see her go. I got tired of seeing her try to fit her very unique, very low-scale, very “coffee shop” voice into the bright lights/big city AI formula. She’s going to have a nice little career once she’s singing songs written for her.

  3. scofid

    JULIA – Hopefully, the new Yankee Stadium will become the House that Haunts Tito! Don’t worry, I’ll see where the championship trophy resides…I have to drive through New York City to get to Boston! LOL!
    CANUCK – I do admire Scott Kazmir, and I’ll be pulling for him this year so long as it does not adversely impact the Yankees!
    ERIN – I wasn’t too happy with many of those 80’s trades and free agent acquisitions. With Drabek and Buhner, as a fan, you knew they were mistakes as soon as the trades were made. Then, of course, Buhner went on to haunt the Yankees and became such a Yankee hater.
    KAYBEE – This has been a fun spring training. Not just because the Yanks did well, but with the WBC and the opportunity to see some younger players who are not quite ready for the major leagues.
    SHORTPORCH – I wouldn’t be so quick to predict a World Series championship just yet, but it does feel like this could be a special season.
    JULIA AGAIN – With my luck, the way this offseason has gone, the Vikings WILL trade for Michael Vick. That would be awful!
    ELIZABETH – The new Yankee Stadium looks impressive, but I wonder if a) anyone will be able to afford a ticket, or b) will any tickets be available. It will be nice to create new memories at the ballpark, so please don’t let your Red Sox spoil the fun! πŸ˜‰
    ERIN AGAIN – I like Mark Schlereth’s comment…”It doesn’t matter how good a QB you are if you’re on your back looking at the sky”. I hadn’t heard the “Sagevaris” name before. Too funny!
    CHARLIE – I think the Yanks will be alright without A-Rod for the short term. He’s expected back May 15th, so that’s really not that far away.
    HOUSTON – I was disappointed that Megan didn’t show the continued growth and development like Kris or Matt. Those guys have really stepped up their game, but for some reason, Megan was starting to seem a little too overconfident when she didn’t have any reason to be. I like Danny, but I still think that Adam Lambert will be the eventual winner.

    Have a great weekend!


  4. jimmy27nyy

    Hi Scott …

    It was a very well run Spring Training, and as Yankee fans we have much to be proud of !!! … I look forward to a great Yankees season in 2009, ending with the Yankees winning their 27th World Championship !!! … Also, I hope Bob Sheppard will be back soon !!!
    — Take care, Scott !!!
    — Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L”

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