Preparation For The Great Showdown…

Victory is at hand…


“Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.”

–General George Patton, Jr.


I have figured it out!  I have found Julia’s (of Julia’s Rants) weakness! 


It’s her Achilles Heel!



It’s her Kryptonite!



It’s Samson with a haircut!



Peter Paul Rubens, Samson and Delilah 1609 – 10 National Gallery, London


I can trash talk all I want, and then play the Toby card…


Toby Keith.



That’s all it takes…a simple photo of Toby Keith and she forgets she’s a Red Sox fan and has trouble remembering her own name!  😉  The “battle” begins on April 24th (three game series between the Red Sox and Yankees), but it is never too soon to start building one’s arsenal.


A preview of the Great Showdown is coming this Friday (Friday the 13th no less!).  The game will be played at Ft. Myers.  I have not made any bets with Julia about the game, but if the Red Sox win, I will include a positive write-up about a Red Sox player in subsequent blogs.  The margin of victory will determine how many blogs I have to swallow my pride.  If the Red Sox win by 3, then I’d have to include the positive player reference in each of the next three blogs.  If the Yankees win, I propose that Julia has to write one blog about her favorite Yankees player (with no negative comments or references to the Red Sox).


Speaking of Julia, she’s planning a get-together in Boston for a pre-Opening Day celebration on Sunday, April 5th.  I am seriously considering making the trip.  A little reconnaissance before the Great Showdown is probably not a bad idea! It’s a little scary traveling so deep into enemy territory, but it should be a lot of fun.


Why can’t we all just get along?…





Well, I guess if Joba can do it, so can I…


Surgery Day for A-Rod


Shortly, Dr. Marc Philippon will be performing the surgery to repair A-Rod’s torn labrum in Vail, CO.  


Since A-Rod is not scheduled to return until the second month of the regular season, does that make him the new Mr. May?  Just wondering…



It would be tough for me to be in Vail and not be able to ski.  But then again, I don’t have a torn labrum, nor do I have a $275 million contract…



As for potential replacements, there seems to be more talk among us fans than the Yankees organization itself.


According to Dick Kaegel of, the Royals and Yankees deny any talks involving Mark Teahen.  “They’re saying it on ESPN, but there’s nothing on our end,” said a Royals official. 


I remain steadfastly in Blake DeWitt’s corner.  I think he would be a great addition to platoon with Cody Ransom at third, and would provide great depth upon A-Rod’s return.  


Dr. Marc Philippon indicated that the odds of A-Rod playing through the entire regular season upon his return are in the “85-90 percent” range.  


It is the margin of doubt that leads me to believe that the Yankees have to do something to reinforce their options for third base.  


While Johnny Damon may feel that Cody Ransom is “probably the best athlete on this team”, the career journeyman, 33, with 183 major league at-bat’s in 6 MLB seasons, is not exactly who I would want to entrust the keys to the kingdom to.  You don’t go out and buy a stable of Ferrari’s to be protected by a Yugo…



I realize that the Yankees cannot be hasty in any decisions. Teams are probably lining up, hoping to capitalize on the Yankees’ potential desperation.  


I am sure that Brian Cashman will do the right thing for the organization before the team takes the field on Opening Day. 


Perhaps the best deal is no deal at all (if the price is simply too high), but with questions in other areas, I am hopeful that something surfaces which makes sense for the Yanks to pursue.


Yankees Win


I know, I know…spring games mean nothing.  Still, it was nice to see the Yankees pick up a 12-3 win against the Tigers.  


A.J. Burnett tossed two scoreless innings, but more impressively, Phil Hughes followed with three hitless innings and four strikeouts.  


Audrey C. Tiernan/Newsday


The Yankees are now 4-5-1.


On a side note, Team USA advanced to the second round of the World Baseball Classic with a 15-6 win over Venezuela. 


It seems so strange to see Jeter as a teammate of Dustin Pedroia and Kevin Youklis.  I guess that just goes to show I need to make the trip to Boston next month…





























  1. juliasrants

    I’m sorry Scott – did you say something??? I was somehow distracted….(She’s my little whiskey girl…. :-D) I hope you do make it up on the 5th! I “promise” I won’t make you wear a pink hat! And I promise – some of us Red Sox fans can be very nice! Think of me as that really cute puppy on the right! And you’re on! If the Yankees win this Friday I will write a post about my favorite Yankee player and if they win by 3, I too will have three positive comments about that player over the next three days. My only question – does it have to be a current player? And in the instance of full disclosure – I’m more of a “bourbon” girl then a “whiskey” girl! 🙂 Scott – this is going to be a great season! And hey – if Jeter & Youk & Dusty can get along….


  2. redstatebluestate

    Ah yes, Toby… don’t worry. The man can’t swing a bat I bet. As for the Yanks beating the Tigers in spring training… that’s like me beating up my little sister while she sleeps (which I’ve never done… at least not in 20 years).

  3. crazy19canuck

    Hi Scott – Just wanted to say that I’m enjoying watching the stakes in the bet getting higher. I’ll enjoy the outcome of this no matter who wins! Good Luck!

  4. Elizabeth D.

    This bet is definitely getting interesting! I’m excited for the turnout but you know which side I’m on :). Do you really think that the Yankees need to trade for a third baseman that is going to become insignificant as soon as A-Rod comes back?

  5. crazy19canuck

    why trade for a third baseman when you know he’s coming back? Just use guys in the system until then.

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