Happy St Patrick’s Day to All!…

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all MLB.com Bloggers and Readers!


Simply reading The New York Post can assist any Yankees blogger with the hot topics of the day.  A scan of today’s paper yields the following observations:

·         A-Rod is truly in love with himself

·         Robinson Cano knows he was an idiot for hiding his injury

·        Joba Chamberlain is struggling to get his fastball back to its normal speed

·         Hideki Matsui would be a very expensive bench ornament

Yikes!  It was more fun researching Boston Red Sox players!  Not really, but the drama never ends in the Yankees Universe…



This is just an assumption on my part, but after seeing some of the seductive, brooding photos on Details.com, the She-Fan is probably making a mad dash for Barnes & Noble as we speak! 


Photo by Steven Klein


The She-Fan may have had greater influence on A-Rod than meets the eye, given that the name of the Details article is ‘Confessions of a Damned Yankee’. 

I don’t know for sure, but I’m just saying…  😉



During yesterday’s win over the Philadelphia Phillies, Joba Chamberlain’s fastball was clocked about 5 mph slower than his normal speeds of 97-98 mph. 

The article in the New York Post was quick to note that it’s still early in spring training and that Joba’s fastball was “flat” yesterday.  My only concern is the shoulder tendonitis that benched Joba toward the end of last season.  He did not have surgery, but instead opted to go the rehab route.

Getty Images 

My belief is that the ‘early in spring training’ is the most likely cause, but this does bear watching in the coming months. 



I know that I am probably the only one who is interested in Jay Cutler as the next QB of the Minnesota Vikings.  Erin of Plunking Gomez has already said that she wouldn’t get excited about it until they actually called the press conference to announce the acquisition.  Still, I can’t help but notice that the Twin Cities’ Pioneer Press is referring to the Denver quarterback as ‘Potential Vikings QB’ Jay Cutler.  So, at least I am not alone in my thinking as a Vikings fan.  Of course, Trent Dilfer later burst my bubble on ESPN by saying that while Cutler would be a great PR move, he wasn’t so sure it would help football-wise.

I am sure this topic’s getting much airplay on the Minneapolis-St. Paul sports radio stations.

*             *            *

Have a safe and enjoyable St. Patrick’s Night!  J






  1. juliasrants

    Scott – first – Happy St. Paddy’s day! I was wearing my green Red Sox hat all day! Did you wear a green Yankees hat? And sorry – but that photo of A-Rod? It is wrong on a lot of levels and is just a bit creepy! I was reading about the Vikings possibly looking at Cutler. I guess you’ll have to settle for “second best” with Cassel out of the mix! lol! I suspect that where ever Cutler ends up he will having something to prove to the new coaching staff back in Denver – so it could be a bonus to whomever signs him. I hope if it is the Vikings that it will work out. Have a great evening and watch out for the “celebrating” Irish lads & lassies!


  2. crazy19canuck

    Creepy is not the word to describe that picture of A-Rod. Actually, I don’t think there is a word to describe it. Scott, you may be on to something with the “Confessions” thing. Maybe Jane could use her “influence” and get him to become normal? Unless this is normal…and that would be jusy CREEPY.

  3. Erin Kathleen

    Ugh, I have seen all kinds of things that I can’t unsee on the internet, but that A-Rod picture has to be about the worst. Thanks for that! And as much as I would love to get excited about the prospect of the Vikes having a decent QB for once, I’m not going to do so until a deal is done. I’ve been through this too many times with the Vikings: they announce a high-profile player who will be a perfect fit for one of their many holes is thisclose to joining the team, only to discover that said player has been traded to/signed with someone else. Like the Houz (I’m not learning how to spell that) thing just a few weeks ago. -Erinhttp://plunking-gomez.mlblogs.com

  4. Jane Heller

    Now you see why I didn’t post the Details magazine photos of A-Rod on my blog, Scott. I knew they would gross people out. I’m trying so hard to stop him from making these silly mistakes but he’s not listening to me! It’s very frustrating! He stole the title of my book (partially) and then deliberately went against my advice. I told him to have his photos taken with little kids as he advises them on the dangers of steroids, and what does he do? Kiss himself in the mirror. Sigh.


  5. roundrock15

    I have to say, I grabbed the “Details” magazine because I wanted to make fun of the pictures, but I was disappointed. Disappointed because I thought that it was a really nice photo shoot and a very well-written article. He had the interview either the day or the day after Serena Roberts confronted him at the gym in Miami, but he never let on a bit. I highly recommend checking it out.


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