A-Rod Is Yesterday’s News…

The A-Rod Story Continues


As if we haven’t dealt with enough about Alex Rodriguez, the latest news is that he has a torn labrum in his hip.  The Yankees have indicated that he will attempt to play this offseason with rest and rehabilitation.  If that’s unsuccessful and surgery becomes necessary now rather than at the end of the season, he’ll miss at least four months.



Ken Rosenthal, senior baseball writer for FOXSports.com is predicting that this could be the beginning of A-Rod’s breakdown and the Yanks are obviously on the hook for the remainder of his 10-year, $275 million contract which runs through 2017.


Many people have drawn a parallel between A-Rod and Red Sox third baseman Mike Lowell regarding the torn labrum.  Lowell attempted to play out last season with the same injury before the pain became too unbearable.  “I don’t want to play like I did the last two months,” Lowell said.  “That’s not really playing.  I was so focused on something else besides playing.  It sucked the joy out of it for a little while.  We were winning and everything, so that’s fine.  But you want to feel like you have all your abilities in place.”  And that’s coming from someone who didn’t have to deal with the ramifications of admitted steroids use, an affair with Madonna, and an inability to tell a consistent story.


I do not think A-Rod’s psyche is strong enough to endure the multiple distractions, and he’d be better served by pursuing the surgery now rather than later.  But then again, I am guessing that Brian Cashman feels that he can find someone capable of replacing A-Rod’s October production should the Yanks make the play-offs (that would just be the ability to go 0-for-5, with a bases-loaded game-ending strikeout in a pivotal play-off game, right?). 


As for replacements, I am obviously not enamored with the thought of either Cody Ransom or Angel Berroa filling in at third.  The Yankees would be better served by seeking a quality replacement.  Even if A-Rod attempts to play, having a strong Plan B in place would help give him more periods of rest throughout the course of the season. 


All things considered, I am not that disappointed at the prospect of losing Rodriguez for the season.  After the ordeal of the past few months, a season with no A-Rod is sounding very appealing.  Of course, there’s a hole at third, but I don’t think the Yankees necessarily need a superstar to fill the void.  A capable performer with decent defensive skills would fit nicely.  A lot of names have been tossed around by the media, and I would gladly consider someone like the Dodgers’ Blake DeWitt (as suggested by SI’s Jon Heyman). 


Ric Francis/AP


The Great Showdown


As you may have read on Julia’s Rants, the “Great Showdown” is coming to Fenway Park next month.  Julia and I have made a bet regarding who will win the Yankees-Red Sox series to be played April 24th, 25th, and 26th.  It goes without question which team I am pulling for.  Of course, if the Yankees lose, author Jane Heller will take away my Yankees fan membership for jinxing the team.  It’s probably not a good sign that I was pulling for Dean Martin in the 1973 movie “Showdown” with Rock Hudson.  Nevertheless, I am moving forward with the duel against Julia. 




I agree with Julia on a number of things:


She’s a fan of the great Toby Keith…



She likes the music of Kenny Chesney…





The City of Boston is very beautiful…




Anything Irish is great…



She shares a great passion for football, and we’ve both been fans of Randy Moss (albeit at different points of his career)…



She loves hockey…





But I draw the line at two things…Pink Hats and the Red Sox!





Odds & Ends


Kudos to the Dallas Cowboys for finally taking a stand against players of questionable character.  After years of letting performance take precedence over character, I am glad to see that Jerry Jones has boldly released WR Terrell Owens and S Roy Williams.  Say what you will about the Arizona Cardinals, but owner Bill Bidwell has generally drafted based on character and is not shy about cutting loose a mistake regardless of talent.  Their approach resulted in a Super Bowl appearance this year.  As much as my favorite team, the Vikings, need a wide receiver, there is absolutely no way that I’d ever condone the signing of Owens.  I want to experience what a Super Bowl championship would feel like, but not like that…




I was sad to see that it’s “Sun-down” in Phoenix.  There had been hope that Amare Stoudemire would be able to recover from surgery to repair a torn retina in time to return for the play-offs if the Suns make it.  However, that possibility has been ruled out by his doctor, who indicated that the healing is excruciatingly slow and delicate.  It doesn’t look like Shaq will get a chance for another ring.


NBAE/Getty Images


Happily, it’s Friday night!  It’s great that the weekend has arrived, but we do lose an hour on Sunday morning at 2 am due to daylight savings time.  I guess it puts me one hour closer to the duel…



  1. juliasrants

    Scott – I missed everything else you wrote once I got to the picture of Toby Keith. Give me a moment…….okay….where was I? I have to agree (see – Red Sox-Yankee Love!) on A-Rod. I really don’t think he has the ability to dig deep inside him like Mike Lowell did and play through the pain. There are probably very few players who can do that. Heck, there are probably very few people who can put up with that much pain. I think the Yankees are making a big mistake by trying to have him play for the season. Oh – the Irish Clip art? Yup – I am an Irish Lass! And two of my FAVORITE songs? Whiskey Girl and She’s From Boston! I have to go find my mp3 player! And if I didn’t make a sailor friend of mine where a pink hat, I promise – I won’t make you! Though of course, he had REALLY big guns! 😉 I look forward to that special weekend in April!


  2. Jane Heller

    I honestly don’t think A-Rod will limp his way through the season. I agree with Peter Abraham who predicts he could have surgery as soon as Monday. Why else would he be staying in Colorado? I’m totally against pinning our hopes on Angel Berroa, especially after watching him play the last two days. The guys’s awful on defense and makes me positively yearn for Cano to come back. Cody Ransom seems more than serviceable at third, but where will the RBIs come from? A-Rod’s production will not be so easy to replace. And don’t worry. Even if you lose to Julia in the showdown, you’ll never be stripped of your Yankee fandom!


  3. bern_asoto

    I agree with you, Jane. A-Rod’s staying in Colorado is very telling. He should have the surgery if for no other reason than to not be around when the Roberts book comes out next month. Even if there’s nothing damaging in it, it’ll still cause a big stir.
    My first visit to this blog. It’s a good one!

  4. Elizabeth D.

    That comment about replacing A-Rod’s postseason performance was hilarious!

    It was painful to just watch Mike Lowell being in pain last season. And if A-Rod keeps playing, won’t it just get worse? You’ll need him for those crucial moments towards the end of the season (maybe not crucial, as he tends to falter in the clutch like you mentioned). Might as well just get it over with right?

    Plus, it will give him time to rehabilitate his mind from this whole steroids thing.

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