No Concerns…

I’m not a paranoid guy.  Really, I’m not…



So, what if Joba Chamberlain is throwing wiffle balls…



Okay, maybe Robinson Cano could show a little more maturity and hustle…





I’m not worried that Derek Jeter or Mariano Rivera will suddenly start acting their age…




Or that Cody Ransom can’t hit a change-up or a curve…




I am hopeful that A-Rod will look as good to us upon his return in May as he does to himself…



No concerns…seriously…about Posada or Matsui’s knees…






Or that A.J. Burnett has a charter membership to the DL…






I do wonder if Andy Pettitte will manage to get by in New York on just $5 mil…





Or if Brett Gardner will join Hair Club for Men…





But is Joe Girardi on the Hot Seat?  I didn’t even notice…





I’m not worried.  We’ll just shuffle the cards, and pull out an Ace…





All is right in the world.  Let’s roll!


Go Yankees!




P.S.  Don’t worry Julia!  We won’t be going down in flames






This is a special shout out to Mark Feinsand and his Blogging the Bombers column in the New York Daily News for the great plug of our fearless leader, Jane Heller, and her book, Confessions of a She-Fan.  Too bad Mark isn’t the Yankees Media Relations Director…



Have a great day!





  1. juliasrants

    Scott, Scott, Scott. If only the Yankees problems were limited to the Hair Club for Men and learning to live on $5 million a year! Wild times ahead my friend and I can not wait! Just wait until you see Boston! Oh – GO RED SOX! ;-D


  2. Jane Heller

    So you saw Mark’s write-up today, Scott. I was thrilled when he e-mailed me to tell me about it. He said that he, Tyler Kepner, Sweeny Murti and Pete Abraham have been laughing amongst themselves at the descriptions I gave each of them in the book. They were so nice to share their time, and you were so nice to give me a shout-out!

  3. Elizabeth D.

    Your concerns sound good to me :). Just kidding, but you know the Yankees don’t need to worry THAT much. I don’t think that things will go drastically wrong for them. They’re going to be… pretty… good (that took a lot you know).

    PS: Thanks for the idea to partially dedicate my post to Gehrig. Once you said it I was like: hmmm.

  4. shortporch

    Great post! Hopefully Joba can get it all together soon (which I think he wll!) I also hope Ransom does okay at 3rd for the time being. Detroit moving Sheff was sort of a surprise. I can see him going to Minnesota, they need a power bat.

  5. scofid

    CANUCK – I know, you’re looking for that celebratory Scott Kazmir first Rays victory in the new Yankee Stadium dance!
    JULIA – I heard Mystique & Aura moved across the street, and the Curse of the Bambino has returned!
    JENN – My fellow Delawhateverian! It’s exciting times! I’ll be pulling for the Phillies in the NL, while I try to decide if I should pull for Torre & Mattingly in LA or Dave Righetti on my home turf!
    JANE – If I were the Yankees Media Relations Director, you’d have carte blanche access to the clubhouse and VIP at the Stadium!
    BOB – I have to admit that I liked the Boston Damon caveman look much better than the New York corporate Damon look! No worries about Johnny though, he has left field nailed down. This is, however, most likely his last season in the Bronx. Then, we’ll be looking for a new token “Red Sox” on the roster…

    Goodnight, All!


  6. greg1969

    Scott, it would suit me fine if Burnett were to check back in to the DL Hotel. He can join his fellow founder and charter member, JD Drew! πŸ˜‰ Hmmm!…It would be fine with me, however, if this were to be Damon’s final year with the Yanks! That way, the Yankees can continue their Oh-fer with our former players (along with Mientkiewicz, Embree, Myers, et al)! πŸ˜‰
    I have (yes, even as a Red Sox fan!) enjoyed your posts. Don’t have too much fun when you visit Julia–after all, the Red Sox will be having fun taming the Yankees! πŸ˜‰ Take care.

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