A Devastating Injury for the Yanks!…

The injuries have mounted for many teams this spring.  We’re concerned about Joe Mauer in Minnesota (well, some of us more than others…LOL!)  and Cole Hamels in Philadelphia.  Justin Duchscherer of the A’s will start the season the DL after surgery on his elbow.  There are too many injuries, both big and small, to count…

A review of current headlines show that the Braves’ Brian McCann is still hurting from getting hit in the ring finger by a foul pitch in yesterday’s loss to the Yankees…

…to Angels pitcher John Lackey’s stiff forearm.

We’ve seen Jason Johnson in Yankees camp be diagnosed with eye cancer in the Yankees camp, and of course both Damaso Marte and Robinson Cano came back from the WBC hurting.


But is the biggest injury in Yankees camp the hip surgery performed on A-Rod’s torn labrum earlier this month?




No, the most devastating injury in Yankees camp is…



…Derek Jeters’s pinkie! 

Stop the presses!


Call the ambulance…quick!  Emergency treatment is needed now!



Yankeeville hangs in the balance, awaiting news of DJ’s injured left pinkie…




Oh, he’ll play today against the Pirates? 

Well, Nevermind!…as Roseanne Rosannadanna would say…




In an interview with WFAN, it appears that Mark Teixiera’s signing with the Yankees wasn’t so improbable after all.  In words that are sure to infuriate both Angels and Red Sox fans, Tex clearly had the Yanks in his sights from the start.


It has been assumed that the Yankees came in with a late offer to swoop Tex away from the Red Sox.  However, it appears that this was destined to happen from the start as the Yankees were apparently the only team that complied with Teixeira’s request to keep negotiations confidential. 

As transcribed by Mike DiGiovanna in the Los Angeles Times:

“I always had the Yankees in my sights, and one thing my agent and I had asked every single team is, we’re not going to negotiate through the media, and we ask you not to. The Yankees were really the only team that did that. The other teams went out and told everybody their offers, told everybody that they talked to me, that they made this call, made that trip. The Yankees kept quiet. We talked all winter. When they were ready to make their final offer, it was a great offer, and my wife and I were excited about going to New York.” 

Teixiera was asked about the recruiting visit made to his Texas home by the Red Sox in December, and he responded: “I think in the end, it probably worked against them a little bit, because everyone thought the Red Sox were my No. 1 choice,” Teixeira said. “… The Yankees had a leg up all along.”

Regardless of how it went down, I will be glad to see Tex standing at first base for Opening Day at the new Yankee Stadium on April 16th.

Jared Max/WCBS


The Yankees will dedicate a new memorial for the victims of 9/11 today at Steinbrenner Field.  A piece of steel from the World Trade Center ruins was used to create the memorial which depicts the Twin Towers sitting on a Pentagon-shaped foundation.  The memorial sits on grass in tribute to United Flight 93 which crashed in Somerset County, PA.  It is a tremendous memorial that pays a great tribute to all those who lost their lives on that fateful day, and broke the heart of a nation.

Courtesy New York Yankees

According to many articles, it sounds as though the Yankees may opt to go with Jonathan Albaladejo in the bullpen, leaving long reliever candidates Brett Tomko, Alfredo Aceves, and Dan Giese on the outside looking in.  It’s unfortunate for Tomko, who has had a terrific spring, but the odds were stacked against him from the start since he is not on the 40-man roster.

Kathy Willens/AP

I had expected the Minnesota Twins to return Rule 5 draftee Jason Jones to the Yankees, but the teams opted to swap righthanders as the Yankees received 23-year-old Charles Nolte.  I don’t know anything about Nolte, but he’s three years younger than Jones.  He posted a 2.05 ERA in 44 Single A relief appearances last year, and had 75 strikeouts in 70 1/3 innings.    

With the attention that Ramiro Pena has drawn for his fielding prowess, is this the year that the Yankees start to experiment with Derek Jeter in an occasional start in other positions, like centerfield?  Given that there are other long-term solutions for centerfield to go with Brett Gardner (like potentially Jeter and the much anticipated arrival of Austin Jackson later this year or in 2010), I wonder if Melky Cabrera will become a trading chip at some point.  I am still not comfortable with the thought of Cody Ransom at third. 

Where’s Mike Pagliarulo when you need him? 

Former New York Yankees player Darryl Strawberry, left, waves to the crowd after sliding safely into third base ahead of the tag from Mike Pagliarulo during the Old Timer's game Saturday, July 7, 2007 at Yankee Stadium in New York.

Just kidding…

Speaking of Pena, it sounds as though he’s beaten out Angel Berroa for the infield utility spot.  I definitely feel for Joe Girardi.  He has some very difficult decisions in the coming days, and they are decisions that will dramatically shape the 2009 Yankees.  No pressure…




Meanwhile, I am trying to decide whether I want an apple or an orange.  Man, what a tough decision!  😉



  1. juliasrants

    Go with the apple! Now Tex is telling us that the Yankees had the leg up all along? And here we were thinking that it was his wife who made the decision for the “shopping” in NY! lol! I was never on the Tex bandwagon to begin with, so I can’t say I’m disappointed. What a beautiful tribute that the Yankees are putting up to the victims of 9-11. None of us will ever be the same. As a parent, having to explain to my sons (they were in pre-school and first grade then) what happened that day was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. I didn’t understand it; how did I expect them to? Great post Scott!


