My Thanks to Julia’s Boston 2nd Graders!…

Here’s a very special note of thanks to Julia‘s second grade class.  They were working on Acrostic Poems today, and included one for me:



New York



Enormous Crowds



I am very touched by the generosity of Julia’s students to include me in their thoughts despite being their teacher’s antagonist.  I owe them a great big…



Curt Schilling was definitely an acquired taste.  He was a player you loved or you hated…nothing in between.  I will make no bones that I fell into the latter category, but I respect his accomplishments.

“You have enemies?  Good.  That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”

–Winston Churchill

It was easier for me when Curt pitched for Philadelphia.  I recognized him as a quality pitcher, but he was never a threat since the Yankees were not locked in any competitive battles with the Phillies.  The Yankees were still a few years away from their championship run when Curt won the 1993 World Series with the Phillies.  But all that changed when Curt was traded to the Arizona Diamondbacks.

In 2001, Curt went 22-6 for the D-Backs and was 4-0 with a 1.12 ERA in the play-offs.  He was co-MVP with Randy Johnson in Arizona’s 7-game World Series victory over the Yankees.  I attended Games 2 and 6 in Phoenix, neither of which were enjoyable experiences for me.  I disliked Curt and the Diamondbacks prior to that World Series, but the belligerent Arizona fans ensured a lifetime of disdain. 

So, you can imagine how excited I was when Curt was traded to Boston in 2003.

 Naturally, Curt played a pivotal role in the Red Sox dramatic comeback from a three games-to-none deficit in the 2004 American League Championship Series.  Thus endeth the Curse of the Bambino.

I am not sorry to see him go, but I will tip my hat to a champion competitor…


Manager Joe Girardi has said that if the season started today, Xavier Nady would be the Yankees starting right fielder (replacing Bobby Abreu).  But even Nady recognizes that both he and Nick Swisher will see plenty of playing time.

The New York Post

Here’s hoping for a great 2009 season for the X-Man!


Don’t look now, but the Red Sox and Tim Wakefield (again?) travel to Steinbrenner Field to face the Yankees and A.J. Burnett.  The game is at 7:15 pm.

So, Julia, care to make a little wager?…



  1. kingofcali

    I’m glad Curt is gone. I know I have been pissing people off with my comments about him. He was a good pitcher. I’m not denying that. I just didn’t like how he would always have something to say about everything. He was a jerk and not very well liked around the league. Let’s all put our bloody socks up and say see ya Curt! I’m sure this won’t stop him from opening his mouth about players or anything like that. He will probably write a book soon with more of his thoughts or opinions about players and whatever else he feels like bashing.

    Can’t wait to hear the next bet between you and Julia. lol

    ~ King of Cali

  2. juliasrants

    You know Scott – I think you read my mind! What do you say – same wager as last time? Winner – or loser – has to write blogs about the winning team and if your team loses by 3 or more that’s the number of blogs you have to write. Game on my friend? I can even watch on NESN! And I know the second graders will appreciate what you wrote – on their behalf, thanks! I look forward to tomorrow night!


  3. Kaybee

    How kind of Julia’s students! I’m sure she wasn’t too happy about that, but it was very nice all the same. Curt Schilling was a very intersting man. Kind of weird that he decided to retire four weeks into spring training (or however long it’s been).

  4. Erin Kathleen

    I’ve always loved Schilling about as much as Mitch “Wild Thing” Williams did, but even I can respect his work on the mound. And his charity work for skin cancer and ALS. Something tells me we’ll either see him as an analyst on Fox News or running for congress now that he’s done with the whole baseball thing.-Erin

  5. juliasrants

    Scott – you made a group of second graders very happy this morning! Though a couple did express concern that the dog would eat the “sox”! lol! But I think I can safely say that you have won over a group of the youngest Red Sox fans! Thank you for your kindness! I look forward to the game tonight. 🙂


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