Now, the Yankees win…

A week ago, the Yankees faced the Boston Red Sox and lost 8-4.  Thanks to the loss, I was fortunate enough to spend the weekend immersed in the Red Sox Nation as I wrote three blogs about Red Sox players (the penalty for losing to Julia of Julia’s Rants).  The Yankees have not lost since that game.  What’s up with that?  Guys, where were you when I needed you?

Next time I need you, please be ready!  Hint:  It involves Fenway Park!

So, when you see the Bat Signal, be ready to play! 

You know the phrase ‘It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game’?  It DOES NOT apply here! 

“Sure, winning isn’t everything.  It’s the only thing.”

— UCLA Football Coach Red Sanders, 1955

April 24th through April 26th.  I expect three victories..nothing more, but absolutely nothing less!  Do you want me to lose to this woman again?  C’mon, please help out a desperate Yankee fan!

Hey, Elizabeth and Bob, your votes don’t count!  😉

Today, the Yankees defeated the Minnesota Twins, 4-2.  I will start by offering my apologies to Erin of Plunking Gomez.  The outcome may have been different had Joe Mauer played or if Jose Mijares didn’t, as Erin suggested. 

But it was great to see Mark Teixeria’s first spring homer and a solid pitching performance by Phil Hughes.  Also, it was great to see Robinson Cano back in pinstripes. 

For Erin’s benefit, I offer a photo of who she thinks would have been the star only if…



There is actually a subject that Erin and I agree upon…the Vikings are the greatest (well, NFL-speaking of course)!

I am listening to Kelly Clarkson as I type this so forgive me if I am momentarily distracted.  Uh-oh, Julia may have figured out my Achilles heel…

Now, about the Vikings and their QB quandary… 

Naturally, I remain hopeful that the team will be frontrunners for the services of Jay Cutler should the Broncos decide to trade him.  Listening to the continued comments regarding the rift between Cutler and Head Coach Josh McDaniels, I don’t see how this is going to end happily for Denver.  Even owner Pat Bowlen said that unhappy players shouldn’t stay despite his stated preference to retain Cutler.

My Life Would Suck Without You is such a great song…

Sorry, I was distracted again…

I saw an article that indicated the Vikings should pursue Tennessee Titans QB Vince Young or Cardinals QB Matt Leinart.  I absolutely do not want Vince Young.  There is no scenario that I’d prefer him over Sage Rosenfels (or even Tavaris Jackson, for that matter).  Matt Leinart, who thus far, has failed to fulfill expectations, might be a different story.  I do think that one of these years, Matt is going to “get it”.  I could see him having a Rich Gannon-like career.  But don’t we already have one over-hyped USC quarterback on the roster (John David Booty)?  My preference remains Cutler since I can’t have Matt Cassel…

Kelly Clarkson has 7 dogs?  Wow. 


Well, I would be willing to take Georgia QB Matthew Stafford, but of course, the Vikings do not have the Number 1 pick in the upcoming draft or anything remotely close.  So, I guess the Vikings will be shopping at Nordy’s Rack for their QB hopes…


Have a great weekend, everyone!  J



  1. pagevalnat

    I do not need to read of you (and Julia) kicking up your (Achilles) heels around here, Scott. LMMFAO
    It’s Friday…
    And you’ll both be happy to know that Bill Ladson (the Nats’ beat writer for let me know he read my blog of last Friday. (He didn’t say whether he LIKED it or not; just that he read it. Draw your OWN fricking conclusions. LMAO)
    It’s Friday…
    Nasty Nats Live Here (and Everywhere)

  2. juliasrants

    Hmmm….”My life would Suck Without you”? Is that going to be the Yankees anthem for April 24th-26th when they are still without A-Rod and they lose in that most beloved of all ballparks? I’ll make sure you take lots of photos of it on April 5th – so that you will remember what it looks like through your tears in mid-April! And Scott – I would NEVER use Kelly against you! 😉 Have a great night!


  3. scofid

    GARY – All I can say is that is impressive. The day that Bryan Hoch or Kat O’Brien or Peter Abraham read my blog will be a great day. Actually, I am rather excited about sharing Yankees passion with Jane Heller so not much could top that…

    CANUCK – I don’t know why, but I so thoroughly enjoy your comments. And yes, losing sucks! 🙂

    JULIA – Very nice comeback! I kind of set myself up for that one, huh? I pretty much tee’d it up for you! Granted, I am not excited about Cody Ransom at third, but a pitching rotation of CC Sabathia, Chien-Ming Wang, A.J. Burnett, Andy Pettitte, and Joba Chamberlain? Put Hank Steinbrenner at third…I am okay with that! Have a good night too!


  4. Erin Kathleen

    Okay, Scott, you are now forgiven for putting up those creepy A-Rod pics 😉 And today’s game was really good, I thought both sides pitched really well (with one notable exception, of course). And don’t say the words Vince Young or Matt Leinart, please! I don’t want the front office getting any ideas!-Erin

  5. juliasrants

    Scott – for the life of me, I don’t know what you’re talking about! Set your self up? 😉 Are you implying that I might ever, oh I don’t know, take advantage of the information you gave me? Game on my friend!


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