  2. scofid

    JENN – In a season about a man with no morals who shall remain nameless (but recently underwent hip surgery), it is refreshing to hear a player who stands by his words and sets a great positive example for the youth of today. I have the same type of respect for Chase Utley and others on the World Champions.

    JULIA – I did go with the apple! I still think it was his wife’s shopping preferences that enticed Tex to go to NYC. 😉 I am still convinced that once Lars Anderson arrives at Fenway, no one will ever give another second thought to Tex in Boston. I thought the 9/11 Memorial that they are dedicating in Tampa today is even better than the original one they did in Yankee Stadium. Very impressive to say the least.


  3. Jane Heller

    I’m not sold on Albaladejo. I’d rather see a true long reliever like Tomko or Aceves, because we didn’t have anybody in that role last year and it overtaxed the bullpen. Well, we had Giese late in the season, but I never really thought he’d catch on. I do like the idea of Pena getting the job over Berroa, because he’s younger, more athletic and a better defender. But you’re right – I wouldn’t want to be Girardi and have to make the tough decisions!


  4. shortporch

    Great post on Teixeira and the whole team. I would like to know why Jackson isn’t up now. He sure can rake! He is substantially better than Cabrera and Gardner. Hw could have a big impact with us. Why don’t we call him up in August or September for the stretch run?
    shortporch http://shortporch.mlblogs.com/

  5. Erin Kathleen

    So the truth comes out. I knew that whole story about Tex signing with the Yankees because his wife told him to was a bunch of B.S., and now we know he was planning to sign with the Yanks the whole time! I do have to give your front office a lot of credit for respecting his wishes, though. I have to wonder why the Angels and Red Sox failed to do so, there are plenty of smart people running those two teams.I’m not at all surprised the Twins worked out a trade for Jason Jones; I think I mentioned once or twice that I thought they would. They have a thing for soft-tossing righties, and the Yankees didn’t seem too interested in getting him back. Nolte has decent stuff, but I don’t think he’ll ever be more than a long reliever. He throws pretty hard though, so I think he’ll be a better fit for the Yankees organization (and Jones will be a better fit for the Twins than Nolte). Congrats on being number 19! Pretty soon you and Jane will be dominating the blogosphere like the Yankees dominate the AL East :)-Erinhttp://plunking-gomez.mlblogs.com

  6. pagevalnat

    Me, I’m STILL a little perturbed that Teixiera wasted a golden opportunity to make the hometown (read: D.C.-area) fans happy by stiffing the Nats…but hey, I don’t hold grudges!!!
    (OK, we’re not counting my contempt of Angelos, ARE we?? LMFAO)
    Although perhaps I should be harboring one towards the poobahs @ MLBlogs. Is it MY fault I don’t devote EVERY WAKING MOMENT of my life to my Nats blog here?? I mean, it’s wonderful Shelley’s @ #47; I’m just saying I should crack the top-50 every once in awhile, that’s all.
    Reading my archives WOULD help, you know…LMAO

  7. scofid

    JANE – Tomko has been great this spring, but he is still just a mediocre pitcher so I just don’t think that he’s going to turn it on at his advanced age. I like Aceves, and thought he’d be a good long man for the team. If Joe was thinking he didn’t need a long guy, perhaps he’s re-thinking that after watching Chien-Ming and A.J. this week.
    SHORTPORCH – I am definitely looking forward to Austin Jackson, and I think he’ll be in the Bronx in August or September.
    CANUCK – I think the NY fans will take to Tex, so it should be a good year for him. He seems like a great guy in the Tino Martinez mold, and he has the added advantage of not having to follow Donnie Baseball.
    JULIA – I always did wonder why Steinbrenner made Saban president. Sometimes George tried too much to push his football influences on the baseball team. It is too bad to hear of Saban’s passing.
    ERIN – I do think the Red Sox were somewhat confident in their ability to lock up Teixeira. Perhaps that’s what led to the news leaks. I know that I’d never want to play a game of poker with Theo, so I’m sure any leaks came from elsewhere in the organization. Ex-Yankees always seem to do fairly well in Minnesota…too well! LOL!
    BABU – I agree. I like what I’ve seen with Jeter in the lead-off position, and when the lineup circles through the second time, he’s great in between Brett Gardner and Johnny Damon.

    Have a great evening, All!

  8. scofid

    GARY – There’s a 180 million reasons why Tex went north on I-95 rather than south! LOL! Seriously, it would be great for Nats to get sweet revenge by winning the NL East. I think you’d take that…


  9. shortporch

    Congrat’s. You got it right. That was one hell of a team for sure. Isn’t Lazzeri in the HOF? I think he is. I an wondering why his # isn’t retired?
    shortporch shortporch.mlblogs.com

  10. Elizabeth D.

    Funny post! I guess the Yankees really ARE quiet. But I know that the Red Sox have a pretty strict policy when it comes to contracts and what not. After all, they had me pulling out my hair for two months about Jason Varitek.

